We found it: THE solution against rubbing thighs and other skin chafing horrors!

Summer is just around the corner, and we can finally wear the skirts and dresses we have been hiding in our closet all winter. And that means: we can show off those beautifully toned legs we have been working on as well!  I love the summer because I can wear my favorite outfits; short skirts, dresses, shorts and the cutest tops. However, as much as I love wearing these clothes, I also slightly hate them. In the summer I tend to get a lot of irritated spots on my body due to the heat and friction whenever parts of my body rub against each other, such as with my inner thighs (when wearing dresses) or when my arms rub against my side (when wearing crop tops for example). This is a lot less fun and I’m not alone, as millions of women (and men!) suffer from this, especially during the summer. Young, old, slim build or with a few extra pounds, it does not matter: we all share this problem together. It’s time to do something about it!

Bye-bye discomfort ?

I have tried lots of different methods to solve this skin chafing problem. From wearing shorts under my dress or skirt to using Vaseline or talcum powder. Nothing really worked and me sweating quite a bit in the summer only made things worse. This problem happens to both men and women, but there is finally a solution which will end these horror experiences; Skin Contact Spray by Smoovall. The spray prevents skin irritation caused by friction (woohoo!). It is not only convenient when wearing a skirt or dress in the summer, but also during exercises or when you suffer from skin abrasion in nasty places. This awesome spray acts as an invisible and breathable layer that absorbs the friction and in doing so prevents skin chafing and sores. This is exactly what we have been waiting for!

Spray and go ?

Smoovall is not only very useful, it is also practical. Applying the spray is as easy as using a deodorant spray. The only thing you’ll need to do is afake the canister well prior to use and spray the product evenly on the ‘problem zones’ on your body. Now wait 20-30 second and you’re good to go! Did you think the magic ended here? Oh, no. The spray is completely invisible after it dries, unlike talcum powder or Vaseline, which tend to leave an either matt-white or shiny and oily finish. Also, you don’t even need to worry about your clothes getting stained as the spray doesn’t rub off. If you’re wondering how long the product stays on for, the answer is approximately four hours, depending on how much you’re moving and the weather conditions. Do you require longer protection? Simply shake, shake, shake and spray again to reapply when needed. But does that mean I have to carry it with me? Yes, it does, but due to its cute small size (80ml) it fits into any bag and is super easy to carry! To me, carrying the little canister is much better than having irritated thighs!

Well, I’m convinced, ladies! This product is invisible, easy to carry, does not stick, you can easily apply it without getting your hands dirty and it smells nice. Love it! Do you want to try Smoovall’s Skin Contact Spray yourself? Order it here!

Disclaimer: this article was written in collaboration with Smoovall. That doesn’t mean I’m not sincere, I stand by this article for 100%! 🙂 

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4 need to know tips to maximize your nap

Being a Fit Girl is tiring work. Between working out, preparing tasty meals, motivating your friends to get moving and being all-round awesome, a Fit Girl has to get her energy from somewhere! If you really need an excuse to take a moment for some shut eye, here are 4 reasons to take a nap and a chance for you to learn how the different types of naps may affect you.

The Power nap – 15 to 20 minutes

Taking a nap for this length of time has been found to improve the feeling of alertness, mental performance and reaction times. Even during the busiest of days, you can afford to take a nap for 15 to 20 minutes especially when will continue to feel the benefits for up to 3 hours later, without affecting your sleep later that night.

The Restoration nap – 30 minute

When you sleep for this length of time, it’s likely that you’ll wake up feeling a little bit groggy. This isn’t ideal, but still worth it. If you got as little as two hours of sleep the night before, a nap for 30 minutes could restore your body to normality and compensate for the chemical imbalances caused by a really poor sleep!

The Memory nap – 60 minutes

Sleeping between 45 and 60 minutes is enough time to enjoy some slow wave sleep, which is the deepest kind of sleep when you start to dream. This is when your brain is also able to organize facts, faces and names and store them, improving you ability to retrieve them from your memory in the future.

