What to look for while searching for a (new) GYM!

Finding a place where you feel comfortable to workout can be absolutely nerve wrecking, exciting, draining and complex all together. Depending on how particular you feel about all the aspects in regard to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can become quite a task. Because I am a sharer, you know I just can’t help myself ūüôā ¬†I decided to help you out by giving you three pointers that will make¬†everything¬†a little easier in your quest on what to look for while searching for a (new) gym.


Practice what you preach
Before I go on to share my tips I will let you in on this first. I myself  recently opted for trying out a SPANKING and BADASS new gym too and THE FITNESS STUDIO (TFS, for short), located in Nieuwegein, near Utrecht was my gym of choice. This gym just opened its doors in April 2015 and after reading about this hot new facility via Facebook I just knew I had to go there. I contacted the owner, personal trainer
Jim Davids and asked him if I could come to visit and see for myself what the gym had to offer. He responded really quick and enthusiastic and suggested to make an appointment to come and try some things out. I was even allowed to bring a fellow gymrat with me, so I invited @ily_fitgirl to join in on the fun.

Zaal binnen


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Funny moments you realized you have become a Fit Girl

I used to be tired, lazy and a little overweight.¬†The 180 degrees of change I’ve made didn’t come in one day and most changes have come gradually.¬†But lately I’ve experienced a couple of funny moments that made me realize I’m not the same person I used to be.
A year and a¬†half ago I thought that people who worked out more than 2 times a week were insane and people that thought they liked oatmeal were lying to themselves. I love my best friend, but I hated it when she was talking about her healthy habits when I’d just opened my 4th bag of crisps that weekend ;).¬†But now, I can truly say: I am one heck of a Fit Girl.¬†Here are some funny¬†moments you realize you turned into a Fit Girl,¬†I guess many of you will recognize. If you recognize all, there is NO TURNING BACK! You are a Fit Girl for life.

You know you are a true Fit Girl when:

  • You look at a normal size container of quark and you think: ohmygossshh it’s so cute and tiny!¬†But why do they even make these?¬†Where’s your big brother?? I need my quarkfix!!
  • You go shopping and you come home with a new Nike sports bra, a new pair of yoga tights and pretty¬†colored¬†running shoes.
    And no normal people’s clothes..
  • You realize you wear more sports gear than ‘real clothes’.
  • You start to plan your life around your workouts.
    “No sorry, that’s my CrossFit night. Yeah the day after that too. I do have an open spot left on Wednesday!” (REST DAY, haha!)
  • Your Instagram feed in the morning contains 100% smoothies and oatmeal bowl creations.
  • You get sports magazines, vitamin pills, a sports watch and a kettlebell for your birthday.
    And it makes you HAPPY!
  • You check the WOD (Workout Of the Day) at night and you go to bed excited about¬†what¬†you’re going to do in the morning.
    Which will be: sweating, almost crying and dying.¬†BUT¬†STILL, you can’t wait to go!
  • You are suddenly in love with leak-proof-meal-prep-boxes with several compartments.
    A Tupperware party sounds as fun as a night of binge drinking (did I say that out loud?)
  • You don’t wash your hair every day anymore. Dry shampoo is now your friend.
    You wake up with greasy hair, but you are heading to the gym. You get your dry shampoo spray on and your pre-workout hairdo is done. Afterwards, showering is way more rewarding!
  • You start to appreciate muscular girls! And boys!
    I never cared for a six pack, but now I’m busting my ass to stay fit and gorgeous, ¬†I want a boy to also put a bit of effort in his looks ūüėČ
  • People start telling you: you should dress up more often!
    “Please don’t turn into a sports addict that doesn’t get out of her sweat pants…”
    Excuse me? Are you saying I don’t look super sexy in them? ūüėČ
  • Your friends give you new nicknames like Crazy Crossfit Spice
    Ohh, how I love that name!
  • Your friends don’t want to share their candy anymore because “You can’t have that right, FIT GIRL?!”
Have you experienced these moments of realization?¬†Please share your funny moments with us and be sure to follow me on Instagram ūüôā

New Fit Girl In (Cyber)Town: Jasmine

Hi there!¬†I’m¬†Jasmine and in this post I’d like to introduce myself as one of the newest Fit girls! To¬†start with¬†the basics: I’m twenty six years old, am a cat lover, a Communications graduate and last¬†September I started Law school. I know… you must think I’m¬†crazy. But I guess I just like to study.¬†Now that you know my name, how old I am and what I do in everyday life, we can jump¬†to the interesting part. My background, my lowest ‘fit-point’¬†and my current situation.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been the type that is naturally very slim. Ever since I can remember it’s been a struggle for me to not gain weight (because I loooove food). In my teens, I was already very occupied with my weight and body image. Always trying to get rid of one or two kilos. But the advantage I had back¬†then was that I cycled at least an hour every day (to school and back), which really helped a lot to stay somewhat fit. Now I have a car…¬†you do the math.

