Hardcore hover

Hover or plank. This Fit Girl thought that they were just two different names for the exactly the same exercise but – ‘shame on me’ – there is a difference. It’s a small difference, but still there is a difference. When you’re doing a hover, you’re leaning on your elbows, and when you are doing a plank you’re leaning on your hands. Simple difference, but it still. So now you know this great fact 😉 let’s get ready for three awesome variations of the hover. Let’s go!


Take ‘hardcore’ pretty literal, because the hover is one of the best exercises to get your core (read: abs!) as solid as a rock. Of course you can isolate your abs by doing exercises like sit-ups, but when you’re doing a hover, you will work on multiple muscle groups at the same time. These simple (but nasty) exercise makes your abs, back and shoulders stronger and your stability will improve as well. Sounds like a good win-win to me!

  1. Spider hover

I’m still recovering from giving birth 4 months ago, but I’m really happy I can work my abs again. And god was I sore after this workout… But oh my, this hover is a great one! I took the LES MILLS CXWORX class at my gym and this fit girl was on fire! So that’s why I really wanted to share this freaky hover exercise with you girls.

  • I did this one on my knees but feel free to go for the toes option.
  • Hold your elbows directly under your shoulders and place your wrists in line with your elbows.
  • In this position, brace your abs—contract them like expecting a punch in your stomach, squeeze your gluteal (tailbone) and thigh muscles simultaneously while continuing to breathe normally.

Spider hover

  • Put your right hand in a slanting position (like a real spiderman)
  • Hold it there for about 3 seconds

Spider hover

  • Than switch your hand
  • Repeat until the flames in your body are really killing you. Adjust the speed to make your workout easier or heavier.

spider hover

  1. Plank hover

This one is a best of both worlds, because you’re doing the plank and the hover in one exercise. When I give Bootcamp classes this is one of my favourites. Feel free to drop down on your knees, when you’re not happy doing this one on your toes. Don’t wiggle your body, try to keep your body still. Just focus on your arms, abs and back.

  • Get in the hover position. (toes or knees)
  • From a crouched position, place elbows beneath shoulders, and ground the forearms.

plank hover

Plank hover

  • Stay on the spot, but alternate your elbows with your hands. From your elbows to your hands. Hand – hand – elbow – elbow and so on.

Plank hover

plank hover

  • Maintain a straight plank position.
  • Keep your head and neck in line with your spine.
  • I’m sure you can hold up for a minute (or more!)
  1. Knee tuck hover

Are you looking for more action during the hover? Use your knees while standing strong. The one and only rule is doing this one on your toes! But you can do it! Tighten up your obliques! Ready?

  • You are standing strong. Back straight. Check. Bottom low. Check.
  • Bring your right knee towards your right elbow and back.
  • Switch legs and bring your left knee towards your left elbow.
  • Repeat and repeat. Rock that body for at least one minute.

knee tuck

Top 3 dieting excuses and how to overcome right now

Do you tell yourself each week you’ll start eating healthy next week and stick to your weight-loss plan? Are you like forever waiting until the next Monday to get your ass to the gym?  If yes, you’re probably putting off getting started on a new healthy routine and it’s time to beat the excuses. Today on the blog I’m talking about how to overcome the 3 most popular dieting excuses that stop us girls from living a healthy lifestyle.

So what inspired me to write this blog post? Each day I talk to girls that really want to change their lifestyle and get in a fit and healthy shape, but they tell themselves a list of reasons to avoid getting going with a healthy routine. Though we all know that taking care of our health and body is very important, there’s a list of most common dieting excuses that always seem to get in our way. There’s a high chance that the next top 3 dieting excuses will sound familiar to you – just like they used to be for me. I want to help you on how to overcome them and start making the best turn around for your overall well-being.

Excuse nr 1: I’m busy, no time!

It requires effort to change your lifestyle and effort takes time. It’s all about MAKING time. If you truly want to realize that healthy and fit body you’ll have to stop telling yourself reasons you can’t. These reasons are really just excuses and I have the best tips, tricks and tools to help a busy bee with eating healthy and staying active. Read here how I have successfully beaten my busy-bee excuses.

Excuse nr 2: I don’t like healthy food

Often I hear that people hate vegetables, don’t like oats (without a sugar-overload on top) or simply can’t eat low-fat quark plain. Healthy food can taste good – very good- and you can pimp each healthy meal to your personal taste. If you don’t like your healthy meals it’s simply because you aren’t cooking them right. It’s time to figure out what you really don’t like about it. Is it the texture of quark? Mix it up into a smoothie. Is it the flavor of oats? Pimp it with cacao powder, cinnamon powder, fruit or honey. Are your veggies boring? Add seasonings and spruce your veggies with pepper, garlic, a dash of lemon juice, olive oil or spring onion. Try to incorporate the food you don’t like into another dish you do like. Don’t let the fear of “strange” and “dislike” food hold you back from getting in your best shape ever and find here all my absolute favorite and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacky time.

Excuse nr 3: Next Monday I’ll cut the crap and START..again..

Are you like forever waiting for the next Monday to start? New week, new chances, new motivation? Are your vacation- and weekend plans always an excuses to put your weight-loss plans on hold? Stop it right here, right now. When your agenda is pulling you back, there will never be a good moment to start. It will be like excuses after excuse, so START NOW! I hope that my article will make you realize that excuses keep you stuck where you are and old habits die hard. If you really want to shed the weight today is the day to recognize that you are capable of making a change – and make it matter!

diet excuses

Don’t let another day pass you by without driving yourself to become a healthier and happier girls. Take action to regain control over your lifestyle!

With love,

P.S. Questions? Feel free to raise them in the comment section below or head over to the Foodie-ness blog: www.foodie-ness.com

Work those legs and butt!

As a model you need to have a fit and lean body, especially with my goal to work as a sport model. When you see me you probably think, what the heck is she talking about, you look already super fit. Well.. to be honest, I am not satisfied with my legs and butt..  