The Creative full cycle nap – 90 minutes

Our body takes on different cycles as we sleep somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes. A nap which lasts the full length of one cycle allows you to go through all of the stages and gets the most benefits without that weird disorientated feeling when you wake up. If you have the time to take this length of nap make sure to time it earlier on in the day so that it doesn’t have an impact on your sleep that night.

Between 1pm and 3pm is the ideal time to take a nap and also around that time when you get the afternoon slump. So instead of reaching for the cup of coffee to keep your eyes open in the middle of the day, settle yourself down in a quiet place and have a nap! Go on, your body will thank you!

12 tips for healthy night shifts

Hi girls! Do you work night shifts? You’ll probably know just how killer those can be on your well-being. You’re battling a chronic jetlag, and exercising can be very challenging to fit in your schedule. Night shifts are proven to be a bad influence on your health, did you know that? So let’s help each other! I will share my best 12 tips for health night shifts and please share yours in the comment section! 

  1. The day before my first night shift, I like to take it really easy. I sleep in until late and plan a powernap between 6PM and 9PM to recharge.
  2. I’ll make sure my fridge is fully stocked. There’s nothing more frustrating, than a blurry sleep-deprived visit to the grocery store after a night of work.
  3. Sleeping during the day can be a challenge: make sure you have a sleeping mask, a dark room and earplugs ready.
  4. Drink lots of water! Bring a big bottle to work. You’ll probably drink less at home (since you’ll be sleeping), so make sure to compensate at work.
  5. Plan something fun: spending all your evenings (after waking up) on the couch watching Netflix, will bore you to death. Break your social isolation by planning a dinner at your friend’s or parents’ house. Extra advantages: no cooking and no dish washing!
  6. Double your fruit and vegetable intake. Take veggie snacks and fruit to work!
  7. Bring a LOT of healthy food to work on your first night. This way, you’ll always have something to choose from.
  8. Do NOT make a habit of eating sugary things during your night shift. Your concentration level and alertness will totally go down the drain. Also, it’s a tough habit to get rid of once learned.
  9. My top tips for a jet lag after your shifts are: 1. Sunlight, 2. Walking. 3. Having people around you. 4. Wind (wind will keep you awake!). Combine those elements and plan a walk on the beach, it’s absolutely the best!
  10. Exercising is perfectly okay, but take it easy. You will probably notice a difference in strength and endurance. Don’t max out! I always get a bit dizzy or nauseous while doing strength training, but I love an easy run outside.
  11. Have fun! There’s always room for a bit of fun during your night. Put on your favorite dance track and do a little dance. Or play a prank on one of your colleagues. It makes all the difference during your shift!
  12. Try to keep moving during your work. I always try to take the stairs during my night shifts, even though I usually dread it. A little extra blood flow will do wonders if your energy level is low!

These are my tips! I’m so curious to hear how you manage your night shifts. Is it anything like my ritual? Or do you have a totally different approach?




How to get to know your skin

Last week I visited an Dermalogica event together with our brand relations manager Shelley to attend the launch of a new product. Well, that’s always a good reason to get out of bed in the morning! I feel much more confident when my skin looks good too. And it just happens that Dermalogica is an expert in this area. We cruised over the canals in our brand new Jogha/#FITGIRLCODE car and arrived safe and sound at the event which took place in Amsterdam.  

These kind of events are always a lot of fun and not only because I think Dermalogica is a cool brand! I love to chat with other bloggers and exchange stories and ideas. We don’t get to see each other that often (you know Amsterdam – Rotterdam 😉 ), so it’s always nice to discuss all the ins and outs of bloggerworld. And of course the snacks hmm… the snacks. For once I didn’t have to think about a healthy lunch.


