Free Jogha Girl bag with every order!

Heeyaa Fit Girls and fashion lovers! Are you all ready for a new sports outfit? Do you want to grow your already impressive collection? Or are you just in the mood to treat yourself a bit? Then this is the perfect moment to get it done, and bring home the new Jogha collection! From today onward, you can get a one of a kind Jogha Girl bag with every order. Completely free. Don’t wait too long, because once they’re gone, they won’t be restocked! 

Jogha presents: The Supernova Collection

Have you already seen The Supernova Collection? Our stylish sister Jogha has come out with four new prints that will kick start your workouts! Whether you love working out in basics, or want to shine in an eye-catching outfit, the choice is yours.  My favorite? The Fierce Active Leggings! The stitching emphasizes your natural shape and stays in place thanks to the high waistband. Super handy if you’re busy squatting in the weight room!


free jogha girl bag


So. Are you in for a new active wear outfit?  Would you like to catch the eye of everyone when you walk into the gym? Do you simply want to spoil yourself? Then order your favorite Jogha item, and don’t miss out the chance to get the free Jogha Girl bag along with it! (while supplies last)

Jogha Presents: The Supernova Collection ★★★

Stop whatever you’re doing. Cancel your plans to meet up with the girls for dinner and invite them over instead. Let them know to bring their laptops/tablets/smartphones because.. The Supernova Collection is now online and shopping is always fun with friends 😉 ! Our baby is fi-na-lly ready to rumble, and you can NOW put it in your shopping bag.

Jogha is back with a brand new Spring/Summer collection, that is fiercer and more expressive than ever before. Curious about the prints? Head on over to the webshop, or see them in person between 26th April and 1 May at the Pop Up Shop in Amsterdam!

You are the Supernova

We know exactly how tough it is to achieve your fitness goals! It’s an uphill battle that requires you to fight, fight, and fight some more… and that’s all the more reason for you to show off how far you’ve come. Don’t be afraid to stand out, and let the world see those gains! That’s what this collection is about, an ode to all the powerful women. The four prints: Fierce, Impulsive, Radiant and Reckless motivate Fit Girls all over town to push their hardest. From eccentric designs to the strong basics, The Supernova Collection has items suitable for all the different kinds of sport chicks out there. Check out which items are your taste, and get ready to kick some ass!

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection ft. Jogha Pop Up Shop

Already spotted an item that drives you wild? Then don’t miss out the chance to browse the collection in real life, try them out, and of course, take them home with you! From 26th April to 1st May, there will be a Pop Up Shop in the heart of Amsterdam (Huidenstraat 13). There you can get The Supernova Collection along with items from the older collections (with up to 70% off). Another bonus: If your order is above 150,- then you get the chance to go home with a super stocked goodie bag!

For those outside of The Netherlands, worry not. Jogha ships their products worldwide. 😉  The only continent they haven’t hit is Antarctica, so.. Fit Girls living in Antarctica, this is your chance to be the first!

So, are you ready for your new Spring/Summer sport outfit? After seeing the first items, are you thinking yes, I could use a new pair of tights? Are you ready to give your fit life style a nice kick start?! Then surf the Jogha site, or come meet us at the Pop Up Shop (Opening Times: Tues, Wed, Fri till Sun 09:00-19:00, Thurs 9:00-21:00)! Happy shopping!

Jogha and denim: wearing sportswear everyday

At #FITGIRLCODE HQ, it’s not a surprise if I walk into the office to see many wearing their workout clothes typing away on their laptops. Working a 9-5:30 means that most of our exercise happens right after work. And if you want to get home to eat dinner before you starve, it makes sense that you’d want to make the transition from work to workout as quick as you can. The solution: wear as much of your gym gear as possible. 

Making sportswear fashionable

It (sadly) wasn’t always easy or socially acceptable to wear workout clothes all day long. Solid color tracksuits don’t exactly seem very suitable for the office, for instance, but there’s been a lot of changes lately that make it possible to wear your active wear on an everyday basis. Designers are incorporating the necessary components of active wear like breathable and quick-drying fabric, into their most fashionable clothing.

wearing sportswear everyday

This still doesn’t mean that any and every workout wear is versatile enough to pull off a chic and sporty look. But then again, those aren’t Jogha. With the truly fashionable prints, they make it possible to make the switch from professional casual to crossfit queen or kickass yogi.  Curious how this can work for you? Not to worry, we did all the thinking already. Two words: Jogha + Denim. This is really the little brainchild of Katrin who walked into the office last week wearing these tights and a denim shirt. Seriously, a match made in heaven. Check it out for yourself.

wearing sportswear everyday

Benefits of putting on your Jogha every single day?

Personally, it acts as a push for me to actually go do my workout. If I’m already in the sports bra and leggings, then I might as well be active in them. And of course, it’s just so comfy. Whether you’re out picking up some groceries, working at the office, or even meeting with some friends for brunch, the sportswear is stylish enough to save you from having an extra duffel bag to tote around, while still being a subtle reminder that you’re a woman committed to her fitness.

wearing sportswear everyday

The sportswear you get from Jogha is created in such a way that your body is sculpted for the perfect fit and incredibly supported. Comfort is guaranteed to push you to realize your full potential in whatever activity you decide to do, and it’s fashionable too. So go ahead and mix and match your Jogha to take this stylish support from the gym into your everyday wear.

