Can sitting cause anxiety?

When life gets hectic it’s important to find some time to yourself to slow things down so that you don’t become overwhelmed and anxious by a busy schedule. A recent review of international studies highlights a link between sitting for long periods of time and anxiety. So what if your chosen relaxation activity of watching your favourite TV show or online shopping, is actually making you more anxious?

A research group from Australia conducted a new review of nine international studies on anxiety and highlighted there was evidence to link the amount of time people spent sitting down every, with the risks of feeling anxious. For some of us it’s unavoidable with 40-hour weeks in the office (which many of us commute to by car or public transport) to spend a good portion of day your sitting down. And we Fit Girls might have super powers but it still takes a lot of thought to plan things to make life easier. This itself can add to the worries and anxiety, so it’s not uncommon to feel anxious about how you are going to do everything that needs done, when your personal or professional schedule fills up.

Although none of the data across the varying studies prove that sitting causes anxiety, its important to think about in an age when many of us spend at least 9 hours a day sitting down. Then there is the issue of how you spend your free time. Just when you think you are doing the right thing by indulging in some me time to curl up on the couch and catch up on your favourite TV show, it seems this might not help you relax after all. But what comes first? Is it the activities we spend our time on whilst sitting that contributes to feeling anxious, or is it the being seated part?

Lead researcher of the study, Megan Teychenne of Deakin University’s Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, in Australia stated that the relationship between sitting and anxiety could be indirect due to people losing sleep from spending too much time online or in front of the TV. But she says it could also be more direct, if the activity is stimulating the nervous system, like with video gaming. If you love nothing more than to scroll through all of your social media in your free time, then this activity itself might also contribute to the knots tying in your stomach – a UK study in 2012 found that social media contributed to uncomfortable feelings through negatively comparing ourselves to others and with it FOMO (fear of missing out).

This adds even more reasons to trust that exercising is a great way to relax. We read it often that exercise is one of the best stress relievers, especially when the post workout endorphins kick in. But if a 45-minute gym class doesn’t sound like your idea of winding down, this review supports the importance of getting onto your feet throughout the day. It is recommended to be on your feet at least two hours in a day, so those who spend their working days seated, should make this a priority. If this sounds like it would have your employer twitching then get creative and try to stand every 20 – 30 minutes. If you’ve been killing it at drinking more water this won’t be too much of a problem as you’ll probably need to get up for the bathroom often!

Although it’s kind of like a chicken or the egg scenario, researchers have come to one conclusion: people need to stand and move. Although it might seem impossible when you need to catch up to the same episode of Game of Thrones as your friends, choosing to go a walk with friends, will be more relaxing than time spent alone on Instagram and gives you that important social time. When you are feeling anxious, think about the reasons why and do what you can to help ease it. If it’s something you can’t change, then try to accept the uncomfortable feelings rather than mindlessly doing anything in the hope that it will distract and relax you! 


CardiWOW workout-10-2-10 Torch

Either you love it or you hate it: Cardio, the one thing in working out land everyone has an opinion on.

I will not get in to that discussion, don’t worry, but we all know everything regarding working out should be in moderation, so I wouldn’t advice anyone to overdo anything. Not in the cardio department and neither in the lifting department. Nevertheless, I find myself doing some well needed cardio, like this CardiWOW workout-10-2-10 Torch, on a weekly basis, just to keep the juices flowin’ you know what I’m sayin 🙂 and of course to work on my stamina and endurance for my life as a LEAN.MEAN.#BEASTMODE.MACHINE.


This 10-2-10 Calorie Torching Workout by Cosmo Body, brought to you by the #FIT and fabulous, Astrid Swan – Mcguire,  will have your heart rate through the roof and your shirt drenched in sweat in less than 13 minutes.

The workout consists of only 4 moves that are repeated in 1 set consisting of a countdown from 10 to 1 repetitions : Do 10 reps of each move. Once you’ve completed all 4 moves, go back to the beginning and do 9 reps.

Completed all 4 moves? Then start at the beginning and do  1 rep. Continue counting up until you get to 10 again.

You’ll need a set of dumbbells to complete this workout and will find yourself doing
1. Split Lunges
2. Overhead Press
3. Dumbbell Rows
4. Rotational Mountain Climbers

Well, everything  is said I guess. Now it is up to you to make it work. I’m rooting for you!
Let me know how it went in the comments or contact me via instagram @ily_fitgirl.