To give you an idea.. this is how I look…

fit girl

You know those mixed girls with a beautiful round butt, which they received as a present from mother nature? Well mother nature didn’t give me that much.. :-/ So, it’s a pretty simple choice for me, if I want to have a firm butt with nice legs, I have to work hard. It doesn’t only looks nicer, I also feel more confident during sport jobs.

Balance is the key! By reaching my goals, I need to create a balance for myself. I know I could push myself to a limit that’s way too far.. Or.. after 2 weeks I get bored  and my motivation gets so low that I really want to quit. 
My goal is to train with a lot of variety so I can keep it up on a longer base. I hope with this method I can intergrate fitness as a part of my lifestyle.

I have to say that I am very lucky that my partner Jesse is a good Personal Trainer (Owner of Body and Mind Control). He knows how to motivate me during sports and also knows how to push me beyond my limits, which  is something I really need. I asked Jesse to make a workout schedule for a month for my legs and butt.

fit girl

I always start my workout with a warming up of 10 minutes. Then I continue with the schedule of Jesse. To reach my goals I need to train with weights and try to raise in kg because only then I create a round butt. In sport terms they call it ‘positive overload training’. Besides the butt and legs I also train a smaller muscle group for example my arms. I do this with 2 or 3 different kind of exercises. I finish with a cooling down of 10 minutes and some stretch exercises. Do you have the same goal? Then start your own challenge with my butt and legs schedule and push yourself to the limit. Keep me posted about your experience.

Let’s do this ladies!!

#FITGIRLCODE step-by-step exercise and food guide for Fit Girls

#FITGIRLCODE is all about becoming the best, fittest and most importantly happiest version of yourself. The internet is full of articles telling you exactly what NOT to do. This is why we created a step-by-step exercise and food guide for Fit Girls explaining how you can find out what works for you!

#FITGIRLCODE step-by-step exercise and food guide for Fit Girls

The guidelines

  • Plan your workouts and meals. Try to make a week plan so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Remember this plan is not set in stone, it merely guides you and is here to help.
  • Drink water all day. If you are getting fed up with going to the little Fit Girls room, you are on the right track!
  • Weekends count too. Weekends are not short cheat holidays. Make sure you plan your exercise and food so you can enjoy the weekend fun and rest. This way you won’t feel like you have to start again every Monday, but you can carry on what you have already been working for.
  • Listen to your body. This is your journey and your body. We won’t tell you exactly what to eat and exactly how to work out. Try to listen to your body it will tell you exactly how you are doing!
  • Eat! At least 5 times a day. You will find our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options below.


Exercise options

#FGC Week1

IMG_7575-660x400Food options: Breakfas

– Any one of our mug cake recipes
 – Healthy easy pancakes
 – For the busy fit girl: try overnight oats!
– Any one of our healthy Fit Girl Smoothies
 – Spelt bread with sliced turkey and a boiled egg


– Any of our healthy soups with a side salad
– Mexican Lettuce wrap
– Filled bell pepper recipe
– Zucchini spaghetti
– Cauliflour pizza
– Any one of these eight veggie burgers


– Hand full of unsalted nuts
– One piece of fruit
– Any of our guilt free Fit girl snacks
 – Celery/pepper/cucumber with hummus dip
– A rice cake with topping of choice
 – A large slice of banana bread, baby!
– Any of our healthy salty snack options


Do you have any questions or tips you would like to share with us? Be sure to leave them in the comments below. We always love hearing from you!

Is a runner’s complex stopping you from running?

My mind goes to some weird and wonderful places when I run and questioning what other runners think of me when they pass by me is just one them. I used to have what I call, a runner’s complex. This is something I use to describe that feeling when you think that you can’t be ‘a runner’, when you feel uncomfortable running on the street or in the park, like you don’t belong there. Its one thing thinking it but is a runner’s complex stopping you from running?

For years I wanted to start running because I wanted to be able to call myself a runner. It sounded cool. I imagined a long lean version of myself pounding the pavement as the sun came up. In reality, I used to feel like I couldn’t because I would be doing it wrong, that people would stare or that I just wasn’t capable. Until one day I decided I wasn’t going to let it stop me from trying. But it doesn’t make the thoughts stop. So I wanted to share three things I’m pretty sure every Fit Girl has thought about and why it shouldn’t stop you from running.

Can I really call myself a runner?

Maybe you think that because you don’t run fast or you only run occasionally, as and when you feel like it, that you’re not ‘a real runner’. In my opinion, if you’ve laced up your trainers once to pound the pavement, even if it was only for two minutes before you had to walk, then yes; you are runner. It takes time to build up a minimum fitness level, it took me at least 4 months before I could run 5km in under 30 minutes without stopping, but everyone is capable. It’s one of the most basic and primal forms of exercise, there’s no exclusive membership and no one is going to stop you mid run to tell you that you’re not allowed to do it.  It takes a certain amount of confidence to gear up in your house to step outside and just run. At least it did for me. So the first time you do it, congratulations, you are a runner.

Do I look like a runner?

Next comes the self consciousness of wondering what you look like when you run. I think it’s because of where I grew up, I knew every single person in the really small town, so I would be too embarrassed to be seen on the street running. But we all glance at ourselves as we pass by a shop window or see passengers in cars looking at us and think, do I look funny running? Maybe you look like a gazelle elegantly striding from lamppost to lamppost or you are more like me and look like a baby rhino trying to keep up with the herd, it doesn’t matter. What I love so much about running is that everyone has their own style. Remember that scene from friends where Pheobe looks kind of crazy when she’s running and Rachel is embarrassed? No? Here’s a reminder.

Rachel might be embarrassed but Pheobe feels good doing it, so screw it who cares. The more times you go out and see others running the more you realize that ever the  R If you see someone that does a funny kick out or swings their arms like crazy leave ‘em be, they’re rocking that run and doing it for themselves anyway!