Face Mapping

Face Mapping was an important part of the day. I had never done it before, so I was very curious! So, what is Face Mapping exactly? A Dermalogica specialist performs a skin analysis and determines which skin care products suit your skin best. I thought I was doing a reasonable job, but I guess not! I have a irritated skin around my nose and my chin is pretty sensitive as well. I’m not really surprised. I have a busy lifestyle and run from one meeting to the next. I also train several times a week at Elevator Sports. I sweat a lot during these killer workout and obviously this is not very conducive to your skin. A lot of sweat leads to irritated skin, so there you are! Conclusion: my nose and chin need extra attention and care so it’s quite handy to know which products I should use. I got some tips on how to deal with this so I will start right away! According to the Face Mapping the following products are most suitable for my skin:

UltraCalming cleanser: purifies and calms a sensitive and irritated skin.
– Skin smoothing cream: hydrates and nourishes combined to dry skin.
Barrier repair: helps shield the sensitive skin against environmental and internal triggers.
– Gentle cream exfoliant: helps detach dead skin cells en increases cell renewal.


Concept store Maastricht

So, did you also get curious how to treat your skin properly, then don’t forget to take a look at the Dermalogica concept store. It’s the first store in the Netherlands, yes finally! The store is located in the centre of Maastricht, so I can hear your girls thinking… Perfect shopping weekend in Maastricht! 😉 They offer many other treatments besides Face Mapping. I would love to try out the Skin Bar and Microzone treatment, but unfortunately I didn’t have time yet, busy busy busy.


Skin Bar

As a true Dermalogica fan I really have to try out this treatment. It’s calling my name! During a miniworkshop you get the opportunity to try out all the Dermalogica products. Sounds like heaven to me! Why didn’t I try this earlier? And it’s a good excuse to do something fun with your friends, or it can be the perfect birthday gift. Who wouldn’t love that?


As I said earlier, like many others I’m really busy and I can use a boost once in a while. The MicroZone treatment is the answer to this problem. It’s ideal when you’re busy or stressed or just need some me-time. It gives you a lot of energy so you get to it again. I’m all over the place and I find it difficult to make time and plan something like that, but I think I will manage to take a day off between Christmas and New Years and treat myself in Maastricht. I’m already looking forward to it!

How to wash smelly sportswear? 4 things you need to know!

One down side to being a Fit Girl is that you’re laundry basket is never empty! Smashing a sweaty workout several times a week comes at the price of endless, smelly laundry. It’s about time that someone investigated how to wash smelly sportswear for us Fit Girls so we can keep our workout wardrobe looking as awesome as we feel and smelling good.

Why do people think we are always saying a Fit Girl can never have enough workout clothes?! Because we just can’t keep up with washing them! Maybe you’ll admit that you don’t wash your jeans or bra after every wear but how are you supposed to wash your workout clothes? Here are 4 things you need to know to do it right!

1. Detergent and dead skin

When it comes to washing workout clothes my natural instinct is to put them in with as much detergent as possible on high heat. Surely extra soap and heat is all it needs to get rid of the bacteria. WRONG. Adding extra detergent is actually worse. Your washing machine cycle is only set to handle so much soap so it can’t rinse all of the excess off in the same length of time, trapping dead skin cells into the fabric and bacteria continues to grow. If you feel like your clothes still smell, its probably mildew which feeds off of the soap that wasn’t washed off in the cycle! Yikes, less is more in this case!

2. Funky fragrances and fabric softeners

If you use fragranced fabric softener in your washing it makes sense that you would add it to your workout clothes too. They’re potentially the smelliest items in your wardrobe so why wouldn’t you want to walk into the gym smelling like fresh cotton or lavender fields (whatever your preference)?!  But this is actually counter productive for the purpose of workout clothes because fabric softener traps fragrances into fabric. So in essence, you’re trapping the sweaty smelliness into the clothes! That certainly didn’t occur to me. Not only this, fabric softener damages anything that is elastic so it’s doing your gear more harm than good.

