How to travel in style

Holiday season is almost here and we can’t wait to lay our bum down on the beach. After surviving all of the packing disasters, there’s only one question left: what on earth are we going to wear whilst travelling?

We prefer to put on our sweatpants and fluffy socks, but in 2015 that’s kind of outdated. Your suitcase is filled with the most pretty summer dresses, so why would you not try to look cute on the plane/train/bus? And just in case the pilot turns out to be really handsome, you won’t look like a complete disaster.

The actual problem is, as you might already know, fancy clothing is often not that comfortable. So how do you travel in style but still feel comfy in your outfit? We selected the best travel attire inspiration, so your holiday will be even more perfect.

Bon voyage!

The oversized sweater
The number one travel favourite is probably the oversized sweater. In case you don’t have a boyfriend to borrow one from, there are many stylish items for women too. Wear it with your favourite (skinny) jeans and your new trendy sneakers.

And by sportswear we don’t mean those sweatpants! We’re talking about a combination of your super fashionable tights and some of your favourite wardrobe essentials. Combine your tights and sneakers with a funky bomber or denim jacket for a total different look.

Maxi skirt
The maxi skirt is ideal for late summer nights, but it’s also perfect for traveling. Pick a jersey skirt for the most pleasant experience. Combine it with a leather jacket and slip ons or sneakers for a fashionable outfit without trying to hard.

The boyfriend jeans

This item is truly indispensable. Not only for traveling but also as a basic in your closet. The combinations are endless, the boyfriend jeans suit almost any outfit. So pick your favourite sweater and shoes, and you are ready for take off! If you don’t want to look shabby, wear a blouse under your sweater.


Long live knitwear! A knitted jumper of cardigan is perfect for almost any occasion, including traveling. Make sure you wear layers, because knitwear can get pretty hot (or is it the pilot again?) and you might want to take something off during your trip.

2 Summer Festival Outfits You Are Willing To Work For

Summer is getting near and we Fit Girls need to get ready and level up not just our bodies, but our closet too. The music festivals are quickly approaching and that means the time has come to rock your outfits while dancing it off with your friends! Having those popular festivals in mind, I have come up with 2 outfits that you Fit Girls might like. Here, take a look!

2 Summer Festival Outfits You Are Willing to Work For

1. The Mad Hatters

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.44.07 AM


Romano Hat Flap

This beige hat will not only protect you skin from the sun but will also look perfect at a music festival. It can be part of your outfit or just a disguise from the unwanted people 😉




Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.44.31 AM



Woven Cutout Romper

This beautiful edgy jumpsuit is great for a summer day. It shows off your fit arms and legs and shows just a hint your great toned belly. Also, it’s easy to move in, which makes it a perfect choice for a festival outfit.



Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.09.46 AM



Esparto Gladiator Sandals

These pretty sandals are the way to go and sum up this cute outfit just perfectly. You might have to be a bit careful where you are going to dance but other than that, they are stylish and summery!





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How to find the perfect tights

See-through, too wide, no elastic band, a zipperbag, no drawstring, itchy labels.. I think we all know these struggles of being a Fit Girl. How are we ever supposed to find the perfect tights?  No worries, you will. You just have to keep some things in mind.

I’ve tried on quite some tights and I am the proud owner of at least 40 of them, so I would like to share my experience in finding the perfect tights.  Here are some guidelines that can be really important for finding the perfect tights.

1 | MOVE
Please, use all the space you have in your dressing room (or out of it, we don’t mind!). Squat, jump, lay down, handstand, wall-sit, stretch, booty-shake and so on. You’re not buying tights because you want to sit still in them, are you? Let’s give it a quick road-test and decide if it:
♥ Does they stay in place? Pulling up your pants all the time is a waste of your energy. Search for tights with a decent elastic waistband that stays up.
♥ Do they have enough stretch? You don’t want to feel irritating seams during your workout.
♥ Are they non see-through? Because see-through pants just aren’t really classy.
♥ Does the crotch look okay? Preferably no seams that go straight down the middle to the back. You don’t want it too be too tight because we all know what happens if it does..! But not too large either. We don’t need that extra space down there, that just looks weird.

2 | Pockets and zippers
When buying a pair of tights I always love it when they have ‘hidden’ pockets. However I don’t like a zipper in the back because it’s going to hurt when you lay down to doing exercises like sit-ups or crunches. I prefer the stretchy pockets that don’t have any strings or zippers because if you don’t use them, you don’t feel them.