Do you like how we rock it and want to experiment yourself? Then we’ve got good news for you. Starting today Monday 14th, there will be 30% off selected Jogha items.  So, don’t wait till it’s too late! Get your pieces and hashtag #joghacom on your Instagram pic so we can see what you came up with. 😉

Roos’ spring wishlist

Even though it’s cold and dull outside, that’s no excuse to not make a spring wishlist and do some window shopping (online is totally acceptable, who wants to brave the elements?!). I’m kind of done with the winter coats and boots and wishing it was spring already. It’s time for something new! I’ve spent hours and hours browsing through my favourite websites. Time to give you girls some inspiration!

I absolutely love to take inspiration from my favourite fashion blogs and Pinterest boards. After I’ve finished saving my favourite outfits, it’s time to search for the ultimate look-a-likes. That’s how I create my own wishlist of dream outfits for each new season. Today I present to you my 2016 spring wishlist, full of fashion goodness.

My everyday look

spring wishlist

Retro cropped top ♥ Molly jeans ♥ Suede bag ♥ Denim jacket

Ladies, here is a tip for everyone who’s struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans: Try on the ‘Molly’ jeans from River Island. These jeans have changed my life, I’m not even kidding. I own about 3 pairs of Molly jeans and the quality is amazing. The colours don’t fade and even the crotch looks undamaged after wearing it for one year, YAY! I love to wear these jeans with a denim jacket and a cute cropped top. I’m such a sucker for these cute retro-ish tops.

spring wishlist

Black body ♥ Jeans ♥ Heels ♥ ‘By night’ perfume

The ultimate party look

Bodysuits are so incredibly HOT! Especially the incredibly low cut pieces. To compensate the very outstanding cleavage I love to wear them with a basic pair of jeans. I personally think dancing the night away is a lot easier when you’re wearing a comfortable pair of jeans. To glam up this party look I’d love to combine it with these gorgeous black heels. To finish I always apply a bit of my favourite party perfume.

Am I allowed to already dream about my favourite swimwear by River Island? It’s too cute to be true. Even though it’s still a couple of months until I can actually wear bikini’s, adding them my wishlist won’t do any harm.

spring wishlist

Crochet top ♥ Ripped shorts ♥ Swimsuit ♥ Sunglasses ♥ Shoes

A crochet top is the ultimate must have for the upcoming festival season. Especially when you wear it with a cute pair of distressed shorts. This year I definitely want to get myself a swimsuit. Bikini’s are obviously great for tanning but swimsuits look really chic! I’ve already added this one with mesh details to my wishlist. I’m always struggling to find the perfect pair of shoes during summer. The simple low converse sneakers are cute but not really anything special. These heeled sandals however look cute and comfortable at the same time!

This is my ultimate spring wishlist so far. I really hope I can get myself one (but preferably all) of these gorgeous items asap! 

Winter must haves on sale now

Winter really feels like it’s approaching now with more cold, wet and grey days. It was too good to be true. So maybe there is still time to get the winter coats out of the closet and even to buy some new winter clothes. It just so happens that there are still major discount and with winter must haves on sale everywhere. Could we be lucky enough to save yourself some cash and snap up a cool, new outfit?! Yes and I’ve found some of the best bargains for you!

I’m guilty of spending half of my day ordering everything and anything (yes, I have an online shopping addiction) and I came across some items that you should not miss. I don’t want to infect you with my problem and my compulsive online shopping but it is definitely worth a look. Here are some winter must haves to get you through these harsh and cold months …


winter must haves

Why a teddy jacket? I bought one last year in a blue / purple colour and it really was my best purchase ever. OK if it rains it is not ideal, but then you have to be a little prepared and bring an umbrella or creative and wear a poncho over it, like us in The Netherlands who bike. This jacket is in fact so warm and fluffy that I really want to hug it all day. Actually, I would like to buy another one, this one, but I try to be sensible and not purchase the same thing twice, although I think it’s really cool in the gray…

Was: € 49.99 || Now: € 39.99


These are ultimate winter must haves for any fashion loving girl. I Pull & Bear love long and wide clothing. Lovely to hide away from winter and wear to hang out on the couch. Because believe me if I had the choice, during the winter I would rather lie in bed all day. OK, this is obviously not realistic, but with such an outfit you can even feel cosy in the office. Almost like being at home! It is very comfy but also looks stylish in (if you do have to go out the door). I have do not this particular dress, but I do have a number of similar dresses in different colours and sizes. If you wear this style once, you will never want to wear anything else in winter!

Waas: € 17.99 || Now: € 15.99


Pull & Bear

This skirt is really awesome. I really like everything with suede and the related Pocahontas-look. During my summer holiday in Ibiza I bought a similar skirt with buttons on it and I am so happy that I did! When I cam across this skirt but in black only this week, I had to have it. Heck, you only live once I guess. Such a skirt can be combined with so many different things. A sweater, a top, a long cardigan … and of course thick tights underneath. Then you’re ready for winter!

