Changing your lifestyle gradually

When you look at Fitgirlcode, I can imagine that you will think that we are all incredibly fit & healthy girls who have been like this for ages 😉 I’ll be honest with you, I am not that fit. I do not have visible abs (yet 😉 ), I am not going for a long run at 6am (yet?), and I will never reject a piece of chocolate cake (no, really, never). I am, however, getting healthier and on my journey to becoming as fit as I want to be. Changing your lifestyle does not have to happen overnight.

Before Aranka, the founder of Fitgirlcode, came on my path a couple of years ago, I practiced Taekwondo once a week and ate average-ish. Breakfast always consisted of two slices of bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles – don’t judge me, it’s a Dutch thing. I always ate bread at lunch and tried to eat a healthy dinner at night, while snacking (unhealthily) in between all these meals. Sometimes I tried to change my habits by eating more fruit or drinking more water, but nothing really ever stuck with me, which I personally didn’t mind that much because to be honest: I was not, and am not, overweight.

It was only gradually, from the moment I started contributing to Fitgirlcode, that small changes were made in my lifestyle. For example, I quit drinking sugary juices and committed myself to water. Then I switched my chocolate sprinkles to eating oatmeal in the morning. Eventually I signed myself up for the Ladiesrun in Rotterdam and I started running every weekend with one of my best friends. If you would have told me before joining Fitgirlcode that I would be working out at least 3 times a week and lifting weights, I would have probably peed my pants laughing.

My point is: everyone can do it. Excuses like “I don’t have time to work out” or “I really don’t like sports” are bullshit. With all the things I have going on in my life, I would love to have an 8th day in the week to get everything done, but I somehow still manage to squeeze in 2-3 serious work outs (which I like!) per week. You don’t have to radically change your lifestyle and transform every habit you have – you can start making small changes and eventually you will find yourself feeling healthier and more energetic than ever.

I promise you here and now that you will not regret it. I used to struggle with some problems with my digestive system for years, but since I have been living healthier and working out, they have vanished completely. Often during the day I had a big afternoon dip and I got really sleepy – guess what, that’s not a problem anymore. There are so many benefits to exercising and eating healthier.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to release all this new-found energy into my 4th work out this week! 😉 You should go and do the same! 

Julia’s Fit Journey

Julia shares her UPS and downs, tips and tricks, good and bad habits and hopes to inspire you to become the fittest version of yourself. If she can, you can as well!

 Julia felt so uncomfortable with her weight that she thought people were making fun of her behind her back. Every time she walked passed people who were laughing she assumed they were laughing at her. After going to the gym focusing solemnly on cardio, skipping meals and not seeing any results, she realized it was time for a change. This is when she decided to go to a nutritionist and start her Fit journey in a healthy way. Read fast Julia’s Fit journey!

1)What was the reason to change your lifestyle?

I have always wanted to have a healthier lifestyle but I have never been taught or shown how to do this during high school as I was so buys all the time. I used to dance Ballet 3-4 times a week but still was never confident about my body and barely ate. I thought this would help me lose weight but I was so wrong.

Once I started university I tried to cut down on my meat intake and go to the gym where I solely focussed on cardio exercises. However, nothing had changed. Finally I had enough and went to a nutritionist at the university who gave me a meal plan whereby I ate 5-6 times a day and went to the gym 3-4 times a week.

2) Who or what motivated you?

No one had motivated me to do this, I have always been told by my father that I should be my own competition. Therefore I stopped comparing myself to any other girls but looked at myself. I was sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself and decided to do something about it.

3) Is there something you used to be ashamed of?

I’ve always been ashamed of my thighs. It wasn’t like I was fat or anything, I had a lot of muscle in my legs from the 15 years of dancing ballet I did, but I still wasn’t happy. I tried to so many different leg exercises but did not see an improvement. I used to starve myself with merely 1 meal a day if that to get a quicker effect which only made it worse. I used to look in the mirror and pull the fat around my thighs back to see what I would look like without it. I felt very uncomfortable in my own body and walked around hunched over with my arms crossed. It affected my social life on such a level that I thought everyone was talking about me and laughing at me behind my back. I used to hide all the mirrors in my own house so I would not accidentally get a glimpse of my body. Now I look back, I was never fat.



4) What do you dare to do now that you didn’t before?

Now I look the way I do, I am not afraid to try on clothes that are not usually my style. When I go to the beach, I walk in my bikini with confidence when before I would wear men’s swim-shorts and a t- shirt the majority of the time. When I walk past people who are laughing, I do not assume that they are laughing at me anymore. I feel more positive in myself not just in regards to complexion, but the way I present myself and the normal daily tasks I have to do every day.

5) What was your worst habit?

My worst habit was to not eat for hours on end. The nutritionist told me that because of that, my metabolism stopped working. So never starve yourself!! Now, I eat every 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

6) What is the one thing you could absolutely not delete from your life?

Now I have this lifestyle I cannot imagine my life without exercise. Mentally, I always feel better after going to the gym or going for a run. My goal used to be losing weight, but now it’s toning in order to keep the body I have long term and become more firm. But to do this you need perseverance.


7) Perseverance is often the most difficult. How do you make sure you stay fit?

To motivate myself to stick to my goal, I try to keep my routine interesting by looking up different exercises and healthy diet plans and new recipes. I use Instagram a lot for this by following all these girls and boys who have the same goal as me. It really motivates you!

8) If you could say something to the person you were before your transformation, what would you say?

If I could say something to the old me it would be learn to love yourself. If you learn to love yourself, you can then help yourself to become the person you want to be. Not just physically, but mentally too. I am a big supporter of exercise to help deal with depression and deal with your negative perspective of yourself. I don’t believe in no calorie diets without exercise. This might help you physically for a short period of time, but don’t you want to focus on the long-term?