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BREAKING NEWS – Fabulous Jogha mats now for sale

We cannot keep it in any longer: today Jogha releases the most fabulous fitness mats you’ve ever seen. The eco friendly, washable mat comes in five bold prints so you can prioritize your style without compromising your workout. You might recognise some of the prints, but don’t be fooled, these mats are like no other you have used before! Reward yourself for sweating your butt off in the gym or get your BFFF a cool present for always sticking by your side. Check out these 5 awesome prints!

Stand out in your gym class

The range of mats are designed with some of the most popular prints from the Badass collection and feature two exclusive new designs! A fitness matt that matches your outfit? That’s pretty f*cking stylish right? These fitness mats will definitely make you stand out in every gym class.

Jogha Limitless Mat



Jogha Ibiza Mat





Jogha Ethnic Change Mat




Jogha Jungle Mat



Jogha Colourful Leopard Mat




Form and function

At Jogha, fitness isn’t superficial and the Jogha mats are no exception. The thick cushion material of the mat has a soft rugged surface, designed for the maximum protection of your body as you move from one yoga pose to another or when you are going hard doing those crunches. The absorbent material of the mat also means that you won’t worry about slipping when you work up a sweat.

For use at home or at the gym

Whether you work out at home or at the gym, the mat will hold its shape when it is rolled up and rolled out, over and over again. The strap will keep it in place to carry it with you, because of course you will want to take it with you at every opportunity. Now go rock that workout in style!

3x WIN your own custom designed Nike Free’s!

This contest is closed. The winners are Selma, Annabella and Anne! You have been contacted through email.

That’s right, you can now design your own dream pair of Nike Free 4.0/5.0 and get them for free! Together with Nike we are going to make 3 Fit Girls 3 very lucky gals! Time to release the fashionista in you and get to the (virtual) drawing table girls!

The Nike Free shoes already made you feel like you were flying, but now you will be flying in your own personal style. You can customize basically everything, making these shoes your signature. From the sole to the laces, it will scream “this is me!”. Imagine even putting your name on them or an inspirational short quote on the Nikes in your favorite print. I was just designing my own dream pair and I have to admit, I think I will be dreaming about these babies…


How do I win?

Ok, let’s get down to it. How do you become one of the three Fit Girls that will be awarded their dream pair?

  1. Design your dream Nike Free’s 4.0/5.0 through this link
  2. Be creative and make it the best pair of Nikes a Fit Girl can dream of
  3. When you’re done, share your design by clicking on the mail icon in the right side of your screen and send it to
  4. Don’t forget to put your name and email address in the box for comments!

Feel free to share your design on social media by using the hashtag #NIKEFREE in order to get even more eyes on your design!

What are you waiting for? Get started Fit Girls! We are looking forward to admiring your designs! Contest runs until March 31st. 

3 outfits from the new sportswear collection

Spring is knocking on our doorstep slowly but steadily and we are already here with the new sportswear collection for this beautiful spring. The #FITGIRLCODE Team has selected 3 outfits for running, yoga and cross-training for you to check out and get inspired by! The clothing selected is more playful and spring-like, so that it would fit the weather outside and your mood.

3 outfits from the new sportswear collection:


1. Running

Run Light Jacket by Stella McCartney

This great floral jacket designed by Stella McCartney, really is great for running not just to protect you from the wind but to show off your style! It’s subtle yet playful and that’s what makes it stand out.




Reebok running bra


Reebok ONE Series Bra

Simple black ONE series Reebok bra is comfortable and easy to wear when running. The print on the top makes it more lively yet keeping it simple and to the point.





Nike UK leggings1


Nike flash

Your superpower is running fast as a lightning? These Nike Flash leggings will truly make you stand out, out of all the runners and will give you confidence juice to outstand everyone around you and beat that record of yours!



Nike NL sneakers


Nike Free Flyknit iD

Want something fashionable yet unique? These sneakers will bring some sunshine into your outfit and yet it depends on you how unique you will make your future-to-be shoes. Subtly colourful as a rainbow and comfortable as a couch on a Friday night.

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Colourful Rebel

Fit Girls, do you already know the brand Colourful Rebel? We do and we love it! Colourful Rebel is a lifestyle magazine and webshop for young rebels! Men and women, young and old; all can be young rebels! True explorers in their own city who know what they want. Here are our favourites!