Was: € 29.99 || Now: € 12.99


Pull & Bear

You can’t have a complete winter wardrobe without it: a warm scarf. How could I leave this out of a list of winter must haves. Especially with the rain and the wind we get here. I never leave the house without a scarf, preferably one that has a hood is even better to handle the terrible weather. I really have a million scarves lying in my closet, but for some reason I always look forward to wearing my favourite burgundy red one. Still, I find this white one very nice too!

Was: € 15.99 || Now: € 9.99


Pull & BearWell, what can I say about this item. Not very wintery, but you can never have enough black dresses in my opinion. My closet is completely full and even though they all look the same, I can not get enough of them. Black is always good. And this is also a bargain. You can understand that I have of course added this to my basket.

Was: € 15.99 || Now: € 9.99



Do you want to get through the coming winter months nice and warm? Then quickly check the sales online and snap up that warm winter sweater or scarf now! You don’t even have to go outside to get the best bargains ;).

WIN WIN WIN: 3x €100 Nike Giftcard


It’s already December and that means it’s the month of parties, quality time with family and friends, and lots of food! The Christmas songs are on the radio again and the Christmas lights are everywhere. Yay, I like! During this time of the year we mostly just let our healthy lifestyle be. And that’s okay…

Before you know it, it’s already New Years Eve and we all start to think about New Year’s resolutions. Eating healthier? Working out more often? Or maybe it’s all not that difficult for you during the December month and you’re going for a run on Christmas Day (I did this last year and I loved it, more food for me during Christmas dinner :D). We all deal differently with the holidays. Some may let go of their heatlhy lifestyle and go all for it again on the 1st of January, and some just continue on with eating healthy and working out. It could also be that you are just at the beginning of creating a healthy lifestyle. Yes, we are all different! Vladana for example is trying to get back into her running route, while I myself prefer CrossFit, and so we all have different items on our Christmas wishlist 😉

No matter how you are dealing with your healthy lifestyle, we just want to make it a bit easier for you! To make a start, Nike developed the Gifting Experience to make Christmas shopping already a bit easier. But of course, you want to treat yourself as well sometimes. Therefore, we’re giving away 3 Nike Giftcards with a worth of €100,-, to get you going with unlocking your healthy lifestyle! In that way, you can get yourself Christmas presents which will fit your wishes. Now that’s a nice surprise under the Christmas tree 😉 How to have a shot at winning a giftcard?

  1. Follow Nike and #FITGIRLCODE on Instagram
  2. Sign up for our newsletter
  3. Tell us in a comment below what you would get yourself with this giftcard!

Well dear Fit Girl, you know what to do! Whether you’ve been a Fit Girl for years already or just starting, we’re here to help! What would you get yourself with this giftcard? Tell us! The contest runs until Sunday 13 December. 

The best solution for Christmas shopping stress

It’s the last week of November. Yeah, so? Well, that means that in 4 weeks already it’s Christmas! As I loooove Christmas, that’s not a problem for me at all. But, that also means that you should get all your Christmas gifts within the next 4 weeks! And that might get you quite stressed out…

For me, Christmas shopping isn’t very problematic as every year me and my family just pick names for whom we should buy presents for and you’re ‘obliged’ to make a wishlist. Super easy. In that way you only have to get the items on the wishlist and you’re done! But this also means you have to create a wishlist yourself. Personally, I always finish my wishlist in like 10 minutes. No struggles at all 😉 Every year my wishlist contains about 8 (cook)books and lots of gift cards. And before I know it I’m already at the maximum budget for the gifts. But I also know that it’s not that easy for everyone. For example, every year my friends ask me what they should get for their boyfriends, and my brothers-in-law (I’ve got three!) ask me for presents-ideas for my sisters… Obviously, not everyone is as lucky as I am concerning Christmas shopping 😉

No one size fits all

I know the struggle though… I always find it sooo difficult to come up with a gift for someone else.  Everyone is different: has different wishes, different bodies, different lifestyles etc. Some people make super useful wishlists, like Vladana, but then again this wishlist contains only running items and not everyone is into running. For example, my sisters hate running and they’ll be more happy with indoor workout-gear. Also, since I’m into CrossFit, I’d be super happy with CrossFit gear. So, as you see, everybody is different and has different preferences. As there is no ‘one size fits all’ with healthy lifestyles, there is also no one size fits all for Christmas gifts. Yep, I know this doesn’t make Christmas shopping any easier for you 🙂

Nike Gifting Experience

Luckily Nike also knows that everyone is different, with different lifestyles, practising different sports, and therefore has different Christmas preferences. To make it a lot easier for you this year, Nike developed the Gifting Experience. This is a special selection of all Nike products which are great to give and receive for Christmas! And the best thing is, there is so much diversity in this selection that everyone will find the perfect Christmas gift! Say bye-bye to Christmas shopping stress 😉

Of course, I also checked out this selection and I found this great sports bag to add to my own wishlist. Also, I really need those headbands to keep my hair out of my sweaty face (ohh the struggle…). What are your favourite items to add to your wishlist? 🙂

My top 5 Christmas gifts

So I was scrolling through my calendar, setting up appointments and suddenly it hit me: there’s only six weeks left till Christmas. Only six? Yes, guys you heard me right. I guess time flies when you’re working 4 times a week, finishing up your thesis, trying to squeeze in some workouts and at the same time have some fun time with friends. This means we can think of presents and gifts again. I love Christmas, it’s absolutely my favorite time of the year!