Am I creepy acknowledging other runners?

Are you someone who makes eye contact with other runners and gives them a discreet smile, do you avoid them and stare straight ahead running taller or do you awkwardly glance at your feet and think, “I wish they knew I’ve been running for forty minutes and that’s why I look like I am going to pass out.” If you’ve tallied up a few miles on the clock you will have done all three at one time or another. There is no runner’s etiquette. The chances are the person running towards you also thought about this for a couple of seconds as you approached other. I like to give some kind of acknowledgement if I sense the other person is the type too. Seeing other people running makes me feel proud and motivates me. I feel like we’re all in it together. Cue: my internal monologue. “I’m badass because I’m out running and you’re out here running so that makes you badass too and I want to acknowledge that. Man, aren’t we awesome? Go us!” Even when I’m my most tired, when I pass another runner I find a little bit more strength to go faster and push harder.

If you really want to start running but feel like you don’t know what your doing, read our tips here and don’t worry about it once you’re out there, just run. And remember, even if someone sees you you walking or taking a rest, you came out a runner. Own it. And you shouldn’t worry about what is going on in someone else’s head, it’s none of your business anyway 😉

10 fun couple workout exercises

I don’t know what it is lately, but I lost my motivation. Completely. I don’t know if it is the injury I’ve had for the last four months or because I had a little bit too much fun this summer and cannot get back on track. I dunno, but it’s really annoying. Luckily my buddy Anna motivates me and makes my workouts more enjoyable. Because let’s be honest, being with your BFFF makes everything a lot more fun!

I’ve had a membership for the gym over a year now and I used to go there 5 times a week and I never disliked working out by myself. But since I’m recovering from my injury (yes we know, the freaking injury) I can’t find joy anymore in working out alone. I’m already happy if I go once a week. I think de gym is stupid, running is stupid and basically anything I used to do on my own is stupid. Anna joined my gym a couple months ago so now we can go together and joke around. So have you lost your motivation as well? Check out these 10 couple workout exercises to get the most out of your workout together!



Let’s get those legs and arms working! Start this exercise by just placing your feet hip-width apart and stand with your back against each other. One of you holds a dumbbell with both hands overhead while the other person extends the arms, but doesn’t hold a dumbbell.


Make a squat at the same time. Make sure that your butts remain at the same height and your knees do not get beyond your toes.


Now both bend forward. Person 1, the one with the dumbbell, passes it through the legs onto her BFFF. Then both stand straight again and the second person passes the dumbbell overhead to person to 1. This is one repetition. Do this 15 times, then change direction.


And yes, we know that this looks ridiculous but it’s really effective 😉


I think planking is awesome, Anna disagrees but nevertheless this exercise is really worth it. I can instantly feel a muscle ache, oh yes bring it on! Lay both on your side with your face to the same direction. Bring your hips up and lean on your right forearm so that you perforn a side plank. Both stretch your left arm and open up your palm. The one planking in the front holds a dumbell in their left hand.

side plank pass

The person holding the dumbbell bring the hips slightly back so that the dumbbell can be passed under the body to the other. Grab the dumbbell and bring your arm back straight up while you remain in the side plank (quite a challenge).

side plank pass

Repeat this 20 times and then change side, so that the person behind now begins in the front.

side plank pass

3. Squat hold & dips

You can do this exercise at the office, at home or outside! All you need is a bench or chair. One person puts her hands on the bench and the second person grabs the legs and goes into a squat hold position.

squat hold & dips

The person who has placed her hands on the bench (person 1) making dips (15 reps) and the second person remains in a squat hold position. Then change position. And believe me, it looks easier than it is. Especially for the one making the dips: good luck, you will need it!

squat hold & dips

Like the outfits you see? Check out jogha.com for the new Fearless collection!
Anna is wearing the Mint Racerback Bra and the Solid White Muscle Tee with the Colourful Leopard Long Tights. Vladana is wearing the Freedom Rush Racerback Bra  Solid Black Muscle Tee and Freedom Rush Long Tights.


Do you guys also love it when your abs burn? We do! With this exercise you both grab your abdominal muscles at the same time. Go sit right across from each other and clamp your legs together for more grip. Stretch both your arms forward while one is holding a dumbell into her hand.

double trouble

Simultaneously do a sit-up. Stretch all the way back and bring your arms next to your head to the floor. Slowly come upwards. Even though you’re not holding the dumbbell, you do a sit-up.

double trouble

One passes the dumbell to the other when she comes up. Both repeat this exercise 20 times. In total you get to do 40 sit ups, 20 with the dumbell and 20 without. Can you feel them muscles burning already?


Anna and I do this exercise occasionally at the gym so we had to include it! One person stands straight up and the second person lies on her back on the floor. The person on the ground holds the ankles of the person standing. Slowly bring your legs up.

leg throw-down

The person standing straight gives a gentle push against the feet of the person on the ground so that the legs move towards to the ground. Just before the feet hit the ground, you bring them up again. Repeat twenty times and then change position.

leg throw-down

Anna changed the Solid White Muscle Tee for the Onyx Racerback Top. You can also find this one in the Jogha webshop.


Train your butt and legs together with the body weight squat, yes yes squat away! Stand facing each other with your arms straight up and your feet hip-width apart.

bodyweight squat

Hold each other tight and simultaneously squat down. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat this 15 times or until you feel a good burn.

bodyweight squat

These colorful outfits make this exercise more bearable!
Anna is wearing the Onyx Racerback Bra with the Solid White Muscle Tee and the Ibiza Long Tights. Vladana is wearing the Salmon Sports Bra with the Salmon Muscle Tee and the Limitless Long Tights.