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-07 om 16.07.36

The rebel sweater

Hey, a fellow Rebel! How rebellious would you be if you’d combine a Rebel sweater with your Rebel Jogha tights?! Personally, I think it’s a match made in heaven.

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-07 om 16.06.40


The rebel beanie

I also really like the Rebel beanie! Many of the Fit Girls wear this burgundy beanie at #FITGIRLCODE HQ! It keeps us nice and warm throughout the day. I love the colour!

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-07 om 16.07.16

The boef sweater

Last but not least, I love the Boef Sweater. Boef is a Dutch word, literally translated into ‘villain’ but you should think more of it as a synonym to rebel – a cute name for villain 😉 Oh and to all the Fit Mommies: these are also available for children with ‘Boefje’ on it. How adorable!


Are you already rockingone of their sweaters or tees? Which one’s your favourite? 😉 Let us know!



Fit Chic: WorkOutfits Meet the City

It was no secret that 2014 was the year of fitness. The idea of a Fit lifestyle boomed through our social media feeds like never before. 

We didn’t only see this change in the millions of Instagram accounts dedicated to workouts, progress journeys, or healthy food recipes. It was also seen in the increasing comfort of wearing our favorite sports outfits outside the gym! Now known as Fit Chic or Gym Chic, this fashion style has been embraced by girls worldwide. It is comfortable and so colourful! It seems like it has gotten the attention of some iconic fashion designers, too.

The best part about this trend, if you ask me, is the whole idea of being able to go from gym to casual drinks in about 1/4th of the time it would normally take us to fully change! Disclaimer: I would not advise this after a heavy workout, there’s a difference between casual Gym Chic and I-want-to-die-omg-is-that-smell-coming-from-me look. But Gym Chic has moved even further than just a practicality, it is a style of its own.


{Jogha Ikat Long Tights x Jogha Solid White Muscle Tee}

It’s surprising to see how much status gym clothes have gained in the last years, and it’s reflected in the most recent collections. The designs come in brighter colors and patterned looks that make a statement when they are worn.


{Jogha Solid Black Racerback Bra x Jogha Solid Black Long Tights}

In addition to rocking Fit Girls’ worlds, the uprising popularity of working out in style created a little movement in the designer world called sweat envy. Soon after, they realized that they needed workout collections to stay up-to-date, so it more and more high-end fashion designers showcased this new trend on the runways and didn’t take long to hit the shelves. Among these are Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang, which have embraced this by creating Active Wear collections and collaborating with other brands to set the sporty look under a bigger and chic-er radar.

We’ve all noticed this magnified focus towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but we never really take a step back and see it when it’s happening. Soon enough, Fit Girls will be glam-ing it up and shopping for their sportswear at Valentino and Gucci. Although if you ask me, I’m not one to look the cutest during a workout because I like to work up a sweat! At the risk of sounding lazy, I most definitely am looking forward to the day I can wear a cute sports outfit to class and then straight to the gym.

3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies!

Our 7 days of #fitgirlfever is almost half way through! We are so happy to see you guys be so active and enjoying our fever week. You still got some time left, so go ahead and check out the options you have!

 3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies












Picture by @fitgirlwen




Picture by @lottadenktbreed



Picture by @annageertje_fgc

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Here are the goodies that you can receive for each day of the week:

  DSC_2406Kopie kopieMonday: Free Beanie (Black & White)

Well this would wrap up perfectly in this chilly weather..! Sweaters and beanies is the way to go when it’s drizzling, snowing or raining outside and when your hair gets way too messy once you step outside into the madness. Wearing this hat, you can easily say Beanie There, Done That every time you completed a killer workout!



Tote Original ZWART fotoshoot

 Tuesday: Free Original Bag (Black)

It is the all-time classic and our own personal Audrey Hepburn of the bags. It almost sums up what Fit Girls stand for and what we all wish to achieve in life. If you agree, then show it to the world by joining our 7 days of Fit Girl Fever on Tuesday! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.



waterbottle header fitgirlcode

Wednesday: Free Water Bottle

If you are always struggling with the amount of water you should drink and you’re looking for a fabulous accessory to bring to work you should totally consider tuning in for 7 Days of Fit Girl Fever on Wednesday and receiving this amazing water bottle which not only can fit fruits and berries but also can make a good accessory for an Instagram post or your work desk.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThursday: Free Mermaid Bag (White)

Everybody wants to be a mermaid. Carefree, mesmerising and Queen of the Seas. By having The Mermaid bag, you would at least be one step closer to becoming one! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.