Every year I make a list of things I would like to get for Christmas just because I still love to get presents as much as when I was 10 years old. And besides, it makes the life of my friends and family easier and at least I get the things I really need and like instead of the 100th pair of socks. This year I’m in for some new workout clothes. So everyone likes different things and that’s why we prefer different clothes and have a different wardrobe. You’re the one to unlock your healthy lifestyle and create your own life!

So, I used to run. A lot. Somewhere in a far, far past. I loved the adrenaline, the fresh air, how it made me feel unstoppable. I dunno if I got lazy or just didn’t feel it anymore but last May when I wanted to pick it up again, I got struck by an injury. Great. And again a half year passed by. I’m slowly recovering and want to pick up running again. This is a good excuse to stock up on some new running gear because all my other stuff is molded as I didn’t use it for quite some time.

First of all, a good sports bra is a must-have for runners. There are different bras for the different types of sport. And a 5K run obviously asks for more support than a chilled-out yoga session. I always had the feeling my boobs are bouncing all over the place while running and I was too stubborn to buy one just for running. But now I want to do it right, so this one caught my eye: The Pro Rival Dalmatian sport bra of Nike. The pattern actually reminds me of one of my most favorite Disney movies: the 101 Dalmatians. Now I like it even more! But another bra caught my eye while I was taking a look through all the sports bra’s. It’s not specifically made for running but more likely for fitness and training. I absolutely love the red Nike Dri-Fit Knit bra and can’t choose between these two. Which one would you guys get, left or right?

christmas gifts










So we got the supportive bra but we definitely need some other running essentials: tights and a good jacket that’ll keep you warm. Winter is coming and I’m preparing myself mentally.  It was so f*cking cold the other day and I literally thought my face was going to freeze off, so if that’s a preview, we’re in for a real cold ass winter. As I’m not a treadmill kind of person I will have to pack up so I can face the cold while running outside. Have I told you about the wind here in Rotterdam? Brrr… The Dri-Fit Epic Run tights are perfect as they are specially designed to keep you warm and they’re basic but have a really cool mesh detail in the back of the knees. I would actually also like to have tights with a print so I stumbled upon the Nike Printed Engineered! Why is there so much to choose from? Which one do you Fit Girls prefer?

christmas gifts










Of course we need something to go along with the tights and I found this lovely jacket. I want it! When I used to run I never knew what to wear in the winter. I would always be too cold or too warm and then I realized that I might just not have the right clothes. So the Shieldrunner Flash jacket is a perfect addition as it protects you from the wind, that’s a score! I like the one with black and white but for the more colorful people out there take a look at the Nike Impossibly Light jacket. It’s available in different colors but I prefer the light aqua color. What about you, which one should I choose?

christmas gifts


So, what’s essential if you want to go running? Right, running shoes! I literally never had a pair of good sneakers for running as I would just use some old ones I had lying around in my closet. It’s important to have good running shoes because everyone has different feet and another fit. You should really check with a professional before buying some running shoes and not only buy by looks! I  know what works well for me and I stumbled upon these babies when I was browsing the internet: Nike Flyknit Air Max. They have a good damping response so this is perfect for longer runs. Honestly I would even buy them if I didn’t want to start running again because I think they’re awesome!

christmas gifts

christmas gifts









Now that I ended up in the sneaker section I have to put another pair of sneakers to my wishlist. I have a confession to make. I’m a sneaker freak. I dunno when it happened or how it happened but I do know that a girl can’t have enough sneakers. I took a look at my glass display case, and yes I have a glass display case for my sneakers, and came to the conclusion that I need some new black ones. I just lost a pair of black ones so good reason to ask for new ones, right?! You’re probably wondering how on earth you can lose shoes, trust me, I’m wondering the same. Thus, the last item on my list are the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Noire sneakers. I was kinda going for a running theme list but hey you can never have too many black sneakers! 😉 You can wear these in a casual setting and they go both with a sporty outfit as a more classy one such as a skirt or dress.

christmas gifts

christmas gifts









So now you Fit Girls know Christmas is around the corner, sit down for a minute and write down your wishlist. I’m sure you will not have a hard time making one 😉 If you need some inspiration, Nike has created a super convenient page with a gift guide for women. Makes your life even easier right, check it out! Or forward it to the hubba hubba or your BFFF 😉 

Why a good sports bra is important

The last thing I want to think about during my workout, is my boobs being all over the place. And trust me, I’ve had it a thousand times. At first I thought that I might be a little too enthusiastic while working out and that’s why my breasts are constantly bouncing up and down. While running, during my burpees, actually all the time working out… The entire gym could enjoy the view. Until I realized that maybe it wasn’t me, but the sports bras I was wearing. 