We are going to address the obliques and abs again ladies! Both go down on your knees with your backs to each other and both look straight forward. One is holding a kettlebell in her hands while the other lets the arms hanging alongside the body.

partner twist

Both turn slowly to the same direction and pass the kettlebell to the other. Then turn to the other side and pass the kettlebell again. Keep doing this for about a minute in the same direction and then change direction. And you may laugh while doing this exercise! ?

partner twist


Lets go planking again! Take a plank position opposite each other and keep your elbows right under your shoulders.

reach-and-touch plank

Use your abs to keep in plank position and reach forward with your right hand and give each other a high-five! Repeat with your left hand and then slowly bring the body back down. Repeat 15 times and then just let go (it’s pretty tough)!

reach-and-touch plank


So lets take a moment for the legs again! We’re almost there… Stand facing each other and hold each other’s arm. Bend your legs slowly in a lunge position with the right thigh remains parallel to the floor.

split lunge

Hold this for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this movement 15 times and then change leg.

split lunge


This one is really heavy, mi gado. Stand in a wheelbarrow position and you place your hands directly under your shoulder. The other person stands straight and holds the person in the wheelbarrow position by her ankles.

wheelbarrow squat

The person in the wheelbarrow position makes a push up (good luck coming up again) and the other one makes a squat at the same time. Repeat 5-7 times and then change position.


Okay, we’re both exhausted and will continue working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ stinking as F, but it was worth it! So are you and your BFFF gonna give it a try? You will not regret it! BTW, like the outfits? You can find them and many more on www.jogha.com ♥

How To Choose a Sport That Fits Your Personality

When you start your fit journey, you soon find out that you ‘simply’ need to do two things: eat healthy and work out. One does not go without the other. Eating right can be a hassle and it isn’t easy fighting daily temptations. But choosing the right kind of sports isn’t either. You have to find something that is exciting enough to drag your ass to for three or more times a week. And it must be a place that doesn’t serve wine or cocktails 😉

How to choose a sport that fits your personality
Let me start out by making clear that EVERY type of workout is better than not working out. Whether you start out with two short runs a week or completely dive into an active lifestyle right away: it’s super badass that you came off the couch and started to care for yourself and your body. So what can help you find something that suits you?

Team player or solo?
You could start by asking yourself: am I a team player or do I like flying solo? Think about if you would like to compete against others with a group of people or if you are more interested in challenging yourself. Examples of group sports are soccer, basketball and hockey. How about thinking outside of the box and looking into street dance or rowing.

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Why you should try jumping rope

Hi Fit Girls! Have you tried jumping rope? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably done this a LOT when you were a little girl. In summertime, I would often practice jumping rope with my girlfriends. Going super fast, trying tricks and having a BLAST! Recently I’ve picked it up again and in this blog I’ll tell you why you should try jumping rope: a fun and effective power cardio workout!

2014-11-23 16.05.44

These are the reasons to try jumping rope:

1. Cardio blast

Jumping rope burns up to 1000 calories an hour, making it a highly effective way to improve your cardiovascular capacity! Okay, now I totally understand why supermodels bring their jumping rope everywhere they go! You could use a jumping rope in between fitness exercises to keep your heart rate up, create a high intensity jumping schedule, or replace your regular cardio activity with steady state jumping rope.

2. Core stability & coordination

Compared to regular cardio machines in the gym, jumping rope is a natural and free way of moving. When jumping, you’re using your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and your core. Also, you’re constantly swinging the rope from your wrists and elbows. To keep the rope going, your body constantly engages your core muscles.  Do you see where I’m getting at? It’s a total body workout! As you practice more, you’ll get better at coordinating the jumping.

3. Having FUN!

Seriously, jumping rope feels like being a kid again. Especially when jumping with your BFFF, you’ll have a BLAST! I love practicing jumping tricks. It will feel like playing, not training, to try new moves or improving your jumping records.

4. Easy peasy

nike jumping ropeWell… the jumping part isn’t so easy after a few minutes.. BUT! Having your own jumping rope is awesome! You always have a workout wherever you go. Take your rope with you when you go to the gym, to the park or even on vacation. Not really feeling to go to the gym? No worries! Put on your gym shoes and take your rope outside. You’ll be jumping within one minute. Easy peasy, right?



I own this Nike Speed Rope 2.0. It’s adjustable in length and has a super flashy look. Get yours now!


Get jumping! Use my guide to become a jumping rope master!

2014-11-23 16.06.14
Easy jumping:
Start by jumping without a rope. Keep your elbows close and twist your wrists as if you are spinning a rope. Try to find a nice rythm you can keep up with for multiple minutes.

Side rope: Get your jumping rope (which should be at the correct length: both ends should come to your chest): and hold both ends in one hand. Swing the rope and jump everytime the rope hits the floor. Work on your coordination by doing this alternately with your left and right hand

Basic jump: Get to the real jump roping! To get a good cardio blast, make small and fast jumps without a ‘hop’ in between. Make sure to contract your abs and keep your chest up. Can you do 100 reps in one go? What’s your time on 1000 reps? Give it a try!

Double unders: These are tough, so you’ll definitely need to practice these. A double under is when you jump extra high and let the rope pass onder your feet twice. Use your wrists to accelerate the rope and make sure you land softly on the balls of your feet. Start by doing a solitary double under now and then in your set. When you get better, try to do you multiple double unders!

Cross jump: Cross your arms just before you jump and quickly bring your arms back. These are fun to do, but they also engage your chest, biceps and triceps to get those killer toned arms. You could also try cross double unders to spice things up

Running jumps: Hop from foot to foot, as if you’re running. This requires some extra coordination and is a fantastic way to train your calves. Want more? Pick up your knees as high as you can!

Mix it up: Mix up all these moves to get going! It’s also super fun to create a choreography with a friend and try to go the exact same speed.