9) What does your sports regimen looks like? Do you have a schedule?

I personally do not have an official timetable for my work out but I began doing classes called ‘power pump’ which introduced me to all these new exercises. I have been told that alternating the type of exercises is the most effective, as you can focus on each individual muscle group. Some more than others. For instance I focussed more on my glutes and searched for exercises on Instagram to help.

10) What do you think is the biggest bullshit hype in the fitness area?

In regards to the hypes in fitness areas, I do not believe there is a bullshit hype. Just the no-calorie, fruit juice or tea detox diets are what I am strongly against. I don’t believe in counting calories when it comes to toning and losing weight, as I have tried it before. The only thing it did for me was stress me out which in turn lead to me gaining weight again. Nevertheless I do have an app which shows the calories but I check it solely for guidelines and do not count the amount of calories I put in my body because I need them. Healthy calories will keep your metabolism moving. Of course, I have my cheat days, never beat yourself up for that. I was stricter on myself for the first 6-8 months by allowing myself one cheat day every two weeks but now I worry less about it, as I know exercise a fair amount and if I feel I ate too much, I just run an extra 5-10 minutes the next day. As this might help you lose weight in the short-term, it can truly effect your body negatively in the long-term (look it up if you don’t believe me!). If you do decide to do these diets, make sure you check with a dietitian first. Finding a balance for your diet is hard, so you try out different things. But the most important thing to do is to listen to your body! Your body is your temple, one of the most important things you should listen to.

Do you know or are you someone who has also gone through an amazing Fit journey? Send an e-mail to Your story could be the first or the final push of motivation towards the right direction


Why do girls call ‘losing weight and getting Fit’ a journey? An article inspired by my boyfriend

‘What is it with girls calling losing weight and getting Fit a journey?’ was my boyfriend’s question to me as we got ready to leave the house. After I made a comment about someone else’s fitness journey he started to laugh while he brushed his teeth. “You wouldn’t understand” I said. “It’s bulshit” was his answer “it’s just about eating less and exercising more”. This got me thinking, is that all there is to a fitness journey? In part he is right. It is about working out more and eating less. But that’s only the surface to it… 

It does not strike me as surprise that my boyfriend doesn’t really understand the concept of a fitness journey. To begin with he is a guy, and they are in most part more rational than women. Guys also see results much faster than women when they start working out and eating healthier. Plus, he has never been overweight. On the contrary, gaining weight for him is as difficult as it is for a girl with slow metabolism to lose weight. And last, he has never had an issue with food. He sees food for what it is, food. Unlike me, and many of other girls who see food as a an emotional pleasure. Yes I’m talking about binge eating, comfort eating or as the saying says “eating your emotions”. But enough about him. Let’s get to the point.


Why do we call losing weight and getting Fit a ‘journey’? Here are my thoughts about it:

On the surface the formula to lose weight is very straightforward and effective…if you are a robot. But once you add the human factor to it, the thing becomes tricky.

Before we get more deep, let’s first define the actual meaning of the word journey. According to the Oxford dictionary ‘journey’ can be either a verb or a noun. The first definition of it under the noun category is as follows: “an act of travelling from one place to another”. Ok this doesn’t add anything useful. But what about the second definition which says that journey is “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development”. Voilà, first proof that losing weight and becoming fit is indeed a journey. But why is this process so hard? And why is calling it a journey something some people don’t understand?

The challenges you face that no one tells you about in your Fit journey

There is probably a reason why you decided to start this process. Maybe you just felt you needed to be healthier. Or maybe you hit your lowest point and realized it was time to make a change. From what I’ve seen and my own experience I can say that usually it takes for someone to hit rock bottom to want to start this journey. And let me be clear about something. Everyone hits rock bottom in a different way. While for some hitting rock bottom may be gaining 5 kilos, for others it could be gaining 20. Hitting rock bottom means you have come to that place where you are unhappy with yourself.

As I was saying, there are some challenges you face when you are trying to lose weight and get Fit that no one tells you about. Perhaps because they never faced those obstacles themselves? Or perharps because when they did they decided to quit. Whichever is the real reason for some people losing weight is harder than for others.

Losing weight is hard when all you think about is food. Losing weight is hard when you’ve carried it with you for long. Losing weight is hard when you have a slow metabolism. Losing weight is hard when you are an emotional eater. Losing weight is hard when you live with people who don’t take care of what they eat in front of you. Losing weight is hard when you have so many bad habits. Losing weight is hard when you are not used to exercising. Losing weight is hard when you have low self-esteem. Losing weight is hard when you try and you don’t see results. Losing weight is hard for MANY reasons. And that is just the first part of the journey.


Once you lost the weight is time to get Fit and work out those muscles. But damn is this harder than anyone ever said it would be! You’ve come this far, you lost all the extra weight and now you want to have defined abs and arms. You hit the gym, the first 4 to 6 months your motivation is as high as it can be. You, however don’t see results as fast as you wished you would. You want to keep your motivation, but before you know it you have gotten yourself into a workout funk. “Why am I feeling less motivated to work out when a few months back I loved it?” You ask yourself. “Why don’t I see results?” You think. Then for some reason you find your motivation again and you keep going and continue your journey.

My point is, losing weight and keeping it off for good as well as getting fit is HARD. It is more than eating less and exercising more. It is wanting something and working hard towards it. It is not losing your patience. It is learning to eat less and healthier. It is learning to LOVE your body and nurture it. It is not eating that pizza you love. It is getting out of the couch even when you don’t feel like it. It is controlling your hunger and anxiety. It is following inspirational Instagram accounts. It is educating yourself when it comes to exercises. It is not being shy to make a full of yourself at the gym when you try an exercise for the first time. It is gaining strength, both in your muscles and in your mind. It is battling against bad habits, old demons, low self-esteem and above all that feeling of quitting.