3. Do I have to wash my yoga pants as often as my running tights?

According to dermatoligist Dierdre Hooper, the answer is yes, you do have to wash them after every wear. You might think after an easy Hatha yoga class that didn’t you break a sweat but the tight fitting style of clothing means, sweat or no sweat, bacteria rubs off of you and onto your clothes while you wear them. She says, “Many of those bacteria will still be on those clothes the next day—possibly in higher number if they’ve multiplied, which they can do even when the clothes are dry.” Putting them back on means you expose yourself to now – fortified bacteria or yeast and risk irritating your skin and increase the chance of getting an infection!

4. So how do I kill all that nasty stuff without ruining them?

You are not doomed to smell forever don’t worry. Instead of following the normal washing procedure follow these steps to get keep your gear in good form and fresh ore you put them on!

  • Turn everything inside-out to protect the colours. It’s also the inside of the clothes that need the deepest clean because that’s where all of the sweat and skin cells are rubbing onto!
  • If you have the time to, soak clothes in a mixture of cold water and half a cup of white vinegar for 15 to 30 minutes before you put them in the machine. This cleans some of the gross stuff that has built up during and after your workout.
  • Use a small amount of detergent, slightly less than the recommended amount for the size of the load.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water as hot water can damage the fabric causing your beloved clothes to shrink! And the same goes for drying. Use the coolest setting on the dryer so as not to shrink them or better yet be eco-friendly too and let them dry by air!

Now you know how to wash smelly sportswear, get your dirty tights smelling clean, keep your workout wear in good condition and get even more out of your detergent! But it can be our little secret so that you can still use not having enough fresh sports clothes as the excuse to go and buy more, we won’t tell!

Can eating alone impact your diet?

Eating alone is becoming more common and it no longer has the stigma attached like it used to. That idea that if you eat by yourself you must be a desperately lonely, single person grimacing over a microwave dinner and finishing it with a single serve trifle for dessert, doesn’t reflect reality. A new study shows that more and more of people’s food is eaten alone. So can eating alone impact your diet?  

A recent study from the USA found that over half of people’s food and drinks were consumed when they were on their own. This has increased as a result of more single person households across the country (hopefully more bachelorette pads rather than divorcees) and more eating on-the-go! Dinner is the meal that people were least likely to eat on their own, with families with children in particular, eating together five days a week. People eat breakfast alone about 53 percent of the time and 45 percent of lunches are eaten alone. But it’s not necessarily a sad affair if you’re on your own. Early mornings at the gym before work or school can mean drinking a smoothie on the way to class or at your desk, not to mention times when you’re under pressure at work so you may choose to eat lunch at your desk. What this says is that not only are we alone, we’re mutli-tasking at meal times.

“I’ll have what they’re having”

It’s suggested that eating with others encourages eating more calorific meals. Research also found that the weight of our friends may impact your choices and found that people tend to eat more when dining with or near to people who weigh more than they do. One ‘tip’ I’ve seen encouraged to help you “stay on track with a diet while dining out with friends” is to place your order with the waiter first before anyone else. This is because you have a stronger mindfulness for making a healthy choice. Diners who place their order last, tend to order the least healthy thing on the menu. We’ve all been there, once you hear that everyone else is ordering the specialty burger topped with onion rings and extra cheese, you go from opting for a salad to, “I’ll have the same as them and a side of fries”. Because why not really enjoy yourself. If you’re having the burger, you may as well go all out, right? These social occasions are something that we blame our over indulgences on. But before you go turning down all of your social invitations this is specific to eating in restaurants.

Cereal? For dinner?

