I think we all know this feeling pretty well. You allow yourself a cheat meal and end up with a stomach full of chips, cola, chocolate and other unhealthy treats. Then you start feeling sick, which of course, puts you into a bad mood. The good news is that it’s absolutely not necessary for you to throw away all your healthy habits just because of this little mishap. Even when you let yourself go a little overboard, it’s still possible to get back to your healthy eating habits. With these 5 tips, I’ll show you how you can recover.

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It may be easy to just let your healthy diet go after you have a binge eating session, but it’s not necessary. Everyone sometimes eats more than he/she actually should. That’s life! It would be so boring if you never treated yourself with a reward every now and then. It makes absolutely no sense to punish yourself! Just brush it off, and get back on your feet.

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1. Keep moving

Even though it feels like there’s no point to work out with a stuffed belly, believe me, it actually makes sense! A short or long workout will ensure that you produce some endorphins, which will get back that feeling of euphoria. When you start, it may feel difficult or uncomfortable, but you’ll be so proud of yourself in the end. A tough workout just not happening today? It’s also an idea to just go for a walk at the park. Taking a walk is good to clear your head and get some ‘me’ time.

2. Don’t compensate too much

So, you had a chocolate bar directly after breakfast and now made the choice to skip lunch. Bad idea! Your body won’t be feeling too good in the afternoon if it’s only running on a chocolate  bar. You need fiber and vitamins that unfortunately are not in that. I know it can be incredibly tempting to switch things up and compensate for the extra calories you ate, but when you want to do this, I suggest compensating by doing an extra workout instead, if it’s possible to incorporate into your schedule. When you miss an important meal, you’ll only be left feeling even hungrier later.

3. Stay away from the scale

The weight scale is a huge pitfall for girls. Personally, I have a tendency  to check the scale after attending a party. It sucks, since the number that I’ll see on the scale, most of the time isn’t rewarding. It is naturally not very motivating to weigh yourself after a night out. You’re a bit heavier because of the extra bag of chips, and your body also retains a lot of water since you have a too high salt intake. This is also the reason why the indicator on the weight scale ends up being higher than usual. So, there’s no point in weighing yourself, it will only lead to disappointment.

4. A healthy start

Just like what I said in tip 2: don’t overcompensate. Instead of skipping meals, keep taking healthy steps forward in your journey. There are a few ways to do this. For example, choose lighter meals, so that you don’t put anything heavy on your stomach. You can have a nice smoothie for breakfast, and a fresh salad for lunch. For dinner, choose a dinner full of vegetables, like this veggie stir fry! Also, make sure that you eat regularly to keep up your metabolism.

te veel gegeten

5. Drink water

Water is your best friend after a night where you eat too much. It takes care that your metabolism stays high and that your food is being digested properly. It also lubricates all the joints in your body, which is ideal when you work out regularly. Drinking a lot of water also ensures that you have less difficulty doing a number two and that you’re getting enough oxygen circulating in your body. Ideal when you’re not feeling very well in your stomach.

What do you do after you’ve gone to far with overeating? Share your go-to tips in the comments!

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