Funny Paleo Diet review to make you reconsider trying diet trends

Do you know someone who is always the first to try out a new trend? Maybe it’s the new superfood, latest ‘best exercise’ or the kitchen appliance that supposedly ‘no one can live without’. We are in favour of trying out new things. However when it comes to dieting, adopting a whole new of eating because everyone else is doing it, is not a guaranteed quick start to a journey of success. We want to share one woman’s review of the Paleo Diet that had us all chuckling and proves that jumping on the latest bandwagon (even if it’s a veggie filled one) won’t change your life overnight. 

If you have never heard of said Paleo Diet here are the basics you need to know to get you up to speed. Actually called the Paleolithic Diet, is claimed to be “the world’s healthiest diet” because it involves cutting out all refined food. Known as the Paleo or Cave Man diet, this diet is based on eating food in it’s most basic form to replicate what and how we ate back in the day of the hunter gatherer – so it does make sense sense that this is a healthy way to eat. No junk food, nothing processed, lots of protein and all fresh. The basic premise of what to eat and what not to eat goes like this.


  • Grass-produced meats
  • Fish/seafood
  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)


  • Cereal grains
  • Legumes (including peanuts)
  • Dairy
  • Refined sugar
  • Potatoes
  • Processed foods
  • Salt
  • Refined vegetable oils

The article titled, I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything gives a pretty good indication of how this woman felt about her experience in trying the Paleo diet. Read the full article here which includes unattractive pictures, rants and even an unappetizing recipe that she warns not to try. This article made the rounds amongst the Fit Girls and had us laughing so we thought we just had to share it with you! Following this diet strictly might be harder for some people than others but even if you already eat fresh and unprocessed healthy food it would require you to have even more imagination in the kitchen! You’d have to reconsider how to make your salads without lentils or chickpeas and then there’s the question of is quinoa paleo or not?! What a mind field if you’re looking for a quick fix to a healthy diet!

We are not here to give the verdict on the Paleo diet saying it’s good or bad. However we wanted to share this with you as a reminder that the latest trends might seem great fun to keep up to date with, but they are not a quick fix.  We are in favour experimenting with what food makes your body feel good, but we suggest that you don’t endure something which makes you miserable! If you follow a Paleo diet tell us how you keep it interesting. Or maybe you could try the recipe she doesn’t recommend and let us know in the comments if it’s really so bad!

Do DIY body slimming wraps really work?

Slimming wraps have been on the beauty parlour treatment list for a while, but they have an expensive price tag for unreliable and mixed results. Recently some women have been trying a home made version to replicate the treatment and have taken to using Saran wrap and bandages to turn themselves into human sushi. A DIY body slimming wrap might seem like the perfect solution to save you some cash or worth trying just out for the laughs – what do you have to lose? (Other than hopefully a few inches.)

Body wraps are a treatment that have existed with the purpose of moisturizing, cleansing and toning the skin. Beauty brands continue to develop body wrap products along with their claims of their effects such as detoxifying the body and the skin in attempts to encourage women to fork out with the belief this quick fix will help get their jeans zipped up more comfortably. Among the claims of what body wraps are capable of achieving, is their ability to actually help you lose a couple of inches around your stomach and arms, tone up and to make a desired body part more firm. Online testimonials even provide ‘evidence’ that they actually can achieve this. But how does it work?

Wrap it up

Typically the body is prepared with a lotion or oil containing ingredients such as tea tree and then a thermal or plastic blanket is wrapped around the body, tightly enough to apply pressure but not so much as to be uncomfortable. Variations of seaweed, algae and foil wraps have also been developed and claims include their ability to minimize cellulite by releasing toxins from the body. It’s claimed that they are better suited to areas such as upper arms and the stomach, rather than thighs. Among the advocates of slimming wraps are celebrities who use them before an event or on a film set, in order to feel their best and little more comfortable in figure hugging dresses. It’s probably fair to say that average women who has less time on their hands, isn’t so interested in lying in the beauty parlor listening to mood music of the ocean lapping on the beach but purely want the results.


DIY disasters

Cheaper home slimming body kits are increasingly more popular but if wasn’t a good enough, there are also DIY tutorials on Youtube showing you how to replicate the same effect with supplies all available from the supermarket. Yes, the same unproven results. The fact is, what is really working is the wrap making your skin sweat, releasing water from your body.  Celebrity dermatologist Dendy Engelman M.D. told Shape that people who are prone to dehydration and kidney problems should especially stay away from slimming wraps. She also says that with continued use, the wraps might actually reduce the quality of skin, because any ‘results’ are effects of the loss of water from the body. Other worrying side effects of the DIY trend, is that some people make the mistake of wrapping the film or bandage far too tightly resulting in excessive discomfort and even bruising. One Pinterester, saw a DIY wrap on her newsfeed and decided to give it a shot but reviewed that she felt like her internal organs were being pushed up her throat. She said, “after deciding that I could no longer breathe, I unwrapped my miracle wrap. I looked the same except for the strange bruising around my torso from the wrap cutting off my circulation.” Less alarming but another to keep in mind, dehydration is a primary cause of wrinkles so you could also be prematurely ageing your skin.