Why is it a journey? Because you can’t do it overnight. It’s gonna take time, more than you think! It will be harder than you expect. You will want to quit and in fact you probably will do so at some point. It is going to cost sweat and pain but in the end when you get to where you want to be, then you realize it was worth it!


Dear boyfriend, does this answer your question?

Do you understand now, why we call losing weight and getting fit a journey, my love? Because it is a never-ending process for people who once have battle with unhealthy habits, unhealthy weight and unhealthy mindset. The journey never stops. It does gets easier at some point though. But along the way there will be falls. You will stop working out as often as before. You will gain some weight back. You will feel disappointed at some point for this. You will find it weird to adapt your new healthy lifestyle into your hectic life (both social and professional). You will get obsessed with your weight for a bit. You will strive to find balance. But at some point you will find it, and this journey will become your new lifestyle.

So next time you ask me, ‘why do girls call losing weight and getting fit, a journey’ my answer will be: “Because it is a long difficult process. It’s a process that tests your will, and its damn hard. And only people who have been in both sides of the coin will understand. The journey is not only about losing weight and getting fit. The journey is about learning to LOVE yourself that much that you want to be a better version of yourself ”

This article is dedicated to all my fellow Fit Girls who have found obstacles in their journey. I am perfectly aware that for some people their fitness journey is easier than for others. But if you at any point have thought about quiting, have had setbacks, have gained back the weight you initially lost, or whatever other obstacle you may have encounter. Then this article is for you as much as it is for me. I hope you liked reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know in the comments!


What I learned about weight loss

It’s not rocket science and we all know it: if you want to have a killer body just like Doutzen Kroes, you should not live the life of cookie monster. So why do we still all think it’s difficult, complicated or even impossible? Looking back at my own journey of losing 13kg, I can definitely say I made some big mistakes while I truly believed I was doing it all right!  

Especially for the lovely #FITGIRLCODE girls I want to talk about one of my biggest lessons learned. Why? Not because I like to show you my mistakes or “wrong-thinking”, but because I can imagine some girls think the same way and you might keep on struggling with the same weight-loss issues. So if you feel like each weight loss plan fails and ends up with no or slow progress, I hope that me sharing my experience and advice will give you a better understanding and new insights!

Lesson learned: Eat less = weight loss? WRONG!

I used to think that I had to eat less in order to lose weight and lose it fast. I felt so unhappy and sad in my own body that I was willing to try it – and so I did. I started with skipping the junk food, followed by skipping as much calories as I could and beat the hunger as long as I could. From that moment on I started dropping weight like crazy, and looking at the numbers on the scale you would expect me to be happy – right? NO! I soon realized the following:

  1.  I had to continuously consume less calories in order to make the same progress; that’s impossible!
  2.  Still wasn’t losing the fat roll
  3. Though the scale was telling me that I should feel happy, the truth is that I felt terrible! Worse than ever! Weak, pithless and tired. And NOT looking healthy at all!

Truth is…

Here comes the lesson learned! I lost water and no body fat at all. When un-feeding you body, your body has no fuel to function properly. It takes on a kind of “reserve modus” in which the “reserves” are saved as fat. The carb-shortage leaves you feeling tired, weak and pithless. It also causes disturbed sleep, digestion and the color in my face faded more and more. The results of my “eating less approach tactic” didn’t turn out as I expected and definitely wasn’t sustainable.

Never ever-ever-ever will I treat my body this way again! A.) because it’s wrong and B.) because I know better now. Nowadays I’m more happy with how I feel and look and that has all been accomplished by eating.. healthy and a lot! I learned to listen to my body and it made me stronger! Click here to read what I eat on a day and click here to read more about my transformation and see the before and after photos.

A picture says more than a thousand words, so see here my results: the left photo was me eating less calories and the right photo is me eating a lot (healthy food), eating carbs and I weigh 2 kg more.
weight loss

Hope you find this blog post helpful! If you need any tips, we’ve set up 5 tips for fat loss here.

With love,

P.S. Questions? Feel free to raise them in the comment section below or head over to the Foodie-ness blog:

15 of Ily’s favorite things

Time to get a little up close and personal with 15 of Ily’s favorite things. Some things might surprise you. I tag my sister Iris to do one too. Enjoy!

1. Favorite pet I ever had

I used to have goldfish when I was younger but they always died on me 🙁

2. Favorite meal out, ever

Warung Mini everytime, everything in that place I love!


3. Favorite food I’ve cooked

My scampi & spinach pasta is IMPECCABLE!

4. Favorite drink on a cold winter night

Starbucks’ no water-soya-chai-tea-latte.]

5. Favorite conversation I’ve ever had with a person

All the conversations about life I have with my sister Iris <3


6. Favorite movie of all time

Can’t choose one, but I love me some Tyler Perry movies

7. Favorite book of all time

La Negresse – Lawrence Hill

8. Teacher who changed my life, and why

My grandma, because she taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to

9. Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend

Shoes! and when I’m shopping with the sister its GYM CLOTHES!

10. Perfect day out – what, where, with whom

Gym  & Shopping – London- Iris

11. Favorite color

Black, I know that is not a color 😉

12. Favorite artist

Mary J. Blige

13. My greatest skill (past or current)

I have soul, I consider that a skill 🙂

14. The best advice I’ve ever been given

Don’t tell people about your dreams, show them

15. The best advice I’ve ever given

Be a boss, build an empire



Meet Shanice, our new fashion blogger

Hi girls! My name is Shanice and I’m very proud to introduce myself as a new member of the #FITGIRLCODE crew! I am 20 years old and a third year Fashion Business student. But how did a fashion addict like me end up at #FITGIRLCODE?