The black sheep
To be honest, I never really liked sports. Which is really strange because my parents were both (professional) athletes. So I was always kind of the black sheep of the family (being more interested in music, fashion, dance etc).

My mom had been training track and field with my grandfather since she was a little girl. When she was eighteen she moved¬†to the US to go to college (where she studied Physical Health and Education. Duh, what else?). Of course¬†she¬†also remained a big track and field fanatic¬†and she became US shot put champion.¬†And she met my dad…

My dad (African-American) was studying at the same university and his goal was to become a professional American football player. And so he did. Eventually he played in the NFL (the largest professional American football league in the US) for twelve years and in his last season he even won the Super Bowl (the annual championship game).

So. Now you see¬†how it’s pretty¬†strange that the only child¬†of these two athletes has never really been interested in sports… Even my grandfather, who is eighty three,¬†still participates fanatically in track and field competitions!¬†Sports have never been, and probably never will be one of my favorite activities. But I have come to appreciate it more and more the past¬†few months.

Enough is enough
Let’s travel a bit back in time. It’s spring 2012 and I’m on vacation in Bali with my mom and stepdad (cool!). Yes, super cool and fun and all. But on that vacation¬†I was at my heaviest. My mom (who of course is always super fit) told me, “Jasmine, when we get¬†back from this vacation, you really need to do something about your weight. ” And she was right. I had been a little bit overweight¬†for a while, but now I was really heading towards being unhealthy.

I just really love food, you know. And at that time I basically put anything and everything I liked in my mouth. This had¬†to stop. Not only because of my appearance, but also concerning my health. I always say that I’m actually glad I can’t eat anything I want without gaining weight. If that were the case I would probably eat and be super unhealthy. Because it¬†wouldn’t show anyway.

Pro-slow progress
Since we came back from that vacation in Bali in 2012, I really started to turn my lifestyle around. Not¬†drastically and at once, but gradually. I started to really change my diet structurally (not without any struggle, of course) and since the beginning of this year I started working out three times a week (mostly strength training). Now, it’s spring 2015 and I’m fifteen kilos lighter than in 2012 (thank god! no wait, thank me!).

Could I have done it faster? Absolutely. But in my opinion the number one priority is to get¬†results and not necessarily to reach your goal as fast as possible. How often haven’t we all experienced some kind of super strict diet, which made the kilos¬†fly off? But once you stop they come back¬†just as quick, and then some. That’s why I’m pro-slow progress. When you really manage to¬†change¬†your lifestyle it’s much more lasting than when you deprive yourself from everything for two months, only to fall back into your old eating habits afterwards. So, you might¬†not get to where you want to be as fast as you want, so what? It’s not like I’m less happy about my weight loss than if it had gone faster.¬†But it¬†is¬†staying off now. Especially with the help and support of the #fitgirlcode community I’m glad to be a part of!

If you want to contact me about anything, you can always leave a comment and I will definitely respond!

I also just launched my own blog about fashion, (curly)hair and make-up. So¬†don’t forget to follow¬†@jazzyjoyner¬†on Instagram too!

Until the next post!



How to travel in style

Holiday season is almost here and we can’t wait to lay our bum down on the beach. After surviving all of the packing disasters, there’s only one question left: what on earth are we going to wear whilst travelling?

We prefer to put on our sweatpants and fluffy socks, but in 2015 that’s kind of outdated. Your suitcase is filled with the most pretty summer dresses, so why would you not try to look cute on the plane/train/bus? And just in case the pilot turns out to be really handsome, you won’t look like a complete disaster.

The actual problem is, as you might already know, fancy clothing is often not that comfortable. So how do you travel in style but still feel comfy in your outfit? We selected the best travel attire inspiration, so your holiday will be even more perfect.

Bon voyage!

The oversized sweater
The number one travel favourite is probably the oversized sweater. In case you don’t have a boyfriend to borrow one from, there are many stylish items for women too. Wear it with your favourite (skinny) jeans and your new trendy sneakers.

And by sportswear we don’t mean those sweatpants! We’re talking about a combination of your super fashionable¬†tights¬†and some of your favourite wardrobe essentials. Combine your tights and sneakers with a funky bomber or denim jacket for a total different look.

Maxi skirt
The maxi skirt is ideal¬†for late summer nights, but it’s also perfect for traveling. Pick a jersey skirt for the most pleasant experience. Combine it with a leather jacket and slip ons or sneakers for a fashionable outfit without trying to hard.

The boyfriend jeans

This item is truly¬†indispensable. Not only for traveling but also as a basic in your closet. The combinations are endless, the boyfriend jeans suit¬†almost any outfit. So pick your favourite sweater and shoes, and you are ready¬†for take off! If you don’t want to look shabby, wear a blouse under your sweater.


Long live knitwear! A knitted jumper of cardigan is perfect for almost any occasion, including traveling. Make sure you wear layers, because knitwear can get pretty hot (or is it the pilot again?) and you might want to take something off during your trip.

