Warrior III / Virabhadrasana III

Balancing on one leg, shifting your weight forward, extending one leg backwards, keeping the hips aligned, core engaged, spine neutral and of course focusing on the breath… That’s what Warrior III is all about. It’s a balancing posture that not only challenges our focus, but also strengthens the smaller muscles in the feet and ankles. The arms can be helpful with finding balance if you bring them out to the side in airplane position. You can also place them in front of your heart or extend them out overhead for an extra challenge.

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Emotional level

Warrior poses also work on a mental and emotional level. In Warrior I, it’s all about aligning and making the connection with the physical self. It challenges you to open up the heart and develop courage. This powerful and strong pose can help you gain inner strength and courage, letting you open up to yourself and others.

In Warrior II, the challenge is to find peace in the moment, being present. Since we practice Warrior poses daily, there’s a chance that this can lead to resistance and boredom. When these feelings arise, challenge yourself to find ease and stillness of mind in places you would rather not be.

Just like Warrior II, Warrior III can bring up some intense feelings of wanting to escape. All the alignment details and cues can become really challenging which can trigger you to give up or quit. This pose teaches us to stay balanced in our emotions, stay present with what we are feeling without reacting to every little thing that comes up in our emotional experience.

Virabhadrasana/Warrior pose is such a powerful pose and it not only benefits the physical body, but also the mind. We should all learn how to be more comfortable in these postures, so we don’t stand on our mat as a worrier, but a Warrior. 

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