During our workouts we’re all very active and it’s only natural that our boobies are moving with us. This has to do with the fact that our breasts consist of fat and don’t have any muscles that can support these movements. That’s why it’s important for us Fit Girls that we don’t just wear a random bra, but a good, professional sports bra. It gives us support during our workouts to maintain the firmness of our breasts. All that bouncing around is not very good for your girlfriends, and on top of that, it doesn’t look very charming. The wrong sportsbra can even damage the connective tissue in your breasts and make them saggy. Yikes, we don’t wat that!

sports bra

It’s important to choose the right sports bra and this depends on the size of your breasts and the type of sport you’re practicing. Personally, I’ve recently purchased the Sports Bra of the new Jogha Fearless collection and I’ve got to say: I’m sold! It was a difficult choice, but eventually I went for the Salmon Sports Bra. Except for the fact that it’s reaaally pretty, it fits me very well too! I’ll admit that the pastel colours drew my attention at fit and I afterwards asked myself the question: “ok, but will it also offer me good support?” After I tried it on and jumped around a few times, I thought: “yes, this one is mine!” The bra offers me good support during my workout and I have no trouble with boobies flying around. I also feel super sexy and feminine in them, yes score!

sports bra

sports bra

Moreover, my cup size fluctuates a lot. Some months I find myself wearing a cup B and others even a D no idea how that’s possible but obviously I like to have some options. My closet is full with different sizes sportsbras. The Freedom Rush Racer Back Bra is next one my list. I’ve already got the Freedom Rush Long Tights in my closet so yes, that’s a good excuse to buy a matching bra, right? I really like the cutout detail on the back and the removable padding ensures that you get enough support during your workout.

sports bra

Like what you see? Check out for more sportsbras and matching outfits. Because a Fit Girl can never have too many sports clothes ♥ Also, perfect timing: Jogha is having a 20% discount this weekend on selected items! Use HAPPYWEEKEND and check out the sale items here.

5 reasons why you should say “Yes”

Are you the type that can think of a billion reasons why you should not do anything new, exciting, nerve wrecking or even pamper yourself? Read on. Following up on the article 5 steps to practice saying ‘No’ here are 5 reasons why you should say “Yes”.

5 reasons why you should say "Yes" 1. Say “Yes” to treating yourself right!
Take good care of yourself by good foods, drinks, snacks and go pamper yourself now and again. Have a facial, a massage and go shop a new wardrobe every now and again including shoes! If it’s budget that’s  holding you back in treating yourself, save money on a monthly base and go on a shopping spree once in a quarter. I’m sure you can think of something, and why shouldn’t you, you’re worth it! Like the Jogha collection 😉




2. Say “Yes” to meeting new people!
Whether you’re in school or work, I’m sure you get invited to going to events, celebrations, dinners or drinks once in a while. Start practising saying yes to these invitations, even if you don’t know anyone, heck, especially when you don’t know anyone! Meeting new people or even one person at a gathering who you click with is so much fun! Just see how it goes, and if it didn’t meet up to your expectations…just go home. Don’t beat yourself over it and never let it hold you back into taking up another invitation. Keep going to new places en keep meeting new people.

3. Say “Yes” to opportunities in work!
When opportunities are practically thrown at you in work, have a little think about it and take it! Surely you know your worth to the company and the chance to having new experiences will enrich you as a person and do a lot of good to your self-worth. And never be afraid to speak out. A good boss or manager will listen to what you have to say and will do what’s best for you role in his/her team or the company.

4. Say “Yes” to learn something new!
Seriously, you are never too old to learn something new! Even the smartest people learn new things as we can’t experience everything in life in one go. It takes steps, sometimes even baby steps to learn something new and that’s the fun bit! Learning how to ride the bike – whoohoo, how cool was that!?

5. Say “yes” and enjoy the adventure!
If you’re used to saying “No”, practice saying “Yes”. It will bring you into situations you haven’t experienced before and what’s the harm in that? Stop over analysing things and stop worrying about stuff. Life is too short to deprive yourself living it!

Follow me on my blog or Instagram for inspiration and tips and leave your comments below, would love to read your ways to saying “Yes”!

8 #FITGIRLCODE festival essentials

Our favourite play time activity at #FITGIRLCODE is going to an outdoor festival on the weekends! There’s nothing like dancing for the equivalent of a 10K run in the sun and showing off that booty you’ve been working on for months. I have compiled a list of summer festival essentials that are meant to combine fashion and the optimal festival experience:


  • Fanny pack- This type of bag will make your life so easy while dancing and grooving, and you won’t need to worry about misplacing it anywhere. You can wear it around your waist or across your shoulder, so  many possibilities!
  • Romper with pockets- rompers provide comfort since they are soft and are not constraining, and they also allow adequate air flow to parts of your body that might get sweaty. Look for one with pockets so that you have a place to stow away any trinkets you find, like a lead singer’s guitar pick or your roommate’s keys that she is afraid to lose.
  • Wild and round sunglasses- Let loose with animal print-inspired sunglasses, I’ve chosen one pair of thick glasses and one pair of thin. Which suits you best?
  • Choker necklace- This accessory is easy to pair with any outfit, and you can keep it on all weekend without worrying about it or taking it off to swim, shower, or any other activities you wouldn’t want to wear your precious stones while doing.
  • Suede shorts or skirt- suede is a material that will make you stand out, and you’re sure to wear the item in the future as well as suede can be worn all year round. I love this eye-catching red colour and, again, pockets always come in handy!
  • Monochrome sneakers- are you an all-black or an all-white girl? Take your pick between these amazing sneakers that can seriously be worn anywhere from the office to a party. Keep in mind that if bad weather is forecasted for the day of your festival, you might want to stick to a very old pair of shoes since achieving the perfect festival outfit is not worth ruining these beauties.
  • Fedora hat- Stay cool, protected, and fashionable with this colour block fedora hat. The price is totally reasonable and there are many colour options!
  • Oversized denim jacket- just as comfortable as it is stylish, an oversized vintage Levi-style denim jacket is perfect for a chilly evening once the sun goes down. I highly recommend buying this at a secondhand store near you, otherwise you will often overpay and the quality of the original Levi’s is just unbeatable.