MTV Studios Presents: ilovefashionbloggers Blog Fair

We’re used to¬†following¬†and¬†hearing about our favorite bloggers only in the online world. So when the¬†rare occasion comes to meet them in person, we sure as hell don’t miss out on it!
On Sunday May 31st, our CEO Aranka van der Voorden will be spotted at the MTV Studios in Amsterdam telling you all about the story behind #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha.¬†Walk over to our stand and don’t be shy, ask her any questions¬†you may have!
This is your chance to meet the faces behind your favorite online brands and blogs. Next to Aranka, will be the amazing Serena Verbon (Beautylab), Anna Nooshin (NSMBL), and Noor de Groot (Queen of Jet Lags)!
What do these #powerbabes have in common? Well, besides insane amounts of determination, patience and motivation, these women chased a dream. The chase led them to where they are now, and they are here to inspire you, guide you, and tell you more about what it is they do.
At our stand, we will be sharing with you the feeling behind our brand. What you see online is the result of a hard-working team dedicated to making the brand happen! So, if you ever wondered how #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha came to be the brands they are today, now is the perfect opportunity to find out. Our team will welcome you with open arms and show you what led the brand to get from an idea to the Badass collection, and how proud we are to announce that the second collection is in motion and ready to hit the online world in a matter of weeks.
So, what are you waiting for?

Get your tickets to the ilovefashionbloggers Blog Fair here!

5 inspirational #THICKFIT girls on Instagram

Just like I like my money right where I can see it, hanging from my closet, or on my shoe shrine represented by some 9 inch platform heels, ¬†I like my bones with a little bit of ¬†meat on it. Ok I lied, I like a whole lot of meat, especially when it is accompanied by muscle. When scrolling through my instagramfeed, ¬†I’ve noticed this preference also applies to the accounts where I get my inspiration from. So I thought I’d share with you 5 inspirational #THICKFIT girls on Instagram.

1. Shaineree (@iamshisha)
This lady right here, hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands gives a lot of people a run for their money when it comes to showing how determined she is. I can only respect that and I salute her. Wearing the #THICKFIT crown like a #BOSS  and keeping it real all day every day.

PicMonkey Collage shisha

2. Lita  (@followthelita)
When I say #QUEEN, I mean Lita. I mean her body, her drive, those thighs! Lita has been an inspiration from day one and I just love her positivity. Did I say love her thighs already? ūüôā

PicMonkey Collage lita

3. Aisha (@proudtobeaisha)
Please allow me to introduce to you, also from Rotterdam,  Aisha. She just looks absolutely awesome, is so motivated, lifts heavy- ass- weights, has been around for a long while and oozes positive vibes. I like me some Aisha. Follow, follow, follow!

PicMonkey Collage aisha


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10 Reasons not to be a Fit Girl

Being a Fit Girl requires time, effort and dedication.¬†Why else would fitness journeys be so rewarding? Although, we can’t always¬†assume this is¬†everyone’s cup of tea. I’m constantly hearing comments such as “I don’t want to bulk up and look like a man”, or “I cannot find time in my week to put in a workout”.¬†So after¬†much thought and consideration, I came to a realization¬†and¬†came up with quite the list of why you¬†shouldn’t want to be a Fit Girl ūüėČ

10 Reasons not to be a Fit Girl

1. That bikini body you’ve always dreamed of, yes, that one, well¬†who needs it? I mean,¬†really…

2.¬†It’s awkward to have so much energy throughout the day once you start working out more and eating properly

3. Once people start noticing your progress, the shower of compliments is just unbearable

4. Being constantly surrounded by an awesome positive community is… too good?

5. The feeling of not only looking good but feeling great on the inside is unsettling.

6. Why would we want a healthier, more nutritional version of pancakes if we have perfectly fine processed 800-calorie servings ready made?

7. It became un-cool the second our parents gave us so much support to follow this healthy lifestyle choice…

8. The rewarding feeling of soreness in the morning is not all that they make it to be

9. The huge array of workout clothes with spunky colors and patterns is overwhelming.

10. Peanut butter and all those gooey healthy things are too overrated.

What I’m trying to say here is… there are basically NO logical reasons why you shouldn’t lead a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle ūüôā So keep on doing your thing and hope you had a good laugh Fit Girlies!

5 Most Stylish Fitness Bloggers

Fitness bloggers – we see them everywhere. Seriously everywhere. One of my main struggles when I’m browsing for good night-time reads on these things is that I’m just too overwhelmed!¬†Not only are there gazillions of blogs roaming through the web, but they’re also on multiple networks: Tumblr, Instagram, ¬†websites, webshops, you name it!

So in light of making your lives a bit easier and spare you some growing time at night when all you really want to do is read and scroll through, I have collected 5 fashionable fitness bloggers. These women are inspiring, motivating and insanely driven!