Slimming solutions

If you have done any research into ways to seriously reduce cellulite or lose weight then you might be familiar with the importance of staying hydrated. At #FITGIRLCODE we are constantly talking about the need to drink plenty of water and sharing tips on how to drink more. Increasing your water permanently means there’s no need to do any kind of pre party slimming wrap because keeping hydrated is one of the principle ways to beat feeling bloated. But don’t be disappointed if you are still looking for methods to actively improve the appearance of your skin. Instead, try foam rolling. This is a completely safe method to promote circulation achieved by massaging, rather than restricting an area of the body. And it’s beneficial for relaxing your muscles as part of stretching too.

So do they really work? It seems they work at getting people talking and releasing water through sweating. Although such trends might worth trying anyway, body wraps appear to be yet another ‘slimming’ fad that cause more problems than they are worth. At #FITGIRLCODE we want to help you find ways to be happier in your skin without wasting your time and money. Instead of sitting wrapped up for an hour waiting on a miracle to happen, grab a bottle of water and trying going for a walk and let the fresh air and extra movement naturally relieve bloating and promote circulation.

5 fitness trainers to the stars that will get you red carpet ready

As a celebrity, it is in the job description to look awesome as much as is humanly possible so it’s no wonder many of them have personal trainers to keep them in shape. This kind of training might seem out of reach but with Instagram and the rest of that amazing thing called the internet, their workouts and advice are not limited to a VIP client list. Whether you are inspired motivational quotes, seeing a sweaty selfie from your favourite celebrity or beautiful sculpted bodies, these 5 celebrity fitness trainers to the stars let you into their workout world without the heavy price tag.

We present five trainers that have worked with some of the hottest bodies on the red carpet. These trainers work hard for their clients but you don’t have to be a celebrity to receive their expertise. All of these trainers have developed their own fitness style that you can take part in through an online subscription. Or you can follow their social media to get the insider scoop on the latest fitness trends of your favourite celebrities!

The Viking Method

Svava states on her website that she bases her techniques on the fact that Icelandic men have won the worlds strongest man competition more often than any other nation. With clients including Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse, she has developed an all out training method that delivers results! Check out her Instagram account to see workout videos and get be motivated by her sculpted body and pushing her clients hard.

Ballet Beautiful 

A favourite amongst Victoria’s Secret Angels including Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss, Mary Helen Bowers has created a fitness technique based on her professional ballet background. She brings together the athleticism and strength needed to sculpt the body of a dancer. She also trained Nathalie Portman for her Oscar winning role in Black Swan. For any girl who used to dream of being a ballerina, follow her beautiful Instagram account which will inspire you stand a little taller and carry yourself with grace.

Body By Simone

If you didn’t start following Simone after seeing Victoria’s Secret Model Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s workout (check it out here) then you really need to follow her now! Her fitness concept is not limited to celebrities and you can head to her website to subscribe to BBS TV and join her programme which  incorporates dance moves, pilates and strength training to create a fun, energetic and tough workout. Check out her Instagram to get a glimpse of some of her celebrity clients in LA, New York and London and videos of her team putting the classes through their paces.

Mandy Ingber 

Jennifer Anniston described Mandy as a teacher who lets you discover your own style of yoga and her other clients include Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Beckinsale. She offers so much more than instructions for yoga poses as her Yogalosophy shows her yoga hybrid as a practice of life and not a fitness fad. She writes a personal blog and includes music playlists on her website for every kind of mood. Follow her to be reminded to take a breath and appreciate what you have while working towards a better version of yourself.

Tracy Anderson

Follow Tracy Anderson’s account to see her attending star studded events as she has achieved celebrity status in her own right. This is no wonder, as The Tracy Anderson Method is the programme behind the incredible bodies of Gywneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. Even though her best known celebrity clients are women, she offers online regimes tailored to every individual from complete beginners, to teenagers and even men.

Ok so we know following these fitness trainers to the stars is really just the first step! So, be sure to check out all of their resources so that you can get a workout that will get you red carpet ready, just like your favourite celebrity. Tell us in the comments below who your celebrity fitness inspiration is and maybe we can uncover their methods to add to your workout, and mix it up! 

What to look for while searching for a (new) GYM!