Tote Craver ZWART

Friday: Free Craver Bag (Black)

We all crave for food, however this craver bag completely motivates you to opt for a Victoria’s Secret Model rather than a bar of chocolate. The Craver bag is suitable for any kind of appetite! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.




10919402_917667331577114_52752468013493225_oSaturday: Free Water Bottle

If you absolutely love those #FITGIRLCODE water bottles and you so happen to miss Wednesday’s order, fear not! You can still do so on Saturday and get your exclusive water bottle. It can be used universally, however suggested to be seen more at the gyms. 😉




    Tote Badass WIT fotoshoot nieuwSunday: Free Badass Bag (White)

Pizza is everybody’s friend and you can never go wrong with it! The Badass bag couldn’t care less for opinions and is meant for ladies that would always choose a pizza rather than knowing what those haters think! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.



Free Shipping!
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#FITGIRLCODE clothes are made of organic cotton and the working conditions in the making of clothing are guaranteed to meet the standards.


Alle artikelen van Laura

Get your 14% #FITGIRLCUPID discount!

Drumbeat….the winners of the #FITGIRLCUPID GIVEAWAY are: @verhagensusan, @crazycranberry_, @monicvn, @fitgirlwen. You pictures definitely grabbed our attention! Please send an e-mail to in order to receive your #FITGIRLCODE giftcard. We hope you find yourself a stylish Fit Girl outfit. We love to see pictures of you wearing your new outfit. Please tag your photos on Instagram with #FITGIRLCODE. 

Header crop truien

Get your 14% #FITGIRLCUPID discount!

For the ones who didn’t win or didn’t enter the competition, we have a surprise for all of you! Just because we love y’all, this weekend everyone receives 14% off the entire collection. Use the code #FITGIRLVALENTINE with your order and we’ll take care of the rest. You can use the code until February 15th 23.59 h CET. Go spoil yourself, you deserve it!



header fgc shop

My favourite workOUTfit

I like to run. But when it’s winter time, it can be pretty hard to find the right clothes that fit the weather. It can be pretty cold outside, so you have to dress properly. However, you also have to find clothing that is not too hot when you’re working out. Decisions, decisions.. Here’s my favourite workOUTfit that I wear when I am running outside during winter time. 


Long Tights

Long tights are the perfect solution for a run. They’re warm enough to not freeze to death outside and they’re not too hot when you’re working out. Furthermore, I love leggings, especially when they have a cool design. In this picture I’m wearing the long tights from Jogha. I chose for for these long tights since they have a nice and striking print while I keep the rest of my clothes pretty neutral (Except for the shoes of course ;)). Nice to know: this print is called the Ikat print.

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20% Fit Girl discount at The Boyscouts

The winner of the shopping money at The Boyscouts is Saar! Congratulations, you have been contacted over e-mail! Didn’t win? No worries! We have the next best thing for you to soften the pain 😉 Starting today till 11th February you can shop at The Boyscouts with an exclusive 20% Fit Girl discount! This discount is only valid for a limited amount of time, so be sure to use it before the 12th! 

The Boyscouts have amazing jewelry and are definitely a must-have for every fashiolista, but also for Fit Girls. Their necklaces were part of the goodiebag of the Nike We Own The Night run last year and were received with wild enthusiasm by the thousands of girls participating in the run. Us included! We immediately fell in love with the design and collections of their jewelry and can’t stop thinking about it ever since. Naturally, we’re incredibly excited to share this discount with you!

boyscoutsSpecial Fit Girl Discount

If you go to their site and use the discount FITGIRLCODE20, you will get an exclusive 20% discount on all items. Note that this code is only valid from 9 till 11 February 2015. If you order before the 12th, our dear friends at The Boyscouts will do everything in their power to make sure you still get your item before Valentine’s Day! So you can still surprise the love of your life, or your BFFF to thank her for all the love and support 😉


Which item are you going to get? Let us know! 