A meal made with friends could be more nutritious than if you were going to eat alone, even if the food you’re preparing doesn’t scream ‘clean eating’. As when people are alone and deciding what to eat, it is more common to choose a less nutritious option, almost always choosing less or no vegetables! Yup we’ve been there, with no motivation to cook for yourself you choose a bowl of pasta or a even bowl of cereal for dinner. Eating with others is also positive as it is a social occasion when you’re forced to acknowledge what and how much you are eating. That’s not say embarrassment from others thinking you’re being greedy should stop you from having a second helping, but it will make you more aware if you really want it because you’re still hungry or you’re already full and you just want it anyway. Alone, you might not ask yourself this and just consume all that is in front you. When no one else around you could also be tempted to make unhealthier choices just because you feel as though you can do so, without any insecurity about what those around you might think.

Multi tasking mindlessness

Another problem of eating on your own is that you’re likely to be multi tasking; watching television, checking your emails or even on social media. All of these things take your attention away from the moment of here and now which can impact how much food you eat. It’s possible that you’re so distracted that you eat beyond how hungry you were and are left too full yet unsatisfied from your meal.

Applying a mindful awareness of sitting down to eat a meal, whether alone or with friends can help to control your consumption. Registered dietitian nutritionist Beth Warren says that the moments before you dive into your meal are crucial to your experience of it and how much you might eat. Taking a second to look at the food in front of you before tasting it, engages your mind with what you are about to eat and encourages you to recognize when you are full, resulting in more satisfaction from the meal.

No choice but to eat alone? 

If you fall into the trap of thinking that cooking for one is too much hassle which leads you to opt for unhealthy food, then simply make meals as you would for two or four people and freeze the rest. This way, you will have your own ready meals the next time that you’re unprepared for dinner mid week. Or if you do have a full household but they just aren’t there to eat with you then cook for them anyway. You won’t be tempted to go back for more if you know that you have made it for someone else. You couldn’t promise to make dinner for someone else for them to come home to the dirty dishes!

The next time someone offers to cook with you or invites you out for dinner, don’t be tempted to turn it down because you think that it will derail your healthy diet. It won’t. Try planning to make something nutritious together or simply relax and don’t think about the food, just enjoy the company! 

Sources: yahoo.com

My First Hot Yoga Class

Last week I attended my first Hot Yoga class ever and thought it would be good to share my first experience with you – our #FITGIRLCODE readers.

First essentials before going to a hot yoga class in my opinion is clothing. I do not sweat much when exercising, but when I do, I prefer to sweat gracefully 😉 This means wearing quick dry clothing only. Work out gear doesn’t have to cost much, I usually find my brand gear on sale and shops like Mango, H&M and Primark also have affordable sports clothing. But please do check out the Jogha Booty Shorts or the Jogha Loose Shorts and combine it with the Jogha Bra’s or Jogha Tank Tops.

(Yoga) Mat
Imagining that I would sweat (a lot), I definitely brought my own yoga mat to my first hot yoga session. I remember going to yoga classes using the mats offered by the studio (which is great by the way!) but I tend to lose my focus realizing people before me were sweating on the mat I was on and folding it back in the cupboard afterwards without cleaning it – yuk! Soooo… bringing my own mat was my second important thing. Go see if the funky printed Yoga mats from Jogha are to your liking! Ethnic Change is definitely my favourite!! 😀

Yoga Studio
In short, finding a yoga studio and a teacher to your liking is….. a journey. I have been to quite a few classes – mostly Power and Vinyasa Yoga and I think I started with Hatha yoga in my early twenties – and was guided by different teachers, which to me is the best way to experience the various types of Yoga Asanas (= a sequence of postures within a Yoga practice). Humans by nature are curious creatures and always eager to learn. That’s why I love to experience the teaching of various teachers. But, if you clearly have found your teacher/student match, then stick to him or her! (..and go separate ways at a later stage in your life ;))