1. Finders Keepers x Fit

This blog¬†was born out of a high-end streetwear brand. Its aim was to extend from just a clothing line to¬†a label with a focus on lifestyle, as much as fashion. I fell in love with the founder’s, Kate Anderson, most recent extension to her collection and blog to a Fitness section. She expresses her gratitude to extending her brand to something even closer to her own lifestyle and passions – Health & Fitness. Fun Fact: her motto is almost the same as ours, Anderson’s aim is to help girls around the world “achieve their full potential”.

2. Sweat the Style

This blog is everything I look for in fashion, health, and fitness. The founder, Adrianne Ho, reflects her inner wanderlust and edginess through her writing style and her approach to taalking about issues. Her aim is to portray  an active lifestyle culture and a brand devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health, and real food. Icing on the cake: she keeps it real by having straight-up talk about the challenges of staying fit, healthy, and stylish in our ever-changing, fast-paced modern environment. Hence her creation of a fun community to stay fly, strong, nourished and most importantly hydrated.

3. Jen Selter

An all time classic. I don’t think you can get much more motivation from anyone¬†else! Known as Instagram’s best ass, Jen Selter does not fall behind on the list of my top fitspo¬†bloggers. This instagram sensation shares workout videos to get killer bootays and abs as well as day dream photos of beauty locations and a top notch

4. Sporteluxe

This blog is run by a¬†full-time¬†power girl — Australian Bianca Cheah. What started out as her personal blog about fitness and fashion, soon developed into a cult following. Being affiliated with some leading health and fitness experts and top sports brands, Sporteluxe incorporates informative into their fresh and spunky equation, which is something that I usually weight strongly¬†when I follow a blog. And when it comes to article topics, they do not run short! From beauty, fashion, drinks, health, lifestyle, food, etc, I can guarantee you will not exhaust all the recent topics in one go ūüėČ

5. Fashercise

This last blog, which was originally just a webshop as well, covers all things¬†¬†health, fashion, and beauty. What first attracted me to them was the fact that their brands vary from big names to smaller independent young designers — which already says a lot about the essence of their brand. Secondly, the two best friends and founders Alex and Cam reflect their spunk and humbleness by really showing that they are real girls, living real lives, and they aim to reach just the same.¬†The website¬†is all about keeping fit, but having a blast and looking great doing so.

3x WIN your own custom designed Nike Free’s!

This contest is closed. The winners are Selma, Annabella and Anne! You have been contacted through email.

That’s right, you can now design your own dream pair of Nike Free 4.0/5.0 and get them for free! Together with Nike we are going to make 3 Fit Girls 3 very lucky gals! Time to release the fashionista in you and get to the (virtual) drawing table girls!

The Nike Free shoes already made you feel like you were flying, but now you will be flying in your own personal style. You can customize basically everything, making these shoes your signature. From the sole to the laces, it will scream “this is me!”. Imagine even putting your name on them or an inspirational short quote on the Nikes in your favorite print. I was just designing my own dream pair and I have to admit, I think I will be dreaming about these babies…


How do I win?

Ok, let’s get down to it. How do you become one of the three Fit Girls that will be awarded their dream pair?

  1. Design your dream Nike Free’s 4.0/5.0 through this link
  2. Be creative and make it the best pair of Nikes a Fit Girl can dream of
  3. When you’re done, share your design by clicking on the mail icon in the right side of your screen and send it to¬†community@fitgirlcode.com
  4. Don’t forget to put your name and email address in the box for comments!

Feel free to share your design on social media by using the hashtag #NIKEFREE in order to get even more eyes on your design!

What are you waiting for? Get started Fit Girls! We are looking forward to admiring your designs! Contest runs until March 31st. 

Fit Chic: WorkOutfits Meet the City

It was no secret that 2014 was the year of fitness. The idea of a Fit lifestyle boomed through our social media feeds like never before. 

We didn’t only see this change in the millions of Instagram accounts dedicated to¬†workouts, progress journeys, or healthy food recipes. It was also seen in the increasing comfort of wearing our favorite sports outfits outside the gym! Now known as Fit Chic or Gym Chic, this fashion style has been embraced by girls worldwide. It is comfortable and so colourful! It seems like it has gotten the attention of some iconic fashion designers, too.

The best part about this trend, if you ask me,¬†is the whole idea of being able to go from gym to casual drinks in about 1/4th of the time it would normally take us to fully change!¬†Disclaimer: I¬†would not advise this after a heavy workout, there’s a difference between casual Gym Chic and I-want-to-die-omg-is-that-smell-coming-from-me look. But Gym Chic has moved even further than just a practicality, it is a style of its own.


{Jogha Ikat Long Tights x Jogha Solid White Muscle Tee}

It’s surprising¬†to see how much status gym clothes have gained in the last years, and it’s reflected in the most recent collections. The designs come in brighter colors and patterned looks that make a statement when they are worn.