WIN: €100 shopping money at The Boyscouts

Definitely hint this to your boy/girlfriend because here’s exactly what you are going to want for Valentine’s Day. Together with The Boyscouts we wanted to give you a little Valentine’s gift because we <3 you! That’s why you can WIN €100 shopping money at The Boyscouts in the coming 4 days. Oh my!TheBoyscouts_Cosmic_Necklace_gold

This is the perfect opportunity for your boy/girlfriend who is still completely lost on what to give you for V-Day, or for you to surprise your BFFF with a lovely surprise. Because if you win this awesome giveaway and order as soon as possible, your gift will be delivered perfectly in time for the 14th. So already think about what you would love to get – a beautiful necklace, a badass bracelet or that awesome ring? The Boyscouts have lots and lots of amazing jewelry which would spice up every Fit Girl’s outfit!

So how do I win this?!

You need to complete both steps below in order to participate in the contest:

  1. Follow The Boyscouts on Facebook OR Instagram
  2. Tell us in the comments why your boyfriend/girlfriend should win this

Don’t hesitate any longer and participate in the contest NOW!

What is your favorite item of The Boyscouts? 

This contest will run till 8 February 2015, 3PM Dutch time. Rules and regulations can be read here

Anna’s Favourite WorkOutfit

Isn’t sports apparel the best way to motivate yourself in the gym? Especially when you lost your mojo for some reason, it always helps to spoil yourself with a stylish new sportoutfit. Isn’t it half the battle if you start your workout wearing something you feel awesome in? Today I’ll share one of my favourite WorkOutfits. I hope you get inspired!



Shoes Reebok Nano: What I like best about this shoe is that the sole provides grip on a variety of surfaces, which is ideal for CrossFit training.

Tight Reebok Cardio Ultra: The mesh surfaces in this legging don’t just look stylish, it also conducts heat to keep your skin cool and dry. Ideal if you prefere long tights and want to stay cool at the same time.

Jacket Reversible Jacket Colourful Leopard Jogha: This jacket has a water resistant exterior and a moisture management interior. This makes the jacket very suitable for running, which I do a lot lately. If you don’t feel like being a Colour Leopard, you can turn it inside for a more sophisticated look. I’ll show it to you in my next look.

Check out my second outfit on the next page!

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Reebok Cardio Ultra: for every way the sweat flies

A brand new year started! Was your new years resolution to become fitter in 2015? Way to go girl! You made the first step in the right direction. Whenever you start your fit journey you should pick a sport that suits your personality. Do you like running, circuit training, weight lifting or are you more a Zumba kind of person? If you pick something you really like, instead of forcing something on yourself that might be a hype at the moment or your other Fit Friends are really into, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. 

Maybe you don’t want to stick to just one type of training and you prefer to mix it all up. Going to the gym regularly can be really challenging sometimes and the last thing you want is to get bored. If you do different kinds of workouts you should actually have different kinds of shoes. Every sneaker supports your feet in a different kind of way, but it’s pretty expensive to buy three pairs of shoes and also annoying to drag them to the gym all the time.

Reebok Cardio Ultra: for every way the sweat flies
Fortunately Reebok invented a shoe for women who like variety in their training. No need to buy three pair of different shoes when you got this pair. Where running shoes focus on a forward motion and fitness shoes often have no support for rotating movements, the Reebok Ultra Cardio shoe is prepared for movement in all directions thanks to the following technologies:

  • Trifoam: The damping material on the outside of the forefoot absorbs the impact of each movement and provides rebound you need between moves.
  • Adapt Move: The shoe is made of flexiblematerial that forms perfectly around your feet and ensures optimum multidirectional support.
  • Turn zone: a technology in the sole which ensures that the foot can freely move 360 degrees


Of course I tried out the shoes myself. Personally, I’m a big fan of circuit training. This type of training offers a variety of exercises in all aspects of fitness, like HIIT, weight lifting and bootcamp. I noticed before that my running shoes did not give me great support during my workouts, but I didn’t really feel like buying an extra pair either. I was really curious when I could try the Reebok Cardio Ultra shoes because this shoe promises to support you in all types of fitness. Sounds like the perfect sneaker for my training!

Something that really annoyed me during my workouts before was that I slipped during my exercises. These shoes offer way better grip than running shoes for me to execute my exercises better. Also, circuit training includes a lot of jumping, like boxjumps, jumping jacks, rope jumping etc. During these kinds of exercises they gave me great support and rebound. Turning around quickly like when you do Suicide Laps also went really well. Since circuit training incorporates all kind of fitness aspects it’s a great all round shoe if you like to mix it up in the gym, so these babies will travel with me on my way to any work out!