My First Hot Yoga Experience
From now on I can say that I’ve had my first experience with Hot Yoga at Balanzs (The Hague) – to me, a new studio with new faces, new voices and new energies. After parking the car nearby, the registration which you need to do the first time, took only a few minutes and I was pointed to the ladies changing room and the studio soon after. Briefly asking my two fellow yoginis what’s best to wear and if I would need my towel in the studio (‘oh yeah, you really need your towel’ they chuckled) I couldn’t wait to roll out my mat.
Entering the studio the room felt…hot. Oh dear, immediately the thought of me possibly fainting during my practice as I have low blood pressure a slight panic struck me…until I reassured myself and started to focus on my breathing instead of my mind. (Check my article for breathing techniques in How To Stay Focused)
This new voice guided me through the asanas and gently pushed me into a deeper stretch when I needed to. The sweat was dripping off my face and other parts of my body – I don’t smell, so no need to feel grossed out now 😉 – and this just felt really awesome! Again, for someone who never sweats when exercising this new experience was a very welcoming one. Plus I did not faint!

Our teacher let us focus on “Gratitude” during her class. She did this by guiding us through feeling grateful. And with this I can say: I AM GRATEFUL. Grateful for the little things. Grateful for giving, sharing, loving and caringNamastéRead more about Hot Yoga here and more about the benefits of Yoga here.

If you have questions, please drop me a line below or follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to.

People and attitudes towards the body across countries

A healthy lifestyle means something different to each person and can be linked to many influences in our lives. Habits like what time you eat your dinner at, are often linked to your cultural environment and impacted by the place that you live in. A new study reveals health ideals and how we view our bodies can be categorized in three different ways, varying around the world. 

The online survey created by Havas Worlwide, explored the attitudes of people aged 18+ in 28 different countries towards body image and health. Whether you believe nature or nurture to be more influential on our behaviours and how we view ourselves, there are similarities seen in these attitudes across different countries. People reported the role of their body in their happiness which could be a source of ‘pleasure’ or ‘pride and power’. One part of this study, revealed people view their bodies as serving different purposes and categorized their attitudes as pleasure seekers, holistic enthusiasts and functionalists.

Pleasure seekers

Present in Brazil, Spain and France, this attitude places value on the body as the way to experience enjoyment. Such countries are known for their sensuality and self celebration where a passion for dancing or finer cuisine is typical. The research suggests people with the ‘pleasure seeker’ attitude also highly value physical attractiveness. Which may not be so surprising as the Brazilian cosmetic industry is known around the world for enhancing one asset in particular, in order to look good in a bikini. The results of this survey also found “40 percent of Brazilians said cosmetic surgery is a “smart choice” for people who want to be more attractive”.

Holistic enthusiasts

This attitude encourages nurturing all aspects of the body and its natural rhythms as they are interconnected. You are more likely to find people with this attitude in China, India or Germany, where most people reported they believe in ageing naturally rather than having cosmetic surgery. The holistic attitude goes hand in hand with the practices and mindsets of a lifestyle which includes yoga and meditation. Sleep, a balanced diet and experiencing the outdoors are important priorities in the efforts to achieve optimum health.


Exactly what it sounds like, the body is viewed as something which must be functional, like a machine. People from the USA, UK and Australia where people value working hard in order to reach their full potential.The functionalist attitude towards health is supported by this value as people want the maximum results from their efforts and work out in order to reach their peak fitness.

Ideal and attitude doesn’t mean reality.

You might not want to be too quick to jump to describe yourself has having one attitude over another because the study highlights that the ‘attitudes’ towards body image and health might not actually translate into real life as much as people want it to. You might believe that being healthy means being at your peak, but that doesn’t mean you instinctively live your lifestyle in line with the ideal. If that was the case, anyone who falls into functionalist category would perform like an olympic athlete. However, functionalists are more likely to be found in three countries which have some of the world’s highest obesity rates. This suggests that what the healthy ideal is and how to achieve it might be linked to the country that you live in, it doesn’t mean that people live according to that lifestyle.

Body image satisfaction.

The great news? Overall, the study found that people generally have a positive relationship with their body across the 28 countries. People reported that dissatisfaction with body image was an impact from the beauty ideals that are presented through the media highlights something called ‘beauty fatigue’. The presence of women other than super tiny bikini models in advertising may be over praised, but recognition that people are tired of seeing overly airbrushed, photoshopped and therefore edited representations of women in adverts, could hopefully encourage more brands to change their campaigns!