{Jogha Solid Black Racerback Bra x Jogha Solid Black Long Tights}

In addition to rocking Fit Girls’ worlds, the uprising popularity of working out in style created a little movement in the designer world called¬†sweat envy.¬†Soon after, they realized that they needed workout collections to stay up-to-date, so it more and more high-end¬†fashion designers showcased this new trend on the runways and didn’t take¬†long to hit the shelves. Among these¬†are Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang, which have embraced this by creating Active Wear collections¬†and collaborating¬†with other brands to set the sporty look under a bigger and chic-er¬†radar.

We’ve all noticed this magnified focus¬†towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but we never really take a step back and see it when it’s¬†happening.¬†Soon enough, Fit Girls will be glam-ing it up and shopping for their sportswear at Valentino and Gucci. Although if you ask me, I’m not one to look the cutest during a workout because I like to work up a sweat! At the risk of sounding lazy, I most definitely am looking forward to the day I can wear¬†a cute sports outfit to class and then straight to the gym.

A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ – PART 2

What’s working at¬†#FITGIRLCODE HQ like? A few days ago we already gave you a peek into the daily activities of some of the girl bosses working at our office. Today this tour continues! Our team is expanding rapidly so there was not enough room in one article to introduce you to everyone. Discover what else we do besides eating a total amount 35 avocados per week and harassing the only guy that works at our office ūüėČ

Shelley – Brand Relations Manager
“I’ve been with #FITGIRLCODE from the very start and saw it grow from zero to more than 100.000 unique visitors on the blog per month, which is incredible! I love being part of this amazing team and am always looking forward to being at the office. However, hosting a blog costs money, and since money doesn’t grow on trees (if anyone does have such a tree, please send over some seeds!) I try to earn us some by collaborating with other companies and provide you with awesome giveaways and reviews. For example, we’ve been shooting some pretty awesome videos a few weeks ago with Fit Girl Anne. It was such a cool day, especially because I got to taste all the food ūüėĬ†I can’t wait to hear what you think about the result. If you ever want to learn more about our experiences with a product or brand, let us know and I’ll try to fix a review for you! :)”


Nathalie РContent Specialist 
“If I have to pick one memorable moment from the past weeks or the upcoming weeks it’s when I had to take over the webshop for a couple of weeks. Danique was on holiday and so she was not able to do the shop. It was nervewrecking, stressful and new. But now, I feel really proud that I did it! Normally, I’m working on my influencer list which means I’m looking for influential people in the health sector on Instagram, blogs, YouTube etc. and I’m trying to get in contact with them. Furthermore, I’m writing a lot of creative texts for the #FITGIRLCODE or Jogha website. Therefore, I can honestly say that everyday is an adventure at #FITGIRLCODE HQ.”


Ruta – Online Marketing Trainee
“I have started to work at #FITGIRLCODE not that long ago, but it already feels like it‚Äôs been ages. I have already had experience with creating and managing social media accounts, modifying website content and very recently I had a hands on experience on affiliate marketing. Surprisingly, I have also been into numbers a lot, hence my passionate love for google analytics and ad campaigns. Lately I have come up with an idea to motivate the bloggers and show how great they are by creating ‚ÄúArticles of the Month‚ÄĚ, which indicates the best readership having articles and their authors. It is hard to choose my favourite moment from the past weeks, but I guess it‚Äôs a tie between hearing loud neighbouring office parties and our personalities‚Äô madness trying to blend in together and making a completely awesome mix. I enjoy it how cosy it is here and I wish everyone would have that at their workplace!”


Kim – Art Direction
“A year ago I decided to follow my passion and work as a creative freelancer. It was no coincidence that#FITGIRLCODE and I crossed each others path. The drive of Aranka‚Äôs ambition (owning the galaxy while riding an unicorn) was so contagiously that I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the team as well. From the beginning on I created a base of the brand identity of #FITGIRLCODE and I also designed the merchandise that is sold in the webshop. What I really love about our team is that we consist out of hard working and dedicated woman with a shared passion, and that is to make #FITGIRLCODE successful day in and day out.¬†Next to working on a lot of projects for #FITGIRLCODE, I was also very fortunate to design the ‚Äėlookbook‚Äô and webshop of Jogha which gave me so much confidence in myself as a designer. I am very grateful to be part of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, working on awesome projects (the biggest one is yet to come‚Ķ;)) and having the opportunity and freedom to develop myself as a better Art Director and Designer.”


Smilla – Social Media and Online Marketing Intern
“Being the Social Media and Online Marketing Intern, I have full exposure to all the work that is put behind all these playful and pretty images that we share on our many social networks. From scheduling posts and finding girls who share our vision, to motivating the Fit Girls to be my pretty models. Taking care of being constantly lovely both offline and online requires my full-time attention! You might not think so, but the life of collecting¬†photogenic Fit Girl food and making¬†attention grabbing¬†selfies is a hard one (Okay, I‚Äôll admit I really enjoy this stuff ūüėČ ) But most of all, my favorite part about this job is the¬†constant¬†need to be up to date! I absolutely love keeping up with online trends for most topics, and it just so happens that it is a characteristic that helps me a lot on this job.”