I’ve also thought of some essential non-clothing items that you’ll be glad to have, especially if you’re going to a longer festival. Don’t forget to pack:

  • dry shampoo or taft volume powder (Andrélon sells both)
  • baby wipes
  • a hand-held fan
  • a portable phone charger

All dressed up with nowhere to go? If you’re in the Rotterdam area, don’t miss the Blijdorp Festival taking place on Saturday, August 15th in Roel Langerpark. The lineup will not disappoint any girl who wants to show off her moves, and you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome and atmosphere. 

Let me know what your festival essentials are in the comment section below!

2x WIN: Mipacha shoes


Do you Fit Girls know Mipacha already? At #FITGIRLCODE we’re in love with these colourful shoes and that’s why we’re giving away 2 pairs together with Mipacha, so that you can shine this summer. Today is your lucky day!

Mipacha started out in Cuzco, the heart of Peru. These fair-trade shoes are hand-made by the locals in Peru and are made of authentic South-American fabric. They are inspired by the culture and the landscape of Peru.

The name Mipacha (Quechua for ‘my world’) and the logo are inspired by the old belief of the Incas that Cuzco is the center of the world. Each shoe tells you a unique story of the locals and their history, traditions and culture by use of the colours and symbolic patterns.

Next to that, Mipacha supports the locals with education and social projects. So you can feel good while walking in these shoes. With a pair of Mipacha shoes, you are part of a special world and culture.

Do you want to win a pair of Mipachas to complete your outfit? This is what you need to do to have a chance:

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The Jogha Fearless pre-sale is on!

Jogha has kept us all waiting long enough with all of their sneak peeks… we feel very teased and we have developed a serious need for every single print and item in the collection. We are happy to announce that The Fearless collection is finally available online for pre-sale!

The Jogha Fearless collection has been created for modern fashion-conscious women who do not compromise on technical performance or style. The collection is made up of 7 amazing prints along with solid DryDye pieces, all fearlessly bold in sustainability and colour. You can stock your wardrobe with clothes that are not only functional for your workouts but are also fashionable for any time of day or night.

We know that you will probably be asking yourselves “Why choose?” but in case you must limit your purchases we’ve chosen some of our favourite items for you Fit Girls.


Concrete Flora Racerback Tank

Concrete Flora Racerback Tank FrontConcrete Flora Racerback Tank Back

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Jogha #whyimfearless Giveaway!

Now that we have given you sneak peaks into the new Jogha collection that is sure to wow you, we have one last big surprise…


The Fearless collection

Jogha’s second luxury sportswear collection, the Fearless collection, will be available for pre-sale starting August 1st. This line is designed to encourage women to find their optimal healthy lifestyle, whatever that means to them, in a fearless way. Jogha is so excited about this new collection that they have decided to do something very special for you, because it is you who inspire this collection and make Jogha possible.

Win an outfit!

Jogha is holding a contest on Instagram to learn more about what makes you fearless, so they are asking you to tell your story by using the hashtag #whyimfearless. You have the chance to win one top and one bottom from the Jogha Fearless collection. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow @joghacom on Instagram
  2. Share this post and tell us your story: make sure you use #whyimfearless and mention @joghacom in your post!

#giveaway logo

Important information
To make sure we can select a winner, we need to be able to find your post and your Instagram account. Make sure your profile is set to public so that we can see all your fearlessness. Winners will be announced on Friday, July 31st

Even if you don’t win an outfit, we have a little surprise for you on the 1st of August. Sign up for the Jogha pre-sale below to receive your special gift by email!

So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing the post from the @joghacom Instagram account and have the chance to win your Jogha Fearless outfit!




More details about the contest rules and regulations can be found here


Models left to right: @denise.a.campbell, @martinevd11 and Claudia

Jogha Fearless collection launch

Back in 2013 I had the dream of starting my own sportswear line. Now, the second Jogha sportswear collection, the Fearless collection, is finally almost ready for launch! Last week was busy with some final preparations as we had the official photoshoot and on the very same day, I flew off to Thailand for a 48 hour production trip.

(P.S. Do you want to be the first to see the new collection? Scroll down and subscribe to receive an invitation for the online launch!)

On November 17th 2014, we launched the very first Jogha sportswear line named, the Badass collection. This collection truly was a great success and we learned so much from the first range of clothing. We believe in the phrase, “Do the best you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”. So now all that we want is to be even better! We took our time and turned to the most important people: our Jogha customers. They spoke and we listened. They gave us so many great ideas and now we bring you the improvements in our new sportswear, the Fearless collection.


teaser 1


What exactly did we improve?

We made lots of changes to improve the general fit of all of the garments as well as designing additional features and adding new variations. As all of the small sizes of the Badass collection sold out quickly, we decided that we needed to have more small and medium sizes available for the Fearless collection so that you won’t be disappointed.