A current trend in fashion and media is the need to make a song and dance about featuring ‘plus size’ models, such as the Sports Illustrated cover and advert. Check out our take on the campaign and the excess noise that went with it here


5 Inspirational books you should read

Your New Year’s resolution to cut the crap was ages ago. But you can’t seem to see the results of all your hard work in the gym…  Time for a little inspiration to continue your health journey – to give you a little push in the right direction and to remind you that you are doing great! Here are 5 inspirational books you should read:


1. The Fit Bottomed Girls’ “Anti-Diet”fitbottomedgirlsantidiet

Everyone wants a super-quick fix to lose weight, but here’s the secret:
The only way to get the results you want is to love yourself and your life. Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, founders of the uber-popular website Fit Bottomed Girls, have spent years helping hundreds of thousands of readers fall in love with a healthy lifestyle. Now, they are sharing their 10 principles that will help you lose weight, love your body, enjoy your workouts, and face every day with a positive attitude—all at the same time!


2. The Anti 9 to 5 Guideanti9to5

Today, lots of women would love to integrate their passion with their career and are seeking advice on how to do just that. Michelle Goodman, a self proclaimed, “wage-slave” has written a fun, reassuring, girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide on identifying your passion, transitioning out of that unfulfilling job, and doing it all in a smart, practical way. The Anti 9-to-5 Guide realizes that not every woman wants the corner office, in fact, some women don’t want to be in an office at all.


3. When Organizing Isn’t Enough: Shed Your stuff: Change Your Life WhenOrganizingIsntEnough

Expert organizer and New York Times best selling author Julie Morgenstern
teaches you how to get rid of the physical, mental, and time clutter that’s keeping you from the life you want. For those who are eager to make a change in their lives—a new job, a new relationship, a new stage in life—they need to get rid of the old before they can organize the new. They need to SHED their stuff before they can change their lives!



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Food Tips For Busy Moms

Talking to two colleagues about how to get (young) kids to eat and drink healthy, they reminded me it can be quite challenging to get our kids to eat what you have prepared, especially after a long day’s work. Not to mention the plates of food sent back to the kitchen by our little munchkins…
It was there at the coffee machine where I promised to share my food tips for busy moms.

Eat when hungry and make healthy decisions
Being a mom of a 11 year old (Fit) Girl I find it my responsibility to firstly make sure my daughter has a good relationship with food.  Secondly, I respect her taste differs to mine and we are now at that stage that we compromise. Her sweet tooth is sweeter than mine and knowing I can’t deny it to her I have involved her by teaching how to compare added sugars mentioned on the Nutrition Facts labels. No worries, I don’t push – I inform. The rest is up to her.

Food shopping
Every child has it’s own taste which means we as a parent can merely help by guiding them through their food journey. When my daughter was younger, toddler age, she used to love certain stuff, but that soon faded and her taste changed. (Or it was because she learnt how to use more words..)
Let your child choose for itself. Don’t make it more difficult and make sure your groceries are already in the house and ask your child to choose what they want to eat. Give them 2 options. Yes, this will take some of your time, but please invest and make time.

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Healthy Habits and My Journey to Healing

When I grow up (matured more and had even more life lessons and insights) I would like to heal the world. Or even those around me. In order to do so it’s perhaps time to share some more of my healthy habits and my journey to healing – short version.

Break patterns and bad habits
Before going on a weeks surf and yoga trip in Morocco I stopped smoking. Don’t tell my parents or daughter but I started at a very young age and smoked for about 20 years!
Before stopping the cigarettes I drank. Sometimes excessively. At one point I stopped going to places and events where I would drink out of habit. And yes, life was so much more fun at that time but you later realize it’s self destructive.

