Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is or once was new to all of us. We’ve now grown accustomed to eating our veggies, cooking healthy meals and working out several times a week. However, the people surrounding us never seem to get accustomed to it at all.. Am I right? I keep getting the same questions and remarks over and over again! That’s why I have compiled a list of 6 questions you should never ask a Fit Girl. 

1. Are you really going to work out againAre you really going to keep asking me this?

2. (At night, cooking food for lunch prep) What on earth are you doing, cooking food this time of the day?

3. (After they noticed the good smell of what’s cooking) Can I have some too?

4. Why do you work out so much? Really? Can’t think of any good reason yourself?

5. Do you ever eat something unhealthy? Yes, I am still a human.

6. Aren’t you afraid you are going to become super bulky, like Arnold Schwarzenegger-bulky? 

Which question is the most recognizable for you? Any more questions you should never ask a Fit Girl? 

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