Are you an ambitious Fit Girl who wants to be part of our awesome crew? Send an e-mail to community@fitgirlcode.com and tell us how the #FITGIRLCODE community can benefit from your super power.

We are especially looking for:

  • Talented graphic designer intern/trainee

  • Allround marketing communication intern/trainee

3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies!

Our 7 days of #fitgirlfever is almost half way through! We are so happy to see you guys be so active and enjoying our fever week. You still got some time left, so go ahead and check out the options you have!

 3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies












Picture by @fitgirlwen




Picture by @lottadenktbreed



Picture by @annageertje_fgc

You have 3 more days to get your free #FITGIRLCODE goodies by ordering for 60 euros or more from our webshop.

Free shipping
If you wish to receive free shipping you should order over 75 EUR in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg and over 150 EUR ordering internationally. Also, take into account, that if by any chance we run out of certain goodies for that day, either way you will receive a #FITGIRLCODE bag made just for YOU!

Also, keep in mind that due to a large amount of orders we might face a slight delivery delay, however we will make sure that your order will reach you as soon as possible!

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Is Milk Actually Good For You?

One drink that raises a lot of questions regarding its health benefits is milk. From the times we were learning to walk,¬†went through puberty, and now — we’ve been encouraged to drink it. The main motivator behind this is the lifelong myth that milk strengthens our bones. While this fact is correct, it also ignores some very common secondary effects that come from drinking milk.

Just like meats and poultry, milk is in the VIP guest list for the antibiotics, pesticides and hormones party. It seems like every time a product goes into commercial production, too many things get lost in sight and the $$$ aspect overtakes.

Milk makes the case for the perfect controversy. It presents many benefits, which are at the same time jeopardized by the disadvantages:


‚ÄĘ High source of calcium: main function of maintaining and improving the development of healthy bones and teeth

‚ÄĘ High source of potassium: associated with a reduced risk of strokes, heart disease, and high blood pressure

‚ÄĘ One of the best sources of choline: helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory


‚ÄĘ High in calories

‚ÄĘ Milk is a highly mucus-forming food, and over time it creates a hardened layer in the intestines that prevents the absorption of nutrients

‚ÄĘAll of the chemicals fed and injected to the cow are transferred directly into the milk

‚ÄĘ Pasteurization: turns milk into a processed food

‚ÄĘ Homogenization: process that reduces the size of the milk fat globules so that they are evenly¬†mixed throughout¬†the rest of the milk

The major question tends to be: is milk meant to be consumed by humans? We are the only mammals who continue to drink milk after the lactation period is over, and also the only species to consume milk coming from another animal. In milk, we have found an amazing source of some essential nutrients, but with that we have also given our body the hardest task ever‚ÄĒ to break down this highly-processed and heavy liquid. Research shows that milk is digested with an enzyme called lactase, and it is supposed to stop being produced when we are¬†between 2 and 5 years old. Being able to digest it properly is the result of a weird genetic adaptation that we have acquired, and less than half of the population has it fully functional.

There are many alternatives to drinking milk coming from animals. Among these are:

  • Soy milk:¬†most similar nutritional values¬†to cow’s milk, with high protein content and ¬†often fortified with calcium, vitamins¬†A and D and riboflavin. However, due to its popularity it is being criticized to being more and more chemically processed.
  • Almond milk: ¬†almonds are rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium, and calcium. Just don’t count on this milk too much for protein intake.
  • Coconut¬†milk:¬†has the texture that is closest to the one of whole milk and is relatively high in fat. Free of soy and gluten, and a good substitute for cooking.
  • Rice milk:¬†processed from brown rice and usually fortified with calcium or vitamin D. This milk is mainly just a source for carbohydrates and is sweet due to the brown rice syrup.
  • Hemp milk: high¬†source of omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids, calcium, and phosphorous.¬†Commonly fortified with other vitamins and minerals.
  • Oat milk:¬†high in fibers, cholesterol &¬†lactose free, contains vitamin E and folic acid.

I cannot stress enough that, like most things in life, moderation is key. A lot of the negative aspects¬†are due to high consumptions of milk (any kind), but with a healthy portion and a balanced diet aside from it, the benefits will push through.¬†Living and coming from a Northern European country, I can say from first hand experience that milk is just a part of most children’s lives while growing up, and that’s not something I am criticizing nor trying to change. It’s better to be¬†informed than putting our bodies in harm’s way! ūüôā






My favourite workOUTfit

I like to run. But when it’s winter time, it can be pretty hard to find the right clothes that fit the weather. It can be pretty cold outside, so you have to dress properly. However, you also have to find clothing that is not too hot when you’re working out. Decisions, decisions.. Here’s my favourite workOUTfit that I wear when I am running outside during winter time.¬†


Long Tights

Long tights are the perfect solution for a run. They’re warm enough to not freeze to death outside and they’re not too hot when you’re working out. Furthermore, I love leggings, especially when they have a cool design. In this picture I’m wearing the long tights from Jogha. I chose for for these long tights since they have a nice and striking print while I keep the rest of my clothes pretty neutral (Except for the shoes of course ;)). Nice to know: this print is called the Ikat print.

