Hearts = Push up. Perform a good solid push up. Start on your toes, switch to knees if necessary.






Clubs: Butterfly situps. Perform a sit up, while keeping your legs bent as shown in the picture. Fly, little butterfly!






Spades – Shoulder press. Keep a plate (or other heavy object) at shoulder height. Press the weight out over your head.

IMG_9182 IMG_9183


So… Set the clock.. ready.. GO! Flip the cards one by one, trying to go through the entire deck of cards as soon as possible!

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Whew!! Our faces were a bright shade of tomato-red after this training, haha! This type of training was super fun! It’s perfect to do together with your BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever). You can make up your own exercises as you wish. A training can easily be done in 30 minutes. Also, it would be awesome to do this training while traveling. Who said you need training machines, or a big gym, to get a good sweat? Just bring your deck of cards!

Hope you’ll try this workout, and please let us know if you did. Leave a comment below or tag your Instagram pictures with #FITGIRLCODE so we can enjoy your version 🙂

Good luck!


Roos (@fitgirlroos)



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