Finding a place where you feel comfortable to workout can be absolutely nerve wrecking, exciting, draining and complex all together. Depending on how particular you feel about all the aspects in regard to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can become quite a task. Because I am a sharer, you know I just can’t help myself 🙂  I decided to help you out by giving you three pointers that will make everything a little easier in your quest on what to look for while searching for a (new) gym.


Practice what you preach
Before I go on to share my tips I will let you in on this first. I myself  recently opted for trying out a SPANKING and BADASS new gym too and THE FITNESS STUDIO (TFS, for short), located in Nieuwegein, near Utrecht was my gym of choice. This gym just opened its doors in April 2015 and after reading about this hot new facility via Facebook I just knew I had to go there. I contacted the owner, personal trainer
Jim Davids and asked him if I could come to visit and see for myself what the gym had to offer. He responded really quick and enthusiastic and suggested to make an appointment to come and try some things out. I was even allowed to bring a fellow gymrat with me, so I invited @ily_fitgirl to join in on the fun.

Zaal binnen


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Try it to believe it: get your own Libresse Multistyle trial package

A while ago I shared my personal experience about Libresse Multistyle Panty liners. I was never a big fan of panty liners. I found them sticky and they’d always wrinkle up like a wad of paper in my underwear. Up until I received a trial pack of Libresse’s new Multistyle panty liners. These DO fit in every type of underwear. Thanks to the flexible sides you can fold, the thing stays exactly where it’s supposed to be. Thongs, hipsters, boxer shorts; it all fits perfectly. The panty liner absorbs as much as a normal panty liner and provides good protection and a fresh feeling.


We received a few trial packages at the office, so I convinced my fellow Fit Girls to try them too. This is what they thought of it:

Shelley: “Normally I really do not like panty liners, you feel them all the time and working out with them is just not even possible. I’m glad someone found a solution for this! Now I can feel way safer when I’m doing a diehard workout when it’s that time of the month.”

Laura: “What I really liked about the panty liners is that they fit really nicely in every kind of underwear. No need to adjust them, which I normally always have to do with other panty liners.”

Laura M:“When I work out I don’t want to be worrying that the person behind me can see my underwear, or more and these panty liners go unnoticed even in my work out leggings. There were no visible lines because they are super discreet and fit any style of underwear which is great because there should be no excuse not to squat low!”

If you want to try it yourself to believe it, we have a little surprise for you: we can give away 20 trial packages to you Fit Girls! Please let me know why you’d like to try Libresse Multistyle in the comments below. The first 20 responses will receive a package. Yay!

Report: Nike We Run Amsterdam: My first 10K!

We waited forever for it. We talked about it so many times with our BFFF’s. We trained our butts off (or at least, most of us did) for it. We contemplated our outfits. We doubted if we could even make it.

But then.

It was time.

Nike We Run Amsterdam!! One of the biggest and funnest women 10K races of the year! Whoop whoop!

Entering the race

On May 16th 2015, the #FITGIRLCODE crew met in Amsterdam to run 10 kilometers through the centre of Amsterdam. The event was hosted by Nike at the Olympic Stadium. For me (as a non-runner) it was my very first race, so I’d like to share my running story with you.

Entering the stadium, we were welcomed by Nike people, who hooked us up with a wristband and showed us the locker room. We changed into our match gear, and walked around in the stadium. Wow! I’ve never seen so many fit girls in my life! I believe there were over 6.000 girls running that night.


Of course, no sports event is complete without the obligatory shoe selfie

When it was time to race, we anxiously waited in line. Pumped up by heavy disco beats, everybody was psyched to start! I couldn’t wait! BOOM! The start sign! We got to start in the very first starting group. A lot of girls were sprinting away. Damn, these girls are fast and furious..!

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Design & Win the perfect panties with Libresse Multistyle

We all know exactly when it’s that time of the month again. You get more emotional, you feel less comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and working out sucks. Yes, we’re talking about being on your period. But what about those weeks in between your period? Hopefully you don’t feel like crap the entire month, but you DO wanna feel fresh and clean during those weeks too! I don’t want be dependent on tampons or sanitary towels the entire month, so I figured, let’s try Libresse Multistyle panty liners. I tried this type of panty liners for two occasions: extra protection while working out and while I was experiencing some very light bleeding because of my coil. 

Feeling comfortable while working out
Usually when I am on my period, I use tampons, but when I work out I always feel a bit insecure. Like I could use some extra protection. And when I have a light bleeding because of my coil, tampons are actually not very comfortable. I never was a big fan of panty liners though. I found them sticky and they’d always wrinkle up like a wad of paper in my underwear.