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Get your 14% #FITGIRLCUPID discount!

Drumbeat….the winners of the #FITGIRLCUPID GIVEAWAY are: @verhagensusan, @crazycranberry_, @monicvn, @fitgirlwen. You pictures definitely grabbed our attention! Please send an e-mail to community@fitgirlcode.com in order to receive your #FITGIRLCODE giftcard. We hope you find yourself a stylish Fit Girl outfit. We love to see pictures of you wearing your new outfit. Please tag your photos on Instagram with #FITGIRLCODE. 

Header crop truien

Get your 14% #FITGIRLCUPID discount!

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20% Fit Girl discount at The Boyscouts

The winner of the shopping money at The Boyscouts is Saar! Congratulations, you have been contacted over e-mail!¬†Didn’t win? No worries! We have the next best thing for you to soften¬†the pain ūüėČ Starting today till 11th February you can shop at The Boyscouts¬†with an exclusive 20% Fit Girl discount! This discount is only valid for a limited amount of time, so be sure to use it before the 12th!¬†

The Boyscouts have amazing jewelry and are definitely a must-have for every fashiolista, but also for Fit Girls. Their necklaces were part of the goodiebag of the Nike We Own The Night run last year and were received with wild enthusiasm by the thousands of girls participating in the run. Us included! We immediately fell in love with the design and collections of their jewelry and can’t stop thinking about it ever since. Naturally, we’re incredibly excited to share this discount with you!

boyscoutsSpecial Fit Girl Discount

If you go to their site and use the discount FITGIRLCODE20, you will get an exclusive 20% discount on all items. Note that this code is only valid from 9 till 11 February 2015.¬†If you order before the 12th, our dear friends at The Boyscouts will do everything in their power to make sure you still get your item before Valentine’s Day! So you can still surprise the love of your life, or your BFFF to thank her for all the love and support ūüėČ


Which item are you going to get? Let us know! 





WIN: ‚ā¨100 shopping money at The Boyscouts

Definitely hint this to your boy/girlfriend because here’s exactly what you are going to want for Valentine’s Day. Together with The Boyscouts we wanted to give you a little Valentine’s gift because we <3 you! That’s why you can WIN¬†‚ā¨100 shopping money at The Boyscouts¬†in the coming 4 days. Oh my!TheBoyscouts_Cosmic_Necklace_gold

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So how do I win this?!

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This contest will run till 8 February 2015, 3PM Dutch time. Rules and regulations can be read here. 

Upcoming TV series you must watch

Sometimes I just like to be not-so-FITGIRLCODE and snuggle up on the couch with my new bestie: Netflix. and my old besties chocolate and tea. Not just for a while…nope. I’m talking about a couple of hours! I‚Äôm not that much of a television type but I just love to watch TV series.¬†Knowing how many episodes there are still to come and not having to wait until the next one is just¬†awesome!¬†Want to know for which TV series you should definitely should push the play button this year? Stay tuned!


Never heard of this one before? Shame on you and go watch it immediately! It tells the story of Nicholas Brody, a former marine who returns home after 8 years of captivity in Iraq. This thrilling, exciting and astonishing serie should definitely be on number 1. And there is good news: The show is set to air 12 new episodes in 2015. Don’t worry if you missed earlier seasons! Just watch one episode and you will end up at season five within a week for sure!

Read all about it here!

Orange is the New Black
Funny, yet a bit dark and sometimes heartbreaking. This TV serie tells the story of Piper Chapman. She is in her mid-thirties and sentenced to fifteen months of prison for a decade-old crime. Piper is really doing her best to behave nicely between all the other female inmates but that’s not as easy as it seems. Even though she struggles with her new life in jail she manages to grow some friendships. But with friends come enemies.¬†All the characters in the show are so ‘real’ that you just can’t stop watching. The episodes are both hilarious and heartbreaking and that’s what makes it awesome!

Read all about it here!

Fifty shades of Grey
Even though this isn’t really a serie I still think it belongs here. Just because it’s Fifty Shades. You probably loved it or hated it but I’m sure most of us are going to watch this as soon as it’s released the 12th of January! At least there are three parts so it’s kind of a miniserie right! Let’s see how Mr. Grey and Ana work out on screen instead of paper!

Read all about it here!


Heroes (mini serie)
Yay! Heroes is about to return as a Miniserie in 2015! The original serie is about a group of four people that slowly realise they have extraordinary powers. Until the release the show will be shrouded in secrecy but we can be sure there are going to be some layers added to the original series. Let’s hope for some nice surprises and superpowers!

