Full version of the total body workout:

The total body workout has eight hardcore exercises that seriously test your body to the fullest. A combination between explosive power, endurance, metabolic condition, strength and most important a full doses of willpower is needed to complete the full version of the total body workout:

  1. Ten runs + ten steel jumps
  2. Three step knee raise
  3. Four star jumps + four floor touches
  4. Back lunge kick
  5. Happy jump squat
  6. Easy Burpee
  7. Mountain climber combo
  8. Core twist


_MG_0842FGC _MG_0846FGC


All right, when you are an ABSOLUTE NUTTER and you can complete this workout three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises try the following

Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; now try this for 3 rounds.

Good luck!!! And for more videos check out Modelworkout.com!

Ps: If you are crazy super sporty and you have the endurance and power of 325 horses put your interval timer to 50 seconds. Only few people have completed this workout with a 50 seconds time cap on each exercise.




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