Up until I received a trial pack of Libresse’s new Multistyle panty liners. These DO fit in every type of underwear! Thanks to the flexible sides you can fold, the thing stays exactly where it’s supposed to be. Thongs, hipsters, boxer shorts; it all fits perfectly. The panty liner absorbs as much as a normal panty liner and provides good protection and a fresh feeling. In addition, the liners are individually packaged and thus so easy and discrete to carry in your handbag.

I know we don’t feel like our usual confident and sexy self when being our your period, but there’s no excuse to wear huge granny panties underneath your sport tight anymore! You can save them for an intense ‘eating-Ben&Jerry’s-while-watching-Grey’s-Anatomy‘-session on the couch. And that’s about it 😉

Try it to believe it and get your own Libresse Multistyle trial package.

Design and win your own underwear
On you period or not, wearing beautiful underwear makes you feel like a goddess, right? Libresse gives you the opportunity to design YOUR ideal sexy panties. You can decide exactly what it looks like by choosing the fabric, yarn and accessories. Pretty awesome right? Every week, Libresse places a different type of underwear in the spotlights. The joint end result of all designs will be made by lingerie designer Cassandra Saeijs, owner of Lijfgoed.

Go and design your perfect panties!

New Fit Girl In (Cyber)Town: Jasmine

Hi there! I’m Jasmine and in this post I’d like to introduce myself as one of the newest Fit girls! To start with the basics: I’m twenty six years old, am a cat lover, a Communications graduate and last September I started Law school. I know… you must think I’m crazy. But I guess I just like to study. Now that you know my name, how old I am and what I do in everyday life, we can jump to the interesting part. My background, my lowest ‘fit-point’ and my current situation.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been the type that is naturally very slim. Ever since I can remember it’s been a struggle for me to not gain weight (because I loooove food). In my teens, I was already very occupied with my weight and body image. Always trying to get rid of one or two kilos. But the advantage I had back then was that I cycled at least an hour every day (to school and back), which really helped a lot to stay somewhat fit. Now I have a car… you do the math.

The black sheep
To be honest, I never really liked sports. Which is really strange because my parents were both (professional) athletes. So I was always kind of the black sheep of the family (being more interested in music, fashion, dance etc).

My mom had been training track and field with my grandfather since she was a little girl. When she was eighteen she moved to the US to go to college (where she studied Physical Health and Education. Duh, what else?). Of course she also remained a big track and field fanatic and she became US shot put champion. And she met my dad…

My dad (African-American) was studying at the same university and his goal was to become a professional American football player. And so he did. Eventually he played in the NFL (the largest professional American football league in the US) for twelve years and in his last season he even won the Super Bowl (the annual championship game).

So. Now you see how it’s pretty strange that the only child of these two athletes has never really been interested in sports… Even my grandfather, who is eighty three, still participates fanatically in track and field competitions! Sports have never been, and probably never will be one of my favorite activities. But I have come to appreciate it more and more the past few months.

Enough is enough
Let’s travel a bit back in time. It’s spring 2012 and I’m on vacation in Bali with my mom and stepdad (cool!). Yes, super cool and fun and all. But on that vacation I was at my heaviest. My mom (who of course is always super fit) told me, “Jasmine, when we get back from this vacation, you really need to do something about your weight. ” And she was right. I had been a little bit overweight for a while, but now I was really heading towards being unhealthy.

I just really love food, you know. And at that time I basically put anything and everything I liked in my mouth. This had to stop. Not only because of my appearance, but also concerning my health. I always say that I’m actually glad I can’t eat anything I want without gaining weight. If that were the case I would probably eat and be super unhealthy. Because it wouldn’t show anyway.

Pro-slow progress
Since we came back from that vacation in Bali in 2012, I really started to turn my lifestyle around. Not drastically and at once, but gradually. I started to really change my diet structurally (not without any struggle, of course) and since the beginning of this year I started working out three times a week (mostly strength training). Now, it’s spring 2015 and I’m fifteen kilos lighter than in 2012 (thank god! no wait, thank me!).

Could I have done it faster? Absolutely. But in my opinion the number one priority is to get results and not necessarily to reach your goal as fast as possible. How often haven’t we all experienced some kind of super strict diet, which made the kilos fly off? But once you stop they come back just as quick, and then some. That’s why I’m pro-slow progress. When you really manage to change your lifestyle it’s much more lasting than when you deprive yourself from everything for two months, only to fall back into your old eating habits afterwards. So, you might not get to where you want to be as fast as you want, so what? It’s not like I’m less happy about my weight loss than if it had gone faster. But it is staying off now. Especially with the help and support of the #fitgirlcode community I’m glad to be a part of!

If you want to contact me about anything, you can always leave a comment and I will definitely respond!

I also just launched my own blog about fashion, (curly)hair and make-up. So don’t forget to follow @jazzyjoyner on Instagram too!