Ever since I was a little kid fashion and beauty had my interests. When I was 9 years old, all I did was dress up in my mother’s old clothes and draw outfits for me and my Barbies. I chose a study in Fashion Business, because I’m not creative enough to be a designer. My dream is to become a fashion editor, so that I can combine commercialism with creativity. Now that I’m almost graduated I want to take as much as opportunities as I can get to achieve my dream. When I spoke with #FITGIRLCODE about blogging, I couldn’t wait to start. So here I am! As a fashion and beauty blogger, I am going to keep you up-to-date regarding all fashion and beauty news that matters for a Fit Girl and some styling tips to show off your nice new booty!

Besides fashion and beauty I’m also into organic food and nutrition. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve been struggling with lactose intolerance and a very violent IBS. Lactose is a type of natural sugar found in milk and diary and is in almost every product with great taste. IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which means you have (in my case) heavy stomach ache everyday. Because of my lactose intolerance and IBS, I’m on a very strict diet which means no dairy products, chocolate, cookies, crisps, garlic, red meat, alcohol, carbonated drinks, spicy food and much more. In addition to my diet, I tried several things like hypnotherapy and the FODMAP-diet. None of them worked out very successfully for me so I’m still searching for new options and trying out several diets.

In the field of sports, there still is a lot to gain but I’m pretty sure that my new fit friends can help me with that!

If you have any questions about fashion, beauty, lactose intolerance and IBS or if you just want to chitchat, please do not hesitate to contact me: And if you want to see my fashion journey, you are free to follow me on Instagram!





A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ – PART 2

What’s working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ like? A few days ago we already gave you a peek into the daily activities of some of the girl bosses working at our office. Today this tour continues! Our team is expanding rapidly so there was not enough room in one article to introduce you to everyone. Discover what else we do besides eating a total amount 35 avocados per week and harassing the only guy that works at our office 😉

Shelley – Brand Relations Manager
“I’ve been with #FITGIRLCODE from the very start and saw it grow from zero to more than 100.000 unique visitors on the blog per month, which is incredible! I love being part of this amazing team and am always looking forward to being at the office. However, hosting a blog costs money, and since money doesn’t grow on trees (if anyone does have such a tree, please send over some seeds!) I try to earn us some by collaborating with other companies and provide you with awesome giveaways and reviews. For example, we’ve been shooting some pretty awesome videos a few weeks ago with Fit Girl Anne. It was such a cool day, especially because I got to taste all the food 😀 I can’t wait to hear what you think about the result. If you ever want to learn more about our experiences with a product or brand, let us know and I’ll try to fix a review for you! :)”


Nathalie – Content Specialist 
“If I have to pick one memorable moment from the past weeks or the upcoming weeks it’s when I had to take over the webshop for a couple of weeks. Danique was on holiday and so she was not able to do the shop. It was nervewrecking, stressful and new. But now, I feel really proud that I did it! Normally, I’m working on my influencer list which means I’m looking for influential people in the health sector on Instagram, blogs, YouTube etc. and I’m trying to get in contact with them. Furthermore, I’m writing a lot of creative texts for the #FITGIRLCODE or Jogha website. Therefore, I can honestly say that everyday is an adventure at #FITGIRLCODE HQ.”


Ruta – Online Marketing Trainee
“I have started to work at #FITGIRLCODE not that long ago, but it already feels like it’s been ages. I have already had experience with creating and managing social media accounts, modifying website content and very recently I had a hands on experience on affiliate marketing. Surprisingly, I have also been into numbers a lot, hence my passionate love for google analytics and ad campaigns. Lately I have come up with an idea to motivate the bloggers and show how great they are by creating “Articles of the Month”, which indicates the best readership having articles and their authors. It is hard to choose my favourite moment from the past weeks, but I guess it’s a tie between hearing loud neighbouring office parties and our personalities’ madness trying to blend in together and making a completely awesome mix. I enjoy it how cosy it is here and I wish everyone would have that at their workplace!”


Kim – Art Direction
“A year ago I decided to follow my passion and work as a creative freelancer. It was no coincidence that#FITGIRLCODE and I crossed each others path. The drive of Aranka’s ambition (owning the galaxy while riding an unicorn) was so contagiously that I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the team as well. From the beginning on I created a base of the brand identity of #FITGIRLCODE and I also designed the merchandise that is sold in the webshop. What I really love about our team is that we consist out of hard working and dedicated woman with a shared passion, and that is to make #FITGIRLCODE successful day in and day out. Next to working on a lot of projects for #FITGIRLCODE, I was also very fortunate to design the ‘lookbook’ and webshop of Jogha which gave me so much confidence in myself as a designer. I am very grateful to be part of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, working on awesome projects (the biggest one is yet to come…;)) and having the opportunity and freedom to develop myself as a better Art Director and Designer.”


Smilla – Social Media and Online Marketing Intern
“Being the Social Media and Online Marketing Intern, I have full exposure to all the work that is put behind all these playful and pretty images that we share on our many social networks. From scheduling posts and finding girls who share our vision, to motivating the Fit Girls to be my pretty models. Taking care of being constantly lovely both offline and online requires my full-time attention! You might not think so, but the life of collecting photogenic Fit Girl food and making attention grabbing selfies is a hard one (Okay, I’ll admit I really enjoy this stuff 😉 ) But most of all, my favorite part about this job is the constant need to be up to date! I absolutely love keeping up with online trends for most topics, and it just so happens that it is a characteristic that helps me a lot on this job.”


Are you an ambitious Fit Girl who wants to be part of our awesome crew? Send an e-mail to and tell us how the #FITGIRLCODE community can benefit from your super power.