What’s your favorite jumping exercise? I’m curious! Comment below or follow me on Instagram for more fitness inspiration 🙂

x Roos

The perfect post work out salad

One and a half hour before my workouts I try not to eat anything, maybe a banana or half a raw energy bar at most. My body simply does not agree with me if I eat a whole meal before a run, swim, crossfit session or hot yoga class. I get slower, nauseous and it even makes me grumpy (because I don’t perform as well as I could).

So after a workout, I’m slightly starved and hungry for a big salad. One of those filling chewy ones, that takes ages to finish, with lot’s of vitamins, fibre & protein. I made this salad with random ingredients I had at home – which are often the best new recipes.

What do you need for one big bowl?

  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • 1 handful watercress
  • 1/2 handful sprouts
  • 1 avocado in pieces
  • 1/2 chopped red pepper
  • 2 tbs chopped cilantro
  • 150 gr smoked chicken breast in pieces
  • 3 tbs cottage cheese
  • 200 gr chickpeas
  • 3 el Tess Organic Sweet & Spicy Pompoenies or mixed nuts and spices
    (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut oil palmsugar, ginger, kurkuma)
  • Dressing: 2 tbs coconut & the juice of 1 lime

How to prepare
Really simple. Just combine all the ingredients in a bowl and stir it gently. That’s it! Enjoy






Do you need more post workout meal inspiration? Follow me on Instagram!

How to stick to your work out regime

It’s almost Friday and that means… Weekend! Back in the days it was all about going out, having drinks and hangovers on Sunday. But hey, I’m getting older too and I started to work out a bit more, especially in the weekends. When I received this Jogha box earlier this week I knew it was a sign to pick up my workout again and working on those abs. Also struggling to work out more often? Today I’m sharing with you a few tips to get more motivation. I say, let’s go!

Get new work out gear
Of course, you can work out in an old tee from your boyfriend and old yoga pants, but that doesn’t do the trick in the end. Getting a fresh new set of workout clothes gives you motivation to shine in the gym and make the best out of it. When I get some new activewear, like this amazing Jogha set, it just gave me the right amount of excitement to work out the next morning. Showing off that new colorful jacket or those super comfortable bottoms that makes every workout a blast!

Do what you love
I always hear people complaining about the fact that they hate going to the gym or working out in general. In that case, find something you love! Do you like running, kickboxing or maybe weightlifting? There’s always something to find that suits your schedule and interests. And these days, there are enough ways to get in shape again. Look at all those free videos you can find on YouTube. Go get yourself a (yoga)mat and get those abs working.

Set up your goals
When you’re setting a goal it’s getting easier to get motivated and start working out on a regular base. In my case I didn’t want to only get in shape, but also build more confidence this summer. And it worked. During my holiday to La Palma I still didn’t have a six-pack but I felt so much happier and free in my own body. Setting goals of reaching a certain body weight, getting those abs or lifting a certain weight gives you a road to follow!

Eat healthy (and have yolo-day)
Ok, I’m not the best example of this but eating healthier helps so much with sticking to your workout regime. It doesn’t work when you’re working out a lot and on the other side eating hamburgers all week long. See your body as a machine that needs the right fuel to perform at its best. On the other side, we have our cravings and it’s always good to have one day a week that’s planned for that yummy ‘bad’ food.

Work out with others
I noticed I work out so much more often and better when I have people around me that support me along the way. It can be a close friend or just someone you met at the gym. Challenging each other to work out a couple of hours a week and getting through those tough workouts is the best. I worked out at a CrossFit box and for me that was the perfect way to get more motivation and strength to go through.

Detox: yay or nay?

Detoxing is a word with a lot of connotations and it has both advocates and adversaries. Nowadays, detoxing is very popular and there’s a lot of controversy around the subject. But what is it that detoxing does for your body and why is there such a heated debate about it? 

What is detoxing?

Cleansing of the body, getting rid of toxins, juice cleansing and bringing the body back into balance are different ways to describe a detox. Advocates of detox programs believe that there are all sorts of toxins in our nutrition and environment which the body cannot get rid of in a natural way. Because of this, these toxins are being stored in our cells and bowels and can contribute to fatigue, bad skin and gaining weight. Since you eat as healthy as possible during a detox, detoxing could help in getting rid of the toxins. This process is quite intense and that’s why people who follow a detox program are often feeling tired and sulky. After a detox, the body would be entirely cleansed and one can pick up his/her normal lifestyle. Adversaries claim that detoxing could potentially do more harm than good. They claim it would be a waste of time and that detoxing is a vague term which does not specify which toxins are being removed, where they are being removed from and how this happens.


There are a lot of different detox programs. The most well-known ones are the programs in which people mostly have to consume fruit- and veggiejuices for a week. Last year in January I also fell for the detox trend. A 7-day detox in which the body would be cleansed by drinking different kinds of juices. Because of all the debate around detoxing, I got curious as well. Through Facebook I found this online detox program and the description “like bringing your car to the garage for maintenance” and “a good way to get yourself back on track” caught my attention. I was immediately sold to the idea and it seemed interesting to try out the experience. It sounded exciting and I saw it as a challenge. Could I keep it up and what would it do to my body? In general, the detox was doable, but in the beginning I felt very low in energy. After a couple of days I was used to it and I felt better and better.

What did it do for my body? I lost 5 kg in a week, but gained them just as fast as soon as I started eating normally again. I felt clean after the detox and had more energy, but to be honest, I also have this feeling when I drink enough water for a week or follow a balanced nutrition plan with lots of fruit and veggies. I was really proud of myself for keeping up the detox, but whether I felt like a new person? No, absolutely not. However, I do try to drink more juices and smoothies because of the detox and integrate this in my daily routine. A smoothie I really like to drink to keep my body clean is the Antioxidant of innocent drinks. This smoothie contains 3 antioxidants – vitamin C, E and selenium – which keep your cells fresh and it suits a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. I drink this juice approximately 1 or 2 times a week and it kickstarts my day.