Until the next post!



Photoreport: Bugaboo Runner for Fit Mommies

If being a #FITGIRLCODE Ambassador wasn’t already awesome! I received an invitation by #FITGIRLCODE HQ if I wanted to represent the Fit Girls that are moms too at the Dutch launch of the Bugaboo Runner. Well, let me think about that…. Duh, of course! And what a fun and fit quality time day out with my boo it was.


The event was hosted in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. And as we entered the park, my baby boy and me soon saw 7 beautiful strollers lined up next to a lovely picknick table.


Laurianne Ruhe, a Dutch foodblogger, hosted the healthy picknick table loaded with all kinds of healthy pleasures: dates and nuts truffles; mason jars filled with fruit, granola and yoghurt; peanut butter bites… They’ve set up a cute little kids corner too, filled with kidsproof snacks like popcorn, veggie chips and fruit.

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MTV Studios Presents: ilovefashionbloggers Blog Fair

We’re used to following and hearing about our favorite bloggers only in the online world. So when the rare occasion comes to meet them in person, we sure as hell don’t miss out on it!
On Sunday May 31st, our CEO Aranka van der Voorden will be spotted at the MTV Studios in Amsterdam telling you all about the story behind #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha. Walk over to our stand and don’t be shy, ask her any questions you may have!
This is your chance to meet the faces behind your favorite online brands and blogs. Next to Aranka, will be the amazing Serena Verbon (Beautylab), Anna Nooshin (NSMBL), and Noor de Groot (Queen of Jet Lags)!
What do these #powerbabes have in common? Well, besides insane amounts of determination, patience and motivation, these women chased a dream. The chase led them to where they are now, and they are here to inspire you, guide you, and tell you more about what it is they do.
At our stand, we will be sharing with you the feeling behind our brand. What you see online is the result of a hard-working team dedicated to making the brand happen! So, if you ever wondered how #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha came to be the brands they are today, now is the perfect opportunity to find out. Our team will welcome you with open arms and show you what led the brand to get from an idea to the Badass collection, and how proud we are to announce that the second collection is in motion and ready to hit the online world in a matter of weeks.
So, what are you waiting for?

Get your tickets to the ilovefashionbloggers Blog Fair here!

6 ways to love your body

Fit Girls have different reasons to start their fit journey and maintain their healthy lifestyle. During our fit journey we are challenged with changes. This could be in your lifestyle, work-out schedule, your mindset and very important your body. It shouldn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your fit journey or if you are riding this journey for years – you should always love your body and accept every beautiful part and shape of it. Here are 6 ways to love your body: 

#1 Focus on your health and feeling awesome
Stop obsessing for an ideal body. Instead focus on your health and how being healthy makes you feel, like awesome 😉 and you will have more respect for yourself. This is a far more lasting motivator and will keep you on your fit journey road rather than focusing on how “slow” the process is going. Your focus will change and you will become a more positive thinker which always is good. Now you can face the different challenges in the health and work out department with a positive mindset.

#2 Show yourself the love that you show to others
We can become harsh and mean towards ourselves when we don’t reach our goals or believe we took bad decisions. This doesn’t just apply towards wanting to unlock your personal code to a fit and healthy lifestyle. But also in all the challenges you will have in your life. Well, it is absolutely not motivating when you treat yourself without any respect or the love your body and mind deserve. You can train yourself to change this negative mindset. Deanna Schooner – verified nutrition coach gives the following advice: When a negative thought about your yourself enters your head, take a deep breath, release it, and replace it with a happy thought or positive compliment. This could be anything like: YOU ROCK or YOU ARE AMAZING. You will become your personal motivation coach instead of a condemnatory judge.

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Meet newest crew member and creative kitchen princess Kim

Looking for recipes from a foreign cuisine which contribute to a healthy lifestyle? With a lot of joy I announce that, starting today, I will blog on #FITGIRLCODE, and every week I will share with you new recipes that will spice up your kitchen with some foreign seasoning.

Hello there…
Let me begin with introducing myself; I’m Kim, 23 years old and the newest crew member of #FITGIRLCODE. You can find me in the CrossFit gym at SixForty on a regular basis, and if I need to reset my mind you can watch me in the most elegant poses (apart from the ‘how-much-longer-can-I-keep-this-up’ expression on my face) in the yoga studio at Balanzs.