We are especially looking for:

  • Talented graphic designer intern/trainee

  • Allround marketing communication intern/trainee

Orthorexia: when healthy becomes unhealthy

A while ago a popular blogger quit being vegan for health reasons, which quite shocked the online community. She was not concerned about gaining weight; her focus was on healthy eating so obsessively that she restricted her diet to the point of her getting malnourished. In her words, she told ABC News: “I would just stand in front of the refrigerator for 20 minutes totally panicking that I wasn’t going to be eating the right thing for my body. I was a slave to food.”

There’s a dangerous trend arising – living too healthy. You might have heard about it; this unhealthy obsession with healthy living is called ‘orthorexia’. This might shock some people, because isn’t healthy living healthy? Indeed living too healthy can be dangerous too, not just for your body, but especially for your mind.

Balance is key in a healthy lifestyle. That means taking rest days, having cheat days; not freaking out when you have no time exercise for a week, or eat ‘unhealthy’ for some days. There is a fine line between living healthy and living too healthy. It basically means listening to your body.

So what if you hate working out? Should you quit trying? Or what if you hate veggies and rather just eat chocolate ice cream all day? Of course you should exercise and eat healthy, but don’t overdo it. Being healthy also means healthy from the inside out. It is not just about six pack abs, popping biceps or making sure you get all your nutrients for the day.

Stay on the couch when you’re feeling sick or your body is aching – but do lace up those running shoes when you’re in the ‘ugh I don’t want to work out’-mood. Eat chocolate when it’s that time of the month. And don’t feel bad about it.

If you feel anxiety or panic when you have to do something out of your comfort zone regarding your ideas of ‘healthy living’, you should be aware, and maybe even warn someone. Living too healthy is not only dangerous for your body because you could get malnourished, but it is also dangerous for your mind as it can make you feel isolated and depressed.

Being a Fit Girl is not about exercising hours a day or just eating veggies. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself the healthy way; it’s about loving yourself

Upcoming TV series you must watch

Sometimes I just like to be not-so-FITGIRLCODE and snuggle up on the couch with my new bestie: Netflix. and my old besties chocolate and tea. Not just for a while…nope. I’m talking about a couple of hours! I’m not that much of a television type but I just love to watch TV series. Knowing how many episodes there are still to come and not having to wait until the next one is just awesome! Want to know for which TV series you should definitely should push the play button this year? Stay tuned!


Never heard of this one before? Shame on you and go watch it immediately! It tells the story of Nicholas Brody, a former marine who returns home after 8 years of captivity in Iraq. This thrilling, exciting and astonishing serie should definitely be on number 1. And there is good news: The show is set to air 12 new episodes in 2015. Don’t worry if you missed earlier seasons! Just watch one episode and you will end up at season five within a week for sure!

Read all about it here!

Orange is the New Black
Funny, yet a bit dark and sometimes heartbreaking. This TV serie tells the story of Piper Chapman. She is in her mid-thirties and sentenced to fifteen months of prison for a decade-old crime. Piper is really doing her best to behave nicely between all the other female inmates but that’s not as easy as it seems. Even though she struggles with her new life in jail she manages to grow some friendships. But with friends come enemies. All the characters in the show are so ‘real’ that you just can’t stop watching. The episodes are both hilarious and heartbreaking and that’s what makes it awesome!

Read all about it here!

Fifty shades of Grey
Even though this isn’t really a serie I still think it belongs here. Just because it’s Fifty Shades. You probably loved it or hated it but I’m sure most of us are going to watch this as soon as it’s released the 12th of January! At least there are three parts so it’s kind of a miniserie right! Let’s see how Mr. Grey and Ana work out on screen instead of paper!

Read all about it here!


Heroes (mini serie)
Yay! Heroes is about to return as a Miniserie in 2015! The original serie is about a group of four people that slowly realise they have extraordinary powers. Until the release the show will be shrouded in secrecy but we can be sure there are going to be some layers added to the original series. Let’s hope for some nice surprises and superpowers!

Read all about it here!

Eye Candy
This show is about a A New York woman that suspects that one of her online dates is a serial killer. We can not miss out on this one, right? Sounds way too thrilling!

Read all about it here!

A comedy that follows two couples living under the same roof who struggle to keep their relationships alive while pursuing their individual dreams. “Some people have it all figured out, these are not those people” is the headliner of this show. Sounds a bit like ‘Friends’ meets ‘Big bang theory’. The first season (8 episodes) are released on January 11th, ready to watch!

Read all about it here!


We suggest you turn on that television, get yourself ready and have some fun watching one or more of these series. Let us know what you think of them and which one you liked most! 


Sweaty Confessions #5

Once every two weeks, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

In April 2014 I hired a personal trainer to help me loose some weight. I never did really any sports so I thought it was a great idea to search for some help. At the gym, I already felt really awkward. What am I going to do? Will everybody look at me and, especially, are we going to work out inside or outside? Eventually, we were working out in a room full with other people. And yes, we were going to do the squat. He showed me how to do it and after that I had to do it as well. It didn’t feel good. When I went down for the first time, I already felt that my tights were really tight. And I was already going down carefully. Then my trainer said: no, you should go much lower.. So I told my personal trainer: I don’t know if that’s going to work… But my personal trainer just wouldn’t let me. He wanted me to do it! I should’ve known it, my tights just ripped and there I was in my bare naked butt. I was so ashamed! I grabbed my towel really quickly and went home as soon as I could. Luckily, my personal trainer said that I could redo this training.

#2. Confession

I went to hot yoga and started to smell a lot of garlic. I was thinking to myself: who in the world is eating so much garlic and is smelling so badly. I was kind of getting angry at that person and started looking around. That’s the time that I realised I just ate a lot of garlic and it was myself that I was smelling. I got so embarrassed and I hoped that no one else smelled me and got angry at me. I’m never going to eat garlic again before I’ll join a hot yoga class!