Face your fears
The period before quitting the bad habits I surely faced my fears and fed my soul. Acupuncture, wall climbing, snowboarding, surfing and yoga gave me the courage to face my biggest fear, which was in the end my past. To release myself from this heavy burden I sat down and faced it. I talked, listened, cried and found the words to say. It was then and there where I released myself from the heavy luggage and armour to carry on without it – lighter, brighter and free!

Find your passion
I used to get frustrated when I would read “find your passion” because I didn’t know what mine was! I was too busy with my patterns and habits, taking care of my daughter and working a full-time job. But as soon as I let go of my heavy luggage, the breaking of habits soon followed and I simply (re)discovered my passions and little joys – writing, cooking, yoga and going on road trips. Recently I discovered my newest passion, which is giving massages. This might be one of my baby steps to heal the world 🙂

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My journey to a healthy lifestyle

Helloooo Fit Girls! My name is Cynthia and I’ll be bringing you a weekly read on topics of all sorts you might relate to, but first let me start by telling you a bit about myself…

After the big move from my birthplace Jakarta (Indonesia) to the city of The Hague (The Netherlands) I would pack and move another 15 times. Coming from an expat environment surrounded with both Dutch and Indonesian influences I was bound to grow and evolve as a world citizen. Always interested in travelling abroad, adventurous and at ease with an international crowd. Respecting different cultures, beliefs and mannerisms.

Saying goodbye to my family at a young age however, left an emptiness I would only come to understand at a later stage in life and can now only be grateful for being able to indulge myself back then with the warmth, joys and laughters during summer holidays.

Naturally this base was the kick-off of my life’s path.

Live a conscious and sustainable life
Leaving the nest at the age of 18 and working full-time to pay the bills (and leisure) I decided to quit a Tourism study and my job to travel to a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Being raised and guided throughout my life by various, strong-minded, independent women made me stick to my path in times life was just too confusing and overwhelming.

Being introduced to meditation and yoga was truly welcoming in this phase of life. And surely dancing the night away was a huge energy booster.

As nature’s beauty can give you the most wonderful insights, it was the island of Saint Lucia giving me the insight to live a conscious and sustainable life with highs and lows and paths leading nowhere…and everywhere.

And not only nature but also the circle of people you naturally collect around you can give you a different perspective on life – it pushed me into a new and different direction.

Moving back to The Netherlands and becoming a mother
I’ve now spent years of exploring motherhood, single parenting, long term friendships, (re)discovering yoga, spirituality and love. But also gaining work experience without a degree, a career in the service industry and facilities management, meeting new people, cognitive therapy, people’s emotions, behavior, (dance)festivals, concerts, surfing (both waves and internet), snowboarding, wall climbing, taking pictures, new recipes and food trends, short city(road)trips and travels are my favorite activities and interests.

Obsessive thoughts better known as “Inspiration” usually sets off my writing habits. Browsing the web on whatever topic that pops up in my mind, listening to people and reading books for hours were the main reasons to start a blog somewhat years ago. Nothing fancy, just being able to write off my thoughts, experiences and insights with no goal or purpose whatsoever.

I now realize however, I simply wanted to share. And by doing so, to trigger readers to stop and think about their lives for a moment and to do a quick scan of whether being content with the path they’re on at that moment and if not, to lead them into another direction.

As there is no good or wrong direction.


I am now at that stage in life feeling motivated to continue my path in helping people. Eating healthy, quitting habits and patterns that are self destructive and looking for activities that bring balance in body, mind and soul is a great base for us to explore the world! (Or even the area we live in if exploring the world might not be feasible for you.)

My blog reached a few readers and I’m more than happy to have inspired them in any form whatsoever. And now I can proudly add that I’m very much looking forward to write for #FITGIRLCODE – sharing my journey to a healthy lifestyle and more importantly to maintain it.

Please feel free to drop a comment on any of my articles and follow me on Instagram. Let’s support and inspire each other by sharing our journeys – highs and lows.