Do you want to spoil yourself with a great pair of these awesome shoes? They are exclusively available at Intersport. Go get them!

Cool facts about high heels

You either love them or you hate them but they are the definition of girlpower: high heels! I know we live in a ‘Girls-on-Sneakers-rule’ generation but every woman feels like a million bucks when they rock their 4-inch heels! I know for sure I do! They are sexy and flattering and they boost not only your height, but also your confidence. YAY for petit girls like me! But let’s be honest, high heels are just like men: although they hurt you like hell sometimes, they are soooo hot and we can’t live without them…

Some cool facts about high heels!

1. Heels were originally designed for men!
In the 16th century as part of the battle armor, the Persian horseback warriors wore ‘high heels’, out of necessity rather than fashion. The extended heel was developed especially for riding, to keep the rider’s foot from slipping out of the stirrups. The extended heel also helped to keep the rider steady when standing up in the stirrups and shooting arrows.

Take a look at such men as King Louis XIV ( in the 1700’s) who loved high heels so much that other people were not allowed to wear them, unless they were nobility. To make a point even the nobility was not allowed to have heels taller than his. You also have to keep in mind that at that time, being shorter than the rest of the people was not a great ego booster for a king. So you can understand his obsession with high heels. Men and their sizes… 😉

2. The power of the stiletto
The American fitness center Crunch, known for its unique programs, offers a class called “The power of the stiletto.” It lasts 45 minutes, in which helps you sculpture amazing calves, nice and tight legs, while improving the posture and teaching you how to walk, dance and feel comfortable and sexy in high heels.

4. Alternate high heels and flat shoes
If you have to wear high heels, or just love wearing them, you have to alternate between high heels and flat shoes. If heels are worn for most of the day, for weeks on end, the calf muscles shrink permanently, on average 13 per cent (!), and becomes weaker. As a result when flat shoes are worn, the calf muscles are forced to strechts which can be very painful.

5. The most expensive heels in the world cost $3 million!

The movie Shawshank Redemption showed a prisoner using a poster with an image of Rita Hayworth to help him in his escape from prison and inspire him to maintain his sanity. Rita Hayworth did more than that. She also inspired the creation of one of the most expensive shoes in the world. Using the actress’ favorite earrings for his inspiration, Stuart Weitzman created a pair of open-toed heels of burnt sienna satin. They are decorated with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, owns the shoes.

6. The average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, a study found, but wears only five of them regularly. (I bet those 5 pairs are sneakers!)
Nine of ten women admit having at least one pair they have never taken out of the closet. The most common reason is that the shoes are uncomfortable to wear, impossible to match with any of their outfits, and if the shoes were very expensive they are too scared to damage them.

I cannot expres my love for high heels in words, but I am very thankful that the sporty chique trend is really hot right now. Although I love wearing heels, sneakers are the best!

XO Kiki
If you had to choose, what would it be? Heels or sneakers??

De Patatgeneratie tested Jogha’s Ethnic Unique Long Tights

Sabien from De Patatgeneratie wrote an awesome review on her blog about the Jogha tights! We translated it for you to see what she has to say about the Ethnic Unique tights.

I can be very critical when it comes to sports clothes. Tops are just fine when they’re only 10 euros and from H&M, but when it comes sports bras, I can get really picky (I have a huge scar on my thorax from one of my old sports bras). The same goes for tights, leggings or whatever you want to call them 🙂

Back in the day, you wouldn’t caught me dead in tights when working out. The results of years of cycling, snowboarding and hockeying all in combination with my short legs =  a no-go for tight pants. Until one day I ran in a tights…I was hooked immediately. Since then I’ve had a preference for the Nike Epic Tights which in my opinion couldn’t be defeated by any other.

That’s when I saw that Aranka from #FITGIRLCODE launched Jogha, a Luxury Sportwear line. It looked good. Especially when Annemerel wrote a review saying the tights were of the same quality as the Nike Epic tights. And even though the Nike Epic tights are really good, I was getting a little tired of the Nike marketing machine. I got the chance to test the Jogha tight and that’s just what I did!