#3. Confession

After a hard day at work I went home with the subway. I was daydreaming and thinking about a lot of things that happened during the day, because it was a really stressful and busy day. At one point, a guy came out to say something to me and I was like: huh? Then he said: “pardon madame, there’s a leaf on your head.” Because I was so busy thinking about my day, I didn’t notice I had something on top of my head! I now realise that it’s actually kind of funny now that I think about it.

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

Sporty Chique

If you spend a lot of time in the gym, your sports clothes become just as important as your ‘normal clothes’. You don’t want to be seen in the same outfit everytime you’re doing your workout. Moreover, new sports clothes are a good motivation to keep you going when you’re in a fit dip. 


Nowadays, you see a lot of sports clothes and sneakers outside of the gym. According to us, this is a really good development! Don’t get us wrong, we love high heels and a beautiful dress, but sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing all of those clothes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should wear your worn out jogging pants with some flipflops and white socks. There are the most beautiful alternatives that feel just as comfortable. The sporty chique trend is now reaching its highest levels. Even on the catwalk you’ll see that outfits are more often combined with sneakers and models are wearing the most fashionable leggings. It looks like the fashion world is getting more and more acceptable towards the always-on-the-go woman and we think this is a nice development! Honestly, can you go back and forth for a whole day on heals? We think it’s physically impossible.


Nowadays, you can go grocery shopping or drink a cup of coffee with your friends in a bar in your fashionable sports clothes. Of course, don’t fool yourself by only socializing in your sports outfit. Wear these leggings during a killer workout as well. If you feel good in what you wear, you can truly shine in what you’re doing!

Be sure to go to our webshop, because there are no shipping costs! Every order over 75 EUR in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany won’t have any shipping costs. Also every order over 150 EUR worldwide will also have no shipping costs. YAY! Be sure to order quick so you’ll have your goodies before xmas!


The basic guide to working out on your period

We all know when it’s that time of the month again. You get more emotional, you feel less comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and working out sucks. Yes, we’re talking about being on your period, crossing the red sea, not being pregnant or whatever you want to call it. But did you know that working out while you’re on your period is actually a good thing? Although, you should try to avoid some yoga moves…

Working out while being on your period can help you enormously. When you’re working out you’re battling and fighting against your constant headache, pain, cramps and fatigueness which is a good thing. Also, by working out you release endorphins that will make you feel better afterwards. So when you don’t feel like exercising when you’re having that time of the month again, just go for it! It can really help you to relax. So try to go out for a run or a walk or go swimming or dancing.

However, what can you do to prepare yourself for the gym?

– Wear the right protection: When you work out, sanitary pads aren’t the best solution. Try to use tampons or a mooncup.

– Wear safe clothes: Usually when I work out when I’m on my period, I wear black clothes. In case I will have a little ‘accident’, hardly anyone will see it.

– Listen to your body: If you have a really nasty period and cramps, don’t try to overdo it. Listen to your body and sometimes it’s just better to stay at home and rest.

– Drink a lot of water. You’re loosing a lot of blood so it is important to stay hydrated and to eat well before you start working out. (usually 1 – 2 hours beforehand otherwise you can get other stomach cramps and you already have enough of that ;)).


Moreover, do not try out some yoga moves. Yoga can sometimes be the devil when it comes to working out on your period. You should try to avoid inverted poses. Inverted poses stretch your uterus and this is not what you want at this particular moment in time. Your uterus is already working really hard and these moves can overstretch the uterus which can cause excessive menstrual flow.

So ladies, go work out and do your exercises!

Sweaty confessions #4

Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

I was friends with a guy for quite a long time and we always talked about awesome movies. We were talking about a movie and it turned out we both still wanted to see it, so he suggested to watch it together. Since I was dating someone else at that moment (which he knew of) and we had been friends for a while, I thought it was solely friendship between us and I didn’t see any harm in watching a movie together. However, as soon as I arrived at his place, he started to make moves, such as ‘Oh wow you look so good tonight!’ although I was just wearing a plain old sweater. While watching the movie he did the classic fake-yawn and put his arm around me, after which he huddled closer and closer. Only then it hit me: this is a date. Shit. I had to avoid a lot of kissing attempts and endured many awkward hugs that night. Finally when the movie ended I mumbled that I really had to go home immediately because I still had some homework. Awkward!

#2. Confession

My last vacation was in Turkey and in Turkey they have a lot of bidets. Well, I actually really liked those kind of things and so that’s why I used them all the time. At one point, me and my friends went out for dinner and I was wearing a tight bodysuit. I was going to the bathroom, and of course I was using the bidet, just like I was used to doing in Turkey. However, this was a different bidet. When I pushed the button a really hard trinkle of water bursted out of the bidet and the whole back of my bodysuit was soaking  wet. Luckily, I had a vest on me to cover it up, but I will be a bit more careful next time I’ll use a bidet.

#3. Confession

I started weightlifting a couple of months ago. My favorite exercise was a squat in a squat rack. I squatted with pretty heavy weights (up to 60 kilograms). One day, unfortunately, the squat rack was occupied by a couple of muscled boys, doing biceps curls. So I asked them if they could move. I mean, you don’t need a whole squat rack to do biceps curls, right? One of the boys stepped up to me, and said he wanted to show me his favorite squat move. And before I knew it, he grabbed me and he threw me over his shoulders, and started doing squats with me as his weight! He put me back on my feet gently and all his friends started laughing. Afterwards, they left, so I could use my squat rack. Frankly I didn’t know whether to laugh with them, or punch him in the face! And my favorite exercise squatting has never felt the same since…!