So do I believe in the magic of detoxing? I think keeping in the middle is the best solution, as it is with many things in life. Your body then also removes toxins in a natural way by using your liver, bowels and kidneys, so a detox program does not have to be  the solution. It’s important to follow a varied nutrition plan in which veggies, fruit, grains and water play a big role and to exercise regularly next to that!

What do you Fit Girls think of detoxing? Have you tried it out and what are your experiences? Please share it with the #FITGIRLCODE community by using #ImInnocent in all your posts, comments and photo’s! 

Wax on or wax off?

We Fit Girls need to treat ourselves with some much deserved relax time every once in a while. Being pampered by getting  a manicure, pedicure, facial or nice haircut all belong to that category. These treatments are mostly painless, and nice to  look forward to. But removing body hair also belongs to a Fit Girls regimen and because  there are several options to choose from nowadays it i easy get overwhelmed. Shaving, epilating, laser removal and waxing all have different benefits. Salons are popping up like fast-food places and they all specialize in something else. Waxing caught my attention a while back when I read about it in a magazine so I taught it was about time – for this Fit Girl – to look deeper into the subject so I can tell you to wax on or wax off?

First things first

This hair removal treatment removes hair from the roots, which results in hair free skin for weeks (3-4 depending on your hormone stability) | Is known to leaves your skin soft (when done properly and taken care of after) | The results last longer than shaving and it’s a natural way to remove unwanted hair, as wax is herbal.

Consider: When living a healthy lifestyle you’re showing your skin in all your #badass #sexy and #fierce sport outfits so it be of interest to opt for a treatment that keeps you hair free for a longer period in time.

Pretty hurts, sometimes

  • No pain no gain is the famous saying;  it’s not always a treatment to look forward to.  (It’s not comparable with any other feeling (burn) you might experience whilst working out). Don’t let that scare you; everybody experiences pain in their own way.
  • It can leave your skin dry and itchy
  • After you’ve been waxed it’s necessary to moisturize and scrub the treated area (to prevent ingrown hair or bumps)
  • Waxing won’t help if your hair growth is too fine or to short. It works best on full-grown hair.

The low down

  • Waxing removes dead cells
  • It is faster (when it comes to carefully removing hair in awkward places)
  • Available everywhere (can be done at home or at a beauty salon)
  • Long lasting
  • Time heals all wounds (over time it won’t be that painful anymore)
  • In the long run hair might cease to grow
  • Hair grows back thinner and slower
  • Best for ‘some’ areas such as the bikini area.

Hopefully this article gave you more insight about this type of hair removal and (over) think if this suits your (healthy) lifestyle. Want to know more about me and my Fit Girl whereabouts? Hit me up @iris_fitgirl.


5 Reasons women should have each other’s backs

What’s the deal with catfights, cliques, and undermining each other? Women have the reputation of being unsupportive for many reasons, whether it be in social, academic, or professional settings. This behaviour begins at a young age, and many of us don’t seem to grow out of the gossip queens we were in high school. Here are 5 reasons why women should have each other’s backs as soul sisters! 

1. To live longer

Can it really be as easy as that? Being nice to other women in your life can help you live longer? According to research, being part of a tight social circle leads to a happier, healthier, and longer life. Surrounding yourself with uplifting women (and lifting them up as well) will add to your sense of purpose in life and will give you a reason besides banana bread to get out of bed in the morning.

2. To reduce stress

If you’re going through a breakup or other tough emotional situation you tend to talk about it every chance you get, even with complete strangers after a couple glasses of wine… does this sound familiar? When women go through stressful situations they actually release a hormone called oxytocin, which triggers a desire to build and maintain relationships. So go ahead girl, tell us how much of an a**hole he was to you one more time, it’s your brain helping you deal with the stress 😉 Bonding with other women is a biological response and helps soothe the stressful situations we get ourselves into.

3. To hold you accountable

Having a circle of women and peers around to give you objective feedback and to let you know when you simply haven’t done a good job or are being a lazy Fit Girl is constructive. This external affirmation and support is just as valuable as your close friend calling you out on your crap (that dress simply does not make you look fat). Nobody is perfect, and it is those close to you who will be able to see when you need a hug or an extra challenge.

4. To be your soulmates

A soulmate is a person you connect with on a level you can’t exactly explain. As women we needs lots of contact, affirmation, and both physical and emotional love. Don’t expect one person to meet all of these needs, and find other women who can provide you with joy, love, and understanding when you’re at your best as well as at your worst.

5. To support your goals and objectives

Build yourself a network of women who inspire you to DO things bigger and better, to chase your dreams. Social media has made it easier than ever to find others who share the same visions and goals with regard to fitness, careers, and other life choices. Take advantage of this! If you’re looking for someone to work out with in your area, you can even comment on a #FITGIRLCODE Instagram post and you’re sure to find a group of loving, dedicated women to lift you up and get you going!

Even if you grew up entwined in gossip, exclusion, and competition with other girls, remember that this negative energy will not produce anything positive. There is plenty of room in the world for many successful, happy, and healthy women working together to achieve their dreams. Don’t tear each other down but lift each other up! 


source: www.mindbodygreen.com


8 Habits of positive people part 2

In my article “8 Habits of positive people part 1” I shared with you the first 4 habits of positive people. If you haven’t had the change to read it, please do so. I promise it will make you SMILE! In Part 2 I will share with you, the last 4 habits of positive people, which Huffpost recently wrote in the healthy living department about perpetually positive people. Along with their input I will again give my “positive”  point of view on this matter. Are we ready Fit Girls? Oh YEAH! 🙂

In part 1 of the article, you could read about, how positive people have their calming rituals, tap into their positivity during challenging times, but also embrace the negative and that positive people don’t bully themselves but that it’s all about the “Loving-Kindness Meditation”. Does any of these habits sound familiar? I believe all Fit Girls are positive people in one way or the other.  Because we challenge ourselves and when we overcome our fears / challenges we can be proud and look back of our journey with a smile on our faces.