Tights and bottoms: The feedback we received about our Long Tights was that they weren’t exactly very “long”, but more an above the ankle length. For the Fearless collection we ensure that we have made the Long Tights longer and we’ve also added a new capri length legging with a completely new look and feel.

Tops: We listened very closely to all of the feedback considering the sports bras as this is such an an essential item in a woman’s sportswear wardrobe. Firstly we made big changes to our Racerback Bra, so much so that you won’t even recognize it as the same bra any more. Not everything has completely changed however, the Gym Bra returns as before but with an overall improved fit. And lastly, because a bra is so important we added a completely new style, the Sports Bra, that will blow your mind.

Jackets: The Reversible Jackets are now made from a new revolutionary material and we decided to make the fit a little more oversized, so you can snuggle away in it after your workout.

The magic behind the Jogha brand

teaser 3

Fair wear and Sustainability

We are a fair wear brand that has demanded sustainable production from day one. But this isn’t something we have been advertising because it’s normal to us, it’s what just we do. However by not communicating this directly to our customers, we risked the chance that they didn’t even know the extent of how awesome their sportswear was! But the newest sustainable feature of this collection, DryDye technology, is just too incredible not to share it with you. This exclusive technology is a completely waterless dyeing method which uses recycled C02 to dye the DryDye pieces in this collection and is the first of many sustainable ways we want to produce our sportswear.

The Fearless Photoshoot in Rotterdam

To capture the new Fearless collection, our incredibly talented photographer Victor Kruit shot around 1500 pictures during the official photoshoot last Wednesday in Rotterdam. With over 6o pieces in this collection, the shoot took place from 8am in the morning to 5pm in evening. It was the first time that we were able to see the collection come to life thanks to the help of our beautiful models and it was amazing!

jogha week 1

48 Hour production trip to Thailand

Just as well, I am a CEO in sneakers and straight after the shoot I has to rush off to Schiphol Airport and hop on board of a flight to Thailand. But this wasn’t for a holiday. I took the trip to visit the factories we work with, as there were still some small things we noticed on the photoshoot which had to be changed and taken care of asap!


jogha week 2


After the very last fitting I was given an exclusive a tour through the factory where I got to witness the start of the production of the full collection!


Pre-sale starts August 1st

It’s important to us that you know exactly where Jogha comes from, what goes into designing the garments, the production process and launch. And now we want to tell you what you’ve all been waiting for… the Fearless collection will be launching with a pre-sale on the 1st of August! Subscribe to the Jogha newsletter to stay up to date so you can be amongst the first to get your hands this collection! 

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New #FITGIRLCODE Sweaters available now

It might be summer but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a sweater to throw on in the cool mid summer nights. So, we have added even more new #FITGIRLCODE Sweaters with fresh quotes to our webshop!  As always, these sweaters will let you express your state of mind with our cheeky quotes and do just the trick to keep you cosy!

Big butts 

The only thing better than having a big heart, is having a big butt. Let’s be honest, we don’t do all of those squats just for fun, so show some love for your curves and that special someone in this sweater. Wear it proud and say it loud Fit Girls!



Although Fit Girls need rest days too it’s sometimes pretty hard to resist the call of the gym, especially when that other stuff you need to do is boring and won’t get you closer to having an awesome booty! This is the sweater to wear in your free time to make it clear, even when your relaxing and getting your sh*t done, there’s nowhere else you would rather be!


I'd rather be at the gym

We have our favourites here at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ, but tell us which sweater you prefer! Do you have any suggestions for some awesome quotes that you would love to see in your #FITGIRLCODE wardrobe? Email us at or write it in the comments below!

The comeback of the one-piece swimsuit

Ever since I was little I remember wearing a bikini. But the older I get, the prettier I seem to find one-piece swimsuits. Up until this year, I always skipped the one-piece. But why? Is it because it makes me think of athletes and my grandma or because they make me get weird tan lines? Let’s find out.

The history of the one-piece
Can you imagine that we ever went into the water with ankle length garments? Well, we did. When beach holidays became popular in the 19th century, a sunkissed tan wasn’t as fancy as it is nowadays. People covered their bodies to keep their skin pale. Luckily, women eventually realized that this is totally unpractical, so the swimsuits became shorter and shorter. From 1900, there is a rising demand to more comfortable outfits. Women started to join swim competitions, so the suits became tighter and shorter. During the twenties, the one-piece started to look like the current variant.

In 1946, the bikini was introduced. That was the point that it went totally wrong with the one-piece. The bikini became the symbol of sexyness, the one-piece became the opposite. With some exceptions of course, think Pamela Anderson in her red Baywatch edition.

And still, anno 2015, a lot of people associate one-piece swimsuit with dullness and prudery. Especially the male part of the population. But why? When I see someone wearing a one-piece I get envious most of the time because they look so feminine and sexy. So, I did some asking around and I came to the conclusion that it really depends on what you wear and how you wear it. More about that later.