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

Sweaty Confessions #3

Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

This is one of the awkward situations during one of the group lessons in my gym. We had to make crunches while we were in a cross-legged position. I was wearing loose shorts and I didn’t notice that the others could look into my shorts during my crunches. Apparently, everyone could see my neon pink panties including the cute looking gym instructor. Luckily, one of my BFFF’s saved me as soon as she noticed that I had to cover up the situation down there. I learned my lesson and from now on I’ll think twice about what I’m wearing before I’ll go to the gym.

#2. Confession

My best friend and I were in a huge fight and I was pretty upset about it. However, I was also quite angry with her, so I decided to poor my heart out to a common friend. I let her read my Whatsapp conversation in which my best friend said some pretty nasty stuff that really hurt my feelings. Our common friend started to comment on the whole Whatsapp conversation. However, little did she know that the tip of her finger was on the microphone of the Whatsapp conversation. This meant she recorded a whole voice message of her saying things about my best friend that weren’t so nice. You can guess what happened, the voice message was send to my best friend. She was even more angy and now both of us aren’t friends with her anymore. Still, I consider it as a good thing, because my former best friend was actually constantly hurting my feelings.

#3. Confession

I just had a boyfriend and things were getting quite serious. But here’s the thing, I usually don’t like to do a number two in someone’s house and especially not in my new boyfriend’s house. So when he went to the shower, I went to the toilet. He didn’t have any air refreshener so I burned a match to cover up the smell. Normally, people understand when you’re doing these kind of things. However, when my boyfriend came out of the shower, he was like: “what’s that smell?” and “why did you do this?” It was so embarrassing, that I had to admit that I did a number two and that I lightened a match to cover up the smell. Luckily, this didn’t have any consequences for our relationship, because we are still very happy together.

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

The week of a CEO on sneakers

This week was insane. So much has happened. I’ve had three incredibly big milestones in one week. Imagine the rollercoaster I am riding right now…So to keep you updated, I thought it’d be nice to give you a little overview of all the events of this week!

 The week of a CEO on sneakers

jogha lancering aranka

Jogha – release your inner badass

I cannot even express how awesome Monday was. A year ago I decided to quit my job and start chasing my dreams, which meant creating a fashionable, luxury sportswear brand for women: Jogha. And this week it finally happened.. With a team of dedicated girl bosses, we launched Jogha! The site looks amazing (thanks to the awesome designer Kim Antler) and the presale started this Monday.  Make sure to visit the website and check out all the incredible fashionable sportswear we created just for you!


loft aranka

Moving into my dream house

And if that wasn’t enough, I also moved into my dream house with my dream guy (and Mr. Cooper Cat of course). It is a almost 100 year old loft apartment with roof terrace and the most beautiful brick wall! Although I am still unpacking boxes, the place already feels like home.

viva400 aranka

 Viva400 Award

This was such an incredible night. #FITGIRLCODE won the Viva400 Award in the category Online! Laura and I collected the award for the entire #FITGIRLCODE team. Nearly 39.000 votes were casted and the jury decided that it were the Fit Girls who deserved the award. If I haven’t thanked you enough yet: thank you Fit Girls! You are amazing!

Honestly, I don’t think any week in the future can match this one! But a girl can dream 🙂 

Sweaty confessions #1

Today, is the first blog of our new weekly column: Sweaty Confessions. Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. This week, we have some stories of the Fit Girls who are working at #FITGIRLCODE. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

A couple of years ago I was madly in love with this one guy. We kind of got along until one evening. I accidentally bumped into him in a bar with my sister. However, this didn’t go as planned. At the end of the evening, this guy was so incredibly rude to ask us if we wanted to ‘do something’ together (if you know what I mean). I was so grossed out that I immediately blocked him on every social media platform and didn’t speak to him ever again. Until.. I saw him again. In the gym. During a training. It was so incredibly awkward. I didn’t know where to look or what to say. I really didn’t feel comfortable during my workout. The sad thing is that each time I went to the gym I was afraid I would bump into him again and for that reason I just couldn’t train there anymore.

#2. Confession

For some reason, my bowels always start to work when I start running and this often brings me in some pretty unsophisticated and awkward situations. One time I was happily running after a night of heavy partying. Everything was going well until I felt a sudden urge to do a number two. It was so bad that I had the cramps. So what I did next was kind of embarrassing, but there was no other way to do it! With my boyfriend on watch, I sneaked into the forest for a number two. I know that it was the best decision at that time, but when I think about it I still feel really ashamed.

#3. Confession

When I was in high school everyone had to prepare a gym lesson. I already was kind of nervous since I don’t like to present in front of a big group, but I did it anyway. My pick was yoga. I prepared a lot of exercises and everything was going well until one particular exercise… I farted in front of the whole class! I felt like dying at that moment in time. Now I think of it as a funny story especially since I now know that a lot of women have gone through the same as I did when doing some yoga positions, but at that time I felt pretty uncomfortable.

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 


When is good, good enough?

Sometimes I’m having a hard time being satisfied with the fact that I just went for a 5K run. Not because the run didn’t go well or I didn’t enjoy it, purely because of this little voice inside my head that says that 5K is not enough.  ”I should really go for a 10K next time. And don’t forget your strength. It’s about time that you have a killer CrossFit training again.” Sounds familiar?

One month ago I decided to commit to the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. From the beginning on, I said I would stick to it for four weeks, and then see. I enjoyed the past month so much. Working out 5 times a week and really seeing results, it made me feel so good! I pushed myself through the Kayla workouts with the realization I only needed to do this just a couple of times more. So when the end of the month came and I started to dislike the workouts, at least I knew it would be almost over. At the end of the month I could try two things: just keep on going with the Kayla guide, or come up with a routine that feels more sustainable. I wanted to go for the latter.

