Do you want to train the most important muscles in only one exercise? Have strong abs of steel? Then the plank position is perfect for you! With planking you train your upper abs, your lower abs, your obliques, your lower back and so on. It is a great core workout and a great way to get ready for summer.  We don’t want to rush you or anything but it’s April already, so summer is literally around the corner and we want to step up our game a little. How are we going to do this? We thought of a little challenge..

30 day plank challenge

We want to challenge you to join us in the #FITGIRLPLANKING plank challenge. 30 Days of planking, no rest days, no excuses! How does that sound? Here’s what you have to do:

Just follow us! And not only on Instagram, follow the schedule we made for you. With this schedule, starting April 1st,  we will help you get to a 5 minute plank exercise in 30 days! This is no easy challenge so we will have to help each other, together we will do this!

How to do a perfect plank pose

  1. Lie on your mat or towel with your face down
  2. Make sure your feet are together
  3. Lift yourself up while you are resting on your forearms
  4. Make sure you keep a straight line between your feet and shoulders
  5. You do this by keeping your core  (ab muscles) tight and squeezing your butt
  6. Hold this position for the the time on our schedule

The 30 day plank challenge schedule


Are you in? Let us know and don’t forget to tag #FITGIRLPLANKING on Instagram, we always love to see pictures of you guys.

Happy planking!

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