Anno 2015
First, what is really outdated and what does a one-piece looks like anno 2015? The biggest trends are cut out swimsuits and monokini’s. The cut out is the opposite of dullness! It makes you look sexy and confident because you’re one of those girls who dares to wear it! Especially the ones with a deep cut out neckline are very popular. When a one-piece has that much cut out that there is not that much more left than a bikini, it’s called a monokini. You still are gonna get some weird tan lines because of the shape, but it’s not that bad. Make sure you just don’t wear it every day..

These ones are definitely on trend this summer! How to wear them? Just visit the next page!


1. Mara Hoffman floral print one piece, €295.
2. Topshop swimsuit with deep cut, €49,95.
3. Mikoh crotched one piece, €252,09.
4. Seafolly swimsuit with flower print, €109,95.
5. Agent Provocateur cut out swimsuit, €395.
6. New Look bandeau one piece, €38.
7. River Island strapless swimsuit with mesh detail, €45.
8. Marks & Spencers one piece with slimming effect, €46.


What to wear
When you have a apple figure, you have broad shoulders, big breasts, small hips and a little belly. A bandeau variant will make your boobs look a little smaller, while a pre-formed one will make them look bigger. A printed one piece will make you look slimmer.

If you have a pear figure, your hips are firmer than your shoulders and breasts and you’ve got an amazing butt. Make sure you show that one off! To make your breasts look bigger, wear a one-piece with details that are focused on the chest srea.

With an hourglass body you can pretty much wear any one-piece you like. You’ve got some good curves for a swimsuit. An hour glass figure also means you have a small waist, so make sure you highlight it.

Are you a rectangle? Your body is slim and athletic, but you don’t have many curves. By wearing a deeply cut one-piece, you will look longer and your boobs will look bigger. Decorations will make your body more voluminous.


So, are you wearing a one-piece swimsuit this summer? I know I definitely am!

New #FITGIRLCODE tops now in

Because a girl can never have too many clothes, we have three awesome new #FITGIRLCODE tops for you to add to your wardrobe. Life’s too short to wear plain shirts, that’s why #FITGIRLCODE brings you three, all new quotes to make you stand out from the crowd this summer.

Let’s be honest, in this weather it’s far too hot to stand in front of your wardrobe for hours deciding what to wear, so keep it simple and make a statement in style with any of these tops! Not sure what to wear to that music festival next weekend or to wear over your bikini to the beach? Take your pick from these new #FITGIRLCODE tops that will keep you looking cool after the gym, or while you’re chilling with your friends and enjoying the sunshine.


Spend time doing the things that make you happiest. When you’re wearing this tank top at a festival or in the gym, make sure to accessorize it with a smile!




Killing every workout is a crime we want to be guilty of committing. Rock this t-shirt when you want everyone to know that you show no mercy.




Every day is a new chance to make goals and smash them! Be your own inspiration and wear this t-shirt to show that you are giving it your best shot each and every day!



With a quote for every occasion, these are the perfect addition to your wardrobe! Whether you are going hard in the gym or enjoying the sun at a rooftop party with friends, rock one of these awesome tops and inspire those around you to make the most of their time! 



Embrace the summer weather and update your wardrobe in Fit Girl style with the all new #FITGIRLCODE Tank Tops! No matter where you wear these statement tops you will be sure to turn some heads. Check out our latest quotes here and head over to the webshop to get your hands on these tank tops now!  

At #FITGIRLCODE we love to talk in quotes and what better way to share them than on your favourite clothes. That’s why we are bringing you all new quotes on your favourite #FITGIRLCODE tank tops! These statement tank tops will prove to everyone that you are not to be messed with and allowing you to make the most the most of the summer weather to show off your biceps! Check out the new styles here and reward yourself for working out in those long summer days!

Lion Queen

When you’re looking for a ‘problem-free’ philosophy, think squats. Let out your wild side out wearing this tank top and flaunt it with pride.



Working out like a boss should be celebrated, even if it’s with cupcakes. Wear this tank top and show the world that being a Fit Girl is all about balance.


Anger Management

Take a deep breath and get your zen on with some attitude. Show up to any occasion wearing this tank top and nobody will dare to ruin your good vibes.


Reward yourself for your super tough workouts with any one of these new top and show the world what kind of Fit Girl you are! Let us know in the comments below which one you can’t wait to buy.


NEW COLLECTION – Jogha Sweat Collection now for sale

Today marks the arrival of the new Jogha Sweat Collection! Each item will let you get your zen on when you’re taking that chill time you deserve so you can fearlessly rock your workouts like a Badass! Get your hands on this ultra-soft collection, made from 100% organic cotton it looks effortlessly stylish, in and out of the gym! 

We love the simple combination of the white and grey tones that shows off each garment no matter what you decide to wear it with! Every piece is consciously designed to bring freedom and mindfulness to all of your movements by providing a subtle fit with full functionality. Read on for out more about those extra details that Jogha has consciously designed to make sure all you Fit Girls stand out!


The Sweat Collection story

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-27 om 10.45.22At Jogha, being mindful of the environment is as much of a priority as looking good in your surroundings. The collection might appear minimalist but it makes a simple statement that is by no means understated. Every aspect of this collection is certified ecological. What does that really mean? Well, from sourcing the materials, to the production, every piece lives up to your expectations and is made of 100% organic cotton. Rest assured that you can feel even more awesome in your Jogha clothing knowing that you helped the world out a little too!

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