Be satisfied with every work out!
So there you have it. Me going on a run instead of going to the gym. I wanted to get some fresh air and just really felt like running rather than working out indoors. I personally think I should be happy with the fact that I even felt like running and just did that, but this perfectionist inside me sees other girls on instagram giving 200% at their circuit training, and does not feel satisfied. These days there is such an enormous offer of kick ass workouts that ‘just a workout’ feels like it’s not good enough anymore. And it’s a shame.

So here is to being satisfied with any workout! Being content with your workout even though it didn’t go as great as you had in mind. Or be happy with that 5 minute ab routine that you did this morning. Or sticking to the burpee challenge for 5 days in a row – YES also if it’s the 5 first and easiest days in the schedule. Not perfect is good as well and you are doing preeetty awesome! 


Fit Girl Slip-Up (aka PB overdose)

Usually I have one cheat day a week, where I eat whatever I want. Not last week. 

I had a weak moment with (crunchy) peanut butter and medjools on Tuesday. Read: A Lot of medjools and pb. Followed by Ben&Jerry’s.

It was totally okay, I felt fine, was like ah well, that was my cheat day for this week. Then Wednesday night I grabbed the pb jar along with the box of medjools again. When I finished the medjools, I didn’t stop with the pb; I grabbed a spoon. I remembered I still had a raw cacao bar, and dipped the bar in the pb jar (tasted quite good actually haha). Continued with pb and a spoon. Then it hit me I still had regular dates lying around, yay!


I think you get the situation; there was no stopping until the pb jar was almost empty and I was so nauseous and stuffed that I barely slept that night. Next day I felt extremely bleh and my stomach was really upset. I don’t feel really good about it but I don’t feel guilty and I don’t panic. There was a time when this was different but I got a little bit older and calmer and I realize that there’s always a tomorrow.

So as a Fit Girl, why am I sharing this? 

Because even a Fitgirl has off days; we are all human. Some days we just need a whole jar of pb, and I want you to know that’s okay! Enjoy it, accept it and move on. One slip-up won’t make you less of a Fit Girl – not even 100 slip-ups. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Are you experiencing difficulties getting your mojo back? Here are some tips to help you.


You guys made the sweater!

A little while ago we asked you guys which sweater we should make next. Almost all of you wanted both and hey, maybe we’ll just do that. But for now the majority of you voted for the awesome  I Am Sorry For What I Said When I was Hungry. YAY! So here it is, specially made for all you Fit Girls worldwide. Hope you’re as happy as we are! 



Fit Girl Nathalie:” I love the ‘I Am Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry’ quote. It’s totally applicable to my life since I sometimes can turn into a real hangry bitch when I’m hungry. I think many girls can relate to this. And we have some good news for you, this awesome sweater is now available in the webshop!”



Tank Top Time WIT


Fit Girl Anna: “I think ‘No Pants Are The Best Pants’ is the best quote ever. I love it when you get back home from work, get rid of those thight pants and just relax on your couch. That’s why this quote totally fits my lifestyle when I am home alone…I like to run around naked 🙂 ”


Tote Mermaid ZWART (2)



Fit Girl Bella: “I believe that ‘Reasons To Be A Mermaid: No Thigh Gap, No Pants, Free Clam Bra’ is the perfect quote, because, you know, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid and have all of those privileges? That’s why I also have the Mermaid tote in my collection of bags.




Fit Girl Danique: “My favorite quote is ‘My Abs Are Like My Boyfriend, I Don’t Have A Boyfriend.’ I don’t have abs and I don’t have a boyfriend, that’s why I think this quote is hilarious. I’m working die hard on my abs though;)! And some more good news, we’re going to have this quote printed on one of our new tank tops soon!


Now that we have shown you our favorite quote, we would really like to know if you have one! Let us know in the comment section!  

My Holiday Workouts

I see workout opportunities everywhere and I love to be active during a holiday. For some inspiration for your next holiday, I will share how I stayed fit during mine in Portugal!

Mountainbiking & biking

Mountainbiking and biking are great ways to spend a day and it’s an adventurous way to discover the area. Great for your legs as well. Actually, even your arms start to hurt after a while hihi.. and you use some core strength going down those rocky roads!



Kayaking required some team effort, and we were actually pretty good at it! That’s why I think I enjoyed this the most haha.. My arms and shoulders were pretty tired at the end of the day, but in a satisfying way. We kayaked across the caves in the Algarve, which was stunning!


HIIT & Running

During or after sunset, I “enjoyed” some HIIT workouts a few times. High intensity interval training is awesome, because you don’t need hours of working out to feel and get results. I can really recommend the HIIT workouts by Kayla Itsines; they’re simple, but really, really tough. As ‘equipment’ I used stairs and benches. Also I went for a run a few times; make sure you take your running shoes with you on holiday, because you can run everywhere!


On holiday, I almost do everything by foot; there is no need to hurry on holiday, so why should you grab the bus when you can easily walk? I think I’ve walked about one to two hours a day on average – there were some days were I walked the whole day. Walking is underrated – you should try it sometimes, it’s calming and a great low-impact exercise.

2014-07-25 16.29.30


Surfing turned out to be way more difficult than I thought. You have to be very patient when surfing, because not only does it take some time to learn, but it can also take some time for the right wave to come along. The waves were so strong one day that I almost tore my bicep haha.. After a day of surfing I was exhausted, now I know why they call it an ‘extreme sport’..!



Having rest days is so important, because that is the way your muscles can recover and grow. And during a holiday, it shouldn’t be all about ‘working out’, but also about doing nothing! Enjoy the good food and just relax; the gym is still waiting for you when you get back home 😉


Tell me about your holiday workouts! What did you do to stay fit?