Read all about it here!

Eye Candy
This show is about a A New York woman that suspects that one of her online dates is a serial killer. We can not miss out on this one, right? Sounds way too thrilling!

Read all about it here!

A comedy that follows two couples living under the same roof who struggle to keep their relationships alive while pursuing their individual dreams. “Some people have it all figured out, these are not those people” is the headliner of this show. Sounds a bit like ‘Friends’ meets ‘Big bang theory’. The first season (8 episodes) are released on January 11th, ready to watch!

Read all about it here!


We suggest you turn on that television, get yourself ready and have some fun watching one or more of these series. Let us know what you think of them and which one you liked most! 


De Patatgeneratie tested Jogha’s Ethnic Unique Long Tights

Sabien from De Patatgeneratie wrote an awesome review on her blog about the Jogha tights! We translated it for you to see what she has to say about the Ethnic Unique tights.

I can be very critical when it comes to sports clothes. Tops are just fine when they’re only 10 euros and from H&M, but when it comes sports bras, I can get really picky (I have a huge scar on my thorax from one of my old sports bras). The same goes for tights, leggings or whatever you want to call them ūüôā

Back in the day, you wouldn’t caught me dead in tights when working out. The results of years of cycling, snowboarding and hockeying all in combination with my short legs = ¬†a no-go for tight pants. Until one day I ran in a tights…I was hooked immediately. Since then I’ve had a preference for the Nike Epic Tights which in my opinion couldn’t be defeated by any other.

That’s when I saw that Aranka from #FITGIRLCODE launched Jogha, a Luxury Sportwear line. It looked good. Especially when Annemerel wrote a review saying the tights were of the same quality as the Nike Epic tights. And even though the Nike Epic tights are really good, I was getting a little tired of the Nike marketing machine. I got the chance to test the Jogha tight and that’s just what I did!

The last couple of weeks I took spinning classes, ran, did yoga, strength training and a body pump lesson and I watched a lot of Netflix in my Ethnic Unique Long Tights. I also washed them 3 times. Do you want to know my real, honest and not-sponsored opinion?

  • Pocket = Plus. Muy importante! A pocket in the waistband for my key when I go for a run.
  • Waistheight = Good. Not to high (my first tights came up to my armpits, like a strapless jumpsuit) and not too low which means you don’t have any crack when squatting.
  • Material = Nice and sturdy! Without any problems it survived the squat- & cellulite test! (I asked my boyfriend to check if he could see my underwear while I was holding 60 kilos in my neck).
  • Chord = Present. When you go for a run in a tight that slides down your butt, you can really get in a bad mood and you have to stop to pull up your pants. A real no-go.
  • Design = Brilliant. Seriously, I really love tights with prints. However, I’m only 1.66 metres and I have sculpted, firm legs. Not always the best combo. Nevertheless, this design is especially made for you so that your legs look slimmer and your butt less big. Moreover, this is all accompanied by a nice print. I think they did a great job.
  • Price = Ok. Back in the days, I would not have paid ‚ā¨75 euros for a legging. But after my Hema, H&M and Primark tights that were so incredibly bad, it’s better to invest in a durable tight of 75 euros in stead of tights that are see through, slide of your butt or tights in which you don’t feel comfortable in. If you sum up tof he prize all the cheap tights, it’s more than 75 euros.

In short: It’s a good pair of tights. Nike Epic quality, but with an even better (!) design and now one of my favorite tights in my tight collection. You can buy your Jogha clothing here and because this is a review, I also included some pictures of the tight. Shot by Object d’Amour.¬†

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My Christmas wishlist

It’s almost Christmas and that means it’s time for presents! I love to make wishlists. That’s why I wanted to share my wishlist with you guys!¬†


 Reading books

I love to read. When I’m reading I have a moment to myself. I always get lost in the story and it feels like I’m in another world. My favorite writers are Nicci French. They write the most exciting books that you just can’t put away. You ¬†can’t stop reading! This year I would like to have Complicit.




Jumping Ropejumping rope

As a kid, I loved my jumping rope. Good news, jumping a rope is pretty good for you. Fit Girl Roos already wrote an article why you should try jumping rope. This article definitely motivated me to try it! I found this beautiful jumping rope from Nike.





My hair always gets in the way when I’m working out. This headband is perfect and very fashionable! I can even wear this headband during the day combined with a casual outfit or I can wear it to a festival.





By wearing some perfume you can feel really special and chique. This odour is an absolute favourite of mine. Too bad it’s so expensive… Luckily, here’s a little discount… ¬†ūüôā






A girl can never have enough clothes, right? I love clothes that have a comfortable fit, but still look good. You can wear this sweater on a casual night on the couch or just combine it with a pair of leather skinny jeans and you’ll be ready to go! And you now get 20% discount in our webshop! Yay!


What’s on your Christmas wishlist? ūüôā