Even though this is my blog debut I have been part of the #FITGIRLCODE crew since the very beginning as a designer and art director. A year ago I started to work as a freelancer, and at the same time I decided to change my lifestyle and work towards my goals: get fit and be comfortable in my own skin. Two goals that, unfortunately, do not always go hand-in-hand easily. Thus, I decided to share my experiences on my journey towards finding the right balance between freelancing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Let me spice it up for ya…
It is no exception that I’m busy during the week and weekends, but I always make time to prepare tasty, healthy and varied dishes. Because I have Indonesian and Surinamese blood running through my veins I always feel challenged to ‘explore’ foreign cuisine, and to transform this into a dish that suits a healthier lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a roti dish once in a while, but it gives you a better feeling when you know that you can eat responsibly while working hard to achieve your goals.

My mission is to surprise you with new and inspiring recipes, making it even more fun to take your time in the kitchen and give your body the treatment it deserves. I will share my journey, including the ups and downs, while becoming a better version of me, myself and I.

I love to get inspired by others, so if there is something you would like to share with me you, let’s connect and let us inspire and motivate each other!

Wunderwasser: smell wunderful while excercising

A small moment of happiness: if someone says you smell good! It always makes me feel confident about myself. Showering and brushing your teeth regulary really adds up to a nice odeur of course, but perfum is the thing that makes you ‘smell out in the crowd’. I am true loyalist when it comes to perfum brands. If I find one that suits me, I stick to it for a few years. Not only because I am a don’t- change-a-winning-formula’ kinda person, but also because I always get lost if I try to find a new one. There are SO many out there! So let me help you find to find a lovely fragance in the haystack of all perfums. Wunderwasser!

“Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles isn’t a realist!”

Wonders allow us to step away from reality and immerse ourselves in an intense and very personal moment. Wunderwasser Eu de Collogne aims to capture this sense into a fragance. This twin fragance is designed with women and men in mind wo are open for new and unexpected experiences. Well, if this did not convince me to try a new perfume, the fresh and blossommy smell sure did!

Smelling nice in the gym

I was actually looking for a fragance I could use when I work out(next to my regular perfume). Of course you already wear deodorant while excersising, but smelling extra nice in the gym is also courtesy to your neighbour Fit Girl in the gym. I didn’t want this perfume to be too expensive or smell too strong. Wunderwasser meets all these criteria! Initially I bought it to smell nice while excercising, but I like it so much that I’ll definitely start switching it up with my ‘regular’ perfume.

Like I already said, it’s a twin fragance, so you can also surprise your siginificant other with a bottle. It’s also a bit of a present for you, because being around a nice smelling man is somehow very -sigh-…alluring. You can buy Wunderwasser at DA, Kruidvat and most indepent drugstores for 14,99 euro. Go go go and smell nice! 🙂

Working out at home with YouTube: Ily’s & Iris’ favorites #2

Hi y’all, WE’RE BAAAAAACK!  Working out at home with YouTube: Ily’s & Iris’ favorites #2. This time we’ll share three of our favorite arm and core video’s and you know how do, we’ll chuck in some nice extras for dem #BOSSES right here on #FITGIRLCODE.

1.  Hermanite Abs Workout with Scott Herman
Scott Herman is your hombre when it comes to pushing you to the limit in your at home workouts. In this workout, he takes you through an abs routine which is challenging and fun at the same time. This routine targets the lower abs and the obliques and consists out of 3 rounds of  4 exercises that you repeat for 60 seconds each. Scott will help you master your yanda sit-ups and reverse crunches and will deffo have you coming back for more.
Duration : 17 minutes +/-

 2. Sydney Leroux’ s 15 minutes NTC Gym Sculpt Workout
We have our own squad of badasses making video’s at #FGC like Aranka and Alicia – Sofia did here and here but Nike also knows how to throw it down with their NTC Workouts. This Gym Sculpt Workout starring soccer player Sydney Leroux is a full body toning workout that targets the abs and the arms that keeps us on our tippy toes all the time. We love to execute this one with heavier weights, anything between 12 and 22 kg using either dumbells or kettlebells but you can just as easy get your workout on starting out with lighter weights.
Duration:  17 +/- minutes


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5 inspirational #THICKFIT girls on Instagram

Just like I like my money right where I can see it, hanging from my closet, or on my shoe shrine represented by some 9 inch platform heels,  I like my bones with a little bit of  meat on it. Ok I lied, I like a whole lot of meat, especially when it is accompanied by muscle. When scrolling through my instagramfeed,  I’ve noticed this preference also applies to the accounts where I get my inspiration from. So I thought I’d share with you 5 inspirational #THICKFIT girls on Instagram.

1. Shaineree (@iamshisha)
This lady right here, hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands gives a lot of people a run for their money when it comes to showing how determined she is. I can only respect that and I salute her. Wearing the #THICKFIT crown like a #BOSS  and keeping it real all day every day.

