11007780_1419796988314065_1620836196_nFinally, I’m living again!
After 1,5 years of weekly therapy, I was officially considered recovered in September 2014. That day was a really important day for me. I did it, I won my battle against anorexia and I was determined to never let it come back again. I started to love life again and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I feel stronger than ever, mentally and physically and I have a healthy relationship with food and exercise now. I try to be active and healthy because I love my body and I want to treat it right, instead of hating it. I am 26 pounds heavier than I was 2 years ago, back then I could start crying when I looked in a mirror because I thought I looked fat, now I can look into a mirror and be proud of what I see. I am beautiful, I am good enough, and so are you.

Thin line between healthy and obsession
Being healthy and fit is super duper awesome, and I can only encourage that, but realise that there are also other things in life that are important, realise that you’re allowed to treat yourself sometimes, to skip a workout sometimes, to have fun with friends, to get drunk sometimes… I often indulge in pizza, chocolate, ice-cream,… I sometimes skip a workout to go out with friends and that is perfectly fine! Life is so much more than just food and exercise, never forget that! Just like with everything, moderation and balance is key, there is a point at which healthy can become an obsession and too much is never good. Live a life that makes you happy, work for your goals, do what makes you happy and most importantly: love yourself every single step of the way.

Right now I am volunteering for ANBN, a Belgian foundation for eating disorders (www.anbn.be), and I want to use my experience in helping others fighting the same battle. I wanted to share my story to show you that even after years and years of struggling, it is still possible to get out if you fight. I promise you it is worth the fight. Get your life back, fight that bitch, you can do it! 

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