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Health benefits of having a pet – part 2

Living with pets is great and it’s good for your health (as an animal lover, I can confirm this). I read an article that described the health benefits of living with pets and because I almost have all of the animals mentioned in the article I thought it would be nice to write about these awesome pets while comparing it to my own perspective.

In part one of this article I explained why my pets aren’t just the fluffy and feathery companions I share the house with, they’re part of my family. I also stated that with kids and pets,my family is pretty big! We couldn’t live without our pets, even though it’s a lot of work, they make our family life more fun!

Back to the benefits of owning pets. After part 1 you’re probably curious to find out more about health benefits of having a pet. In part 2 I’ll write about three more pets. Hopefully you already get to enjoy being a pet owner, if not, I hope this article might persuade you to become one!

3. Fish

Looking to bring some relaxation and calmness into your life?! Apparently, by watching fish you can distract yourself in a good way, says Dr. Becker. Many studies show that spending time in nature can improve your well-being. An aquarium or a fishpond in your garden lets you bring this in and around your house. One study showed when dental patients (that were about to undergo surgery) felt less stressed after gazing at a fish tank for 20 minutes.


I think this is so true. I have a fishpond with Koi’s in it (see the photo above) and I often do yoga outdoors beside the pond because it’s way more calming and relaxing. I wish I would do yoga like this every day of the year. Beside this it’s really fun to feed the fish, they’ll eat from your hands (mind you, these are not small fish, they’re huge, so it can be a bi scary haha).

On page two you can continue to read about great pets for your health.

4. Birds

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-01 om 12.30.02

Birds have been companions for humans for ages. Recently they have been recognized for bringing you health benefits says Gregg Takashima, presicent of the American association of human-animal bond veterinarians. Like fish, they offer ‘nature on demand’ so you’re basically bringing nature in and around your home by becoming a bird owner.

Keeping them is surprisingly similar to keeping cats or dogs; it’s really fun. They’re very interactive, especially the more intelligent ones. I currently have 5 birds, two ‘grown ups’ and their three hatchlings. To make the best out of their days and my playtime with them I let them fly freely every day. It makes them happy and lots of fun to interact with.

 5. Horses

Last on our list are horses! If you’re not familiar with them, they can be a bit intimidating. “By gaining control of a creature so much larger than you, you can gain control of a larger problem in life,” Dr. Becker explains. This is why horses are often used in animal-assisted therapy programs. It can even reduce stress hormones a 2014 study shows. Riding horses is a great workout; it improves balance, strength and it builds muscles.

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-01 om 12.33.02




















My sister Katinka has a very sweet horse named Djinty. I can confirm that being around Djinty is a good way to relieve stress. Either through a riding lesson or by just working on her and being around the stables. She loves to be brushed, she loves to cuddle and I’ll become totally Zen in the process, it’s a win-win!

On the main photo you can see my sister giving Djinty a kiss and on this photo you can see Djinty and me!

This was part 2 of the health benefits of having a pet. As a pet with health benefits I kind of miss bunnies on this list. What do you think Fit Girls? What are your experiences with pets and the health benefits they provide? Are there more pets missing on this list? Well, let me know! As always I’m curious to find out.

Source: www.health.com

Join the innocent #PinkChallenge

In everyday life, us Fit Girls hold on to certain eating habits and workout routines. Just because it’s easy or it might seem a bit scary to try out new things. That’s why #FITGIRLCODE and innocent drinks challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and join the #PinkChallenge.

The Challenge

Pink? Say whut? Yeah, you heard it correct. From the 1st August onwards, we provide you with a entire month of recipes and workouts. No worries if you haven’t start the challenge yet, you can still hop on the pink train. The aim of this challenge is to live healthy and active and try out new things together. So not to create a sixpack within 31 days!



Why pink? Life is just more fun if you look through rose-tinted glasses. When we think pink, we often think of candy, which is not particular good for your health. You might not believe it at first, but pink stuff can also be really healthy. The newest, super tasty smoothie of innocent, the ‘Perfectly Pink’, is a great example: 100% natural and no added sugars. Just fruit and veggies! A combination of beetroot juice with apples and pears. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Since the pink makes everything look (and taste) pretty, this month’s challenge is completely covered by this fantastic colour! Therefore the motto is: think pink, do pink and drink pink.



To make it as easy as possible we made you an entire food schedule. You don’t need to live by this schedule. We made it to inspire you! As for the schedules, these are written in Dutch. Sorry for the non-Dutch Fit Girls!

Besides giving you guidelines on what to eat, we’ll provide you with a different workout video each week. We did not just focus on strength training, but also on yoga and stretching.

Do you want to join the #PinkChallenge? Download your food schedule here. You can print it and stick it on your fridge so you’ll know what to eat every day. It’s as easy as that! Make sure to check out www.fitgirlcode.nl each Saturday to get a new workout video and update for that week!


Win Limited Edition #FITGIRLCODE top and Jogha Racerback Bra

Show us just how pink you really are and tag your photos with #PinkChallenge. The 4 pinkest pictures win a Limited Edition #FITGIRLCODE top and Jogha Racerback bra. What are you waiting for?!

White Bean Salad with Peas and Mint

Do you have a busy week coming up? This is the perfect recipe: very easy to make and supertasty! And you can find all the ingredients in every supermarket.

White Bean Salad with Peas and Mint

I like this salad best served alongside grilled chicken breast. But if you wanna go veggie, just leave the meat out. The peas and beans are fullfilling enough. This dish makes a great lunch or light main course on hot summer days.  Prepare it the night before, take it to work/school and hurry to the beach/park to catch the last sunrays.

Say NO to unhealthy prepackaged fast food; this salad is perfect for a healthy picnic!

