Adventurous eaters are more likely to:

Have friends over for dinner

Have an interest in exploring their culinary heritage

Enjoy trying new things in general

Non adventurous are more likely to:

Be influenced by whether or not a celebrity endorses the food

Care about nice packaging

Want food to be easy to prepare

Why should would we want to complete this food Bucket List?

We all know that having variety in our diet is beneficial to help us function properly, but importantly in this case, the ‘non adventurous eaters’ in this survey, typically had a higher BMI. This put them at more risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. The ‘adventurous eater’ who appeared to have a more positive and fun approach eating and healthier relationship with food rather than restricting and managed to maintain a healthy weight. The profiled character traits could also be used to encourage less adventurous eaters to experiment more in their diet – especially the part about nice packaging and celebrity endorsement of healthy food. Many people just love to try the favourite foods of their smoking hot idol if they claim it helps them to look awesome so maybe this is something we will see more of in the future!

I’ve checked off eating seven of the uncommon things on this foodie list and I’d definitely be willing to try more, however I’m pretty sure I would pass on trying eel! Do you qualify as an adventurous eater from the foodie list and what thing are on your personal food bucket list to try eating in your lifetime? I’d love to know!


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