PicMonkey Collage shisha

2. Lita  (@followthelita)
When I say #QUEEN, I mean Lita. I mean her body, her drive, those thighs! Lita has been an inspiration from day one and I just love her positivity. Did I say love her thighs already? 🙂

PicMonkey Collage lita

3. Aisha (@proudtobeaisha)
Please allow me to introduce to you, also from Rotterdam,  Aisha. She just looks absolutely awesome, is so motivated, lifts heavy- ass- weights, has been around for a long while and oozes positive vibes. I like me some Aisha. Follow, follow, follow!

PicMonkey Collage aisha


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Summer is just around the corner. That means that everybody suddenly feels the pressure to spend some extra time in the gym. For some of you working out might be on the top of your priority list, but for others it might feel more like a nagging obligation. It is important that you find a healthy lifestyle that fits your personality. Otherwise it just won’t last.

Talking about the summer season at #FITGIRLCODE HQ, made us realize that we all have our personal challenges to stay fit during this time of the year. That’s why Aranka, Roos, Laura and I each came up with our own #FITGIRLSUMMERCHALLENGE for Cosmopolitan’s Body Issue.


Check out the #FITGIRLSUMMERCHALLENGES of our Fit Girls on the next page.

Aranka’s Challenge: “Book two hours each day, for activities that give me energy or help me relax.”

Stay updated on her challenge and follow her on Instagram: @aranka_fgc.


Anna’s Challenge: “Limit alcoholic beverages to once a week.”

Stay updated on my challenge and follow me on Instagram: @annageertje_fitgirlcode


Check out Roos’ en Laura’s challenge on the next page.

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7x abdominal exercises & win your own BLACKROLL

I like to keep things simple, however effective. Working out with your own bodyweight and gravity, is something I believe to be smart movement: it’s all you need to stay super fit, in a safe way. However, some intelligent and simple product design to support training can really get my spirits lifted too. Small training tools that I can take along when I travel (and I do this quite a bit!) I especially enjoy to get moving on days I would rather just don’t.

Resistance bands, (self massage) rollers, ankle weights or just some simple water-or sand filled bottles, are enough to add just a tad more challenge and fun to your work out. In the following series of articles ‘simply fit’ we will go through some of my favorite and most effective body-inspired exercises to stay fit, lean and strong, using as little as your own bodyweight and some real simple, cool tools.

In this kick-off, we’ll start with some great and effective abdominal exercises that I do daily to strengthen the core: the very centre of our body that needs to be strong to be able to train all other parts of the body in a balanced manner. The only thing you need is your lovely body and a floor. And gravity. Ok, so far so good – and no money is spent ;-).

Check out these 7 abdominal exercises & win your own BLACKROLL

As you already read in my last article on foam rolling, I like adding a Blackroll to my workouts. Not only to recover faster by ‘rolling it out’ and to shortly warm up, and stimulating my blood circulation, but also to actually use it during my work out to make things more challenging and fun. The following exercises* are inspired by experiences I have collected over the last year, from Pilates and Yoga classes to studying Essentrics . Using the legs as levers, our own body and gravity we’re working on a strong, flat stomach. Simplicity is AWESOME! Check out all the exercises and don’t forget to enter the contest to win your own Blackroll!

* Some of these exercises can (also) be executed with the roller, to make it more fun and challenging.

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Meet newest crewmember and personal trainer Alicia

Hi all! So cool to be a member of the #FITGIRLCODE crew. My name is Alicia Sofia better known as “energetic bouncing ball.” Originally from Colombia but lived my whole life in the midst cows and chickens (not lying) with my Dutch family. I hope to inspire you girls to become badass versions of yourself and really go for results. The question is, do I even have that magic stick? Kind of…

As a kid…
When I was a little girl I fell in love with the gym and I always tried everything. I loved moving around and knew how important it was to take care of your body and respect it. You can invite me for any kind of exercise, soccer, hiking, horse back riding on the beach and woods. It’s all an adventure to me!

Being a personal trainer
At this moment I’m a Personal Trainer and have my own company, Next Level Personal Training. I love doing it! I really want to help people to go to their Next Level. Creating a Lifestyle, with good habits and happiness is just awesome! Yeah, it’s a challenge but honestly, what is life without challenges?

Through the power of exercising
I know it can be scary, but don’t forget this journey is also super exciting! Even for me it has been scary but exercising really helped me and I want you to find that same strength! In my blogs I will share my personal vision about entrepreneurship, my experience as a Personal Trainer and I will be making video work outs and schedules.

I am really looking forward to blogging for you girls! Do not hesitate to contact me on my Instagram account or mail me at if you have any questions whatsoever!