From a standing position, step one foot about 1 meter forward. With a long and straight spine, try going down towards the floor. Imagine that your heart is leading you forwards and down while keeping the hips squared and aligned. With your left leg forward, guide your left hip back and right hip forward.

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Low Lunge


The following 2 stretches are easy to come in from Downward facing dog. For the low lunge, you step one foot all the way through and place it in-between the palms. Lower the back knee down to the mat and try shifting both hips forward. You can also rest the hands on the front knee and use this to keep the upper body straight.


Place your hands back onto the mat and shift your hips back, bringing them right above the back knee. Keep pushing your chest forward and try not to round the spine. If possible, straighten the front leg out and flex the foot.

Continue on page 3 for the last two poses.

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