4 servings

  • 300 gram or 1 ½  cup white beans, drained and rinsed
  • 300 gram or 1 ½  cup peas (fresh or frozen)
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
  • 1 scallion, thinly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander
  • zest and juice from half a lemon
  • 50 gram or 1/2 cup crumbled feta
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • grilled chicken breast (optional)

How to:

Combine everything in a bowl. Add a splash of olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste. If you are making this ahead combine everything except the mint, as fresh mint tends to turn black once cut it. Add the fresh mint leaves just before serving.

Special thanks to: http://notwithoutsalt.com

Health benefits of having a pet – part 1

Living with pets is great and it’s good for your health (as an animal lover, I can confirm this). I read an article that described the health benefits of living with pets and because I almost have all of the animals mentioned in the article I thought it would be nice to write about these awesome pets while comparing it to my own perspective. 

To me my pets aren’t just the fluffy and feathery companions I share the house with, they’re part of my family. I have to admit, with kids and pets; my family is pretty big! We have two dogs, five birds (three are nestlings) with two eggs, five bunnies and fish! Having this many pets is lots of work. We take care of them as a family; everybody knows his tasks.

Back to the benefits of owning pets. You’re probably curious to find out what kind pets are best for your health and which benefits they could bring you. I won’t keep you any longer, read on!

1. Dogs

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-27 om 15.23.51So apparently “Simply petting a dog is like a spa treatment,” Dr. Becker says. He follows “after just a minute or two, you have this massive release of positive neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin.” I reckon this is true, I totally feel at ease when cuddling with my dogs, it’s hard to step away from them because it’s so nice.

Studies also link dog ownership to lower cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels. As if this alone isn’t enough, there is also a reduced risk of heart disease. According to a 2011 review in the Journal of physical activity and Health, as a dog owner you’re 34 % more likely to meet your daily exercise requirements than non-dog owners. I’ve had dogs all my life so I can’t compare but when I take my dog with me on walks or runs I tend to go further and stay away longer. I think because it’s way more fun then going by myself.

On page two you can continue to read about awesome pets for your health.

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Need outdoor inspiration?

So you have a special love for the outdoors, you enjoy being out there and you like to be inspired by great stories, incredible achievements and bizarre adventures? It’s your lucky day, we did some research for you! Here are six extraordinary sources of outdoor inspiration that will definitely suit you!


Kilian Jornet

‘A lover of mountains’, according to ultramarathoner and adventurer of the year (2013) Kilian himself. Born in Spain, Kilian grew up running the trails in the Pyrenees. Nowadays he pretty much wins every running race between 1 to 200 kilometers. As long as the surface is unpaved and the track goes up and down, Kilian is up for it. He has created a special form of mountaineering by integrating running and climbing. With his newest project ‘Summits of my Life’, he sets running records on the highest and most prestigious summits of the world. And believe it or not, everywhere he goes, he takes his camera with him and shares his experience on social media. If you‘d like to be inspired by his stories, make sure you check his channels and read his book!


Kelvin Trautman

A visual storyteller, photo journalist, filmmaker, man of the outdoors and athlete,  who is focused on adventure travel, extreme sports and outdoor lifestyle. If you’re looking for epic outdoor shots, this is your man. Visualising the full scope of outdoor activities, Kelvin will fuel you with inspiration. His Instagram you definitely don’t want to miss!


Enjoy one of his masterpieces:




Alpinism, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, paddling and trail running; Patagonia has it all. Originally a small company that made tools for climbers, Patagonia nowadays tries to build the best product that causes no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions for the environmental crisis. Not only does Patagonia develop some of the finest outdoor materials, they also share their effort to mean something for Mother Nature through incredible documentaries and videos about outdoor sports and lifestyle. We suggest you start following Patagonia on social media!


Emelie Forsberg

No doubt Emelie fits the description of a badass! Partner of Kilian Jornet, this Swedish based mountaineer isn’t inferior to him in any way. Over the last three years, she has built up quite an impressive result list. Remarkably, she always finishes races with the biggest smile of all the competitors. To keep herself fit for running in summer and skiing in winter, she focuses on strength exercises and yoga. Take a look at her blog. Not only does she share her joy in running, skiing and yoga, the beauty of the great outdoors from Sweden to Nepal and useful tips regarding sports, she also posts lots of creative recipes!


Salt Magazine

The magazine for Dutch trail seekers and happy dreamers! Every season Salt treats their readers to 148 pages of pure inspiration! When it comes to an active, adventurous and sustainable life, this is the magazine you want to receive on your doormat every season. Where the magazine ends, Salt continues their flow of inspiration online. From now on, you never have to be bored again. Get Salt now!


The outsiders – New Outdoor Creativity

Definitely one of the best outdoor books in the shop. You are guaranteed to get unreal graphics, creative and inspiring stories, useful tips and become a complete addict! The book focuses on hiking, surfing, cycling, on the road, snow and water. A real must-have for any outdoor fitgirl!


Don’t forget! Inspiration can lead to motivation. Get yourself out there…



Healthy Shrimp Nuggets

We all know the standard chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, fish fingers or whatever you want to call them. In any shape or form they are a fat deep fried bite, with all kinds of additives and even added sugar. In one word, a DISASTER!!

This kind of fast food really doesn’t do anything good for your body! But it’s way to easy to make healthy versions of these snacks, so why don’t we eat them healthy!? You can make these healthy shrimp nuggets in no time at all, so jump into your kitchen and to make this delicious recipe! These nuggets of shrimps are super healthy and extremely tasty. Oh and that dip?… HEAVENLY! I love healthy fast food.


How to make these Healthy Shrimp Nuggets

Ingredients (1 portion)

  • 100 gr shrimps (with tail)
  • 30 gr grated coconut
  • 1 egg white
  • curry powder
  • garlic powder


  • 2 tbsp quark
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 2 tsp chia seeds

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