3 Natural remedies for headaches

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You may experience headaches for many different reasons, and sometimes they just come out of nowhere. They can be the result of  your everyday stress, or even if you just didn't eat in time. Because they are so unpredictable, it's super tempting to just take a painkiller and hope for the best when they do happen. You should remember though, that painkillers aren't your only options for pain relief and perhaps not even the most effective ones. Instead, try out these natural remedies for headaches the next time you're suffering from one. 


Lavender essential oil can be used for many issues, but it mostly encourages relaxation. This makes it perfect to be used as a  sedative or as a calming agent. Besides that, lavender oil can be used to treat headaches since it helps to minimize pain in your nervous system. So if you can't sleep because of your headache, run a warm bath and add a few drops of lavender oil and spend some time in the bath breathing deeply. Your body should relax and your headache will ease. It's also an idea to have a foot-bath with the lavender essential oils dropped in there. It works in the same way.


Thyme is another essential oil that can help to relieve headaches. You can put a drop or two of the thyme oil on your fingers and lightly massage the area where your headache hurts the most. Lay down after that, and let it do it's job! Thyme oil contains carvacrol, which is a substance that is present in ibroprofen and other anti-inflammatories, so why not get it from the source instead of from a drug?


This is one my parents were always forcing on to me when I was younger. I hated it, since I'm not a big fan of teas, but I can admit that ginger definitely works. Ginger has over 200 substances present that all control inflammation and cause your body to release hormones that respond to your headaches. One way of tackling your headache is to crush some fresh ginger and boil it in hot water, then filter the mix, and drink the tea. Another way is to just inhale the vapour of some crushed ginger instead.


Prepare a fresh cup of basil tea. Boil the water, put a few (4-5) fresh basil leaves into a cup and pour the boiling water over it and let it sit for a few minutes, before you sip the tea. It also works if you chew fresh leaves or give yourself a head massage using pure basil oil. If it's tense muscles that are causing your headache, the basil works as a muscle relaxant to ease out the tension and give you relief.

If you still need some convincing about natural remedies, then check out all the benefits of herbal medicine right here! Home remedies do work, but their effects may vary from person to person, so try out all the different natural remedies for headaches to see which is most suited to you. If you have recurring headaches or migraines, I encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor to see if you have a much more serious underlying issue to tackle. Best of luck, and wishing you pain free days!

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