The last couple of weeks I took spinning classes, ran, did yoga, strength training and a body pump lesson and I watched a lot of Netflix in my Ethnic Unique Long Tights. I also washed them 3 times. Do you want to know my real, honest and not-sponsored opinion?

  • Pocket = Plus. Muy importante! A pocket in the waistband for my key when I go for a run.
  • Waistheight = Good. Not to high (my first tights came up to my armpits, like a strapless jumpsuit) and not too low which means you don’t have any crack when squatting.
  • Material = Nice and sturdy! Without any problems it survived the squat- & cellulite test! (I asked my boyfriend to check if he could see my underwear while I was holding 60 kilos in my neck).
  • Chord = Present. When you go for a run in a tight that slides down your butt, you can really get in a bad mood and you have to stop to pull up your pants. A real no-go.
  • Design = Brilliant. Seriously, I really love tights with prints. However, I’m only 1.66 metres and I have sculpted, firm legs. Not always the best combo. Nevertheless, this design is especially made for you so that your legs look slimmer and your butt less big. Moreover, this is all accompanied by a nice print. I think they did a great job.
  • Price = Ok. Back in the days, I would not have paid €75 euros for a legging. But after my Hema, H&M and Primark tights that were so incredibly bad, it’s better to invest in a durable tight of 75 euros in stead of tights that are see through, slide of your butt or tights in which you don’t feel comfortable in. If you sum up tof he prize all the cheap tights, it’s more than 75 euros.

In short: It’s a good pair of tights. Nike Epic quality, but with an even better (!) design and now one of my favorite tights in my tight collection. You can buy your Jogha clothing here and because this is a review, I also included some pictures of the tight. Shot by Object d’Amour. 

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My Christmas wishlist

It’s almost Christmas and that means it’s time for presents! I love to make wishlists. That’s why I wanted to share my wishlist with you guys! 


 Reading books

I love to read. When I’m reading I have a moment to myself. I always get lost in the story and it feels like I’m in another world. My favorite writers are Nicci French. They write the most exciting books that you just can’t put away. You  can’t stop reading! This year I would like to have Complicit.




Jumping Ropejumping rope

As a kid, I loved my jumping rope. Good news, jumping a rope is pretty good for you. Fit Girl Roos already wrote an article why you should try jumping rope. This article definitely motivated me to try it! I found this beautiful jumping rope from Nike.





My hair always gets in the way when I’m working out. This headband is perfect and very fashionable! I can even wear this headband during the day combined with a casual outfit or I can wear it to a festival.





By wearing some perfume you can feel really special and chique. This odour is an absolute favourite of mine. Too bad it’s so expensive… Luckily, here’s a little discount…  🙂






A girl can never have enough clothes, right? I love clothes that have a comfortable fit, but still look good. You can wear this sweater on a casual night on the couch or just combine it with a pair of leather skinny jeans and you’ll be ready to go! And you now get 20% discount in our webshop! Yay!


What’s on your Christmas wishlist? 🙂

Sporty Chique

If you spend a lot of time in the gym, your sports clothes become just as important as your ‘normal clothes’. You don’t want to be seen in the same outfit everytime you’re doing your workout. Moreover, new sports clothes are a good motivation to keep you going when you’re in a fit dip. 


Nowadays, you see a lot of sports clothes and sneakers outside of the gym. According to us, this is a really good development! Don’t get us wrong, we love high heels and a beautiful dress, but sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing all of those clothes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should wear your worn out jogging pants with some flipflops and white socks. There are the most beautiful alternatives that feel just as comfortable. The sporty chique trend is now reaching its highest levels. Even on the catwalk you’ll see that outfits are more often combined with sneakers and models are wearing the most fashionable leggings. It looks like the fashion world is getting more and more acceptable towards the always-on-the-go woman and we think this is a nice development! Honestly, can you go back and forth for a whole day on heals? We think it’s physically impossible.


Nowadays, you can go grocery shopping or drink a cup of coffee with your friends in a bar in your fashionable sports clothes. Of course, don’t fool yourself by only socializing in your sports outfit. Wear these leggings during a killer workout as well. If you feel good in what you wear, you can truly shine in what you’re doing!

Be sure to go to our webshop, because there are no shipping costs! Every order over 75 EUR in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany won’t have any shipping costs. Also every order over 150 EUR worldwide will also have no shipping costs. YAY! Be sure to order quick so you’ll have your goodies before xmas!