I love trying new products from the Body en Fit shop all the time. Now the webshop has a promotion, 2+1 free. This promotion has been running for a while, so get your favorite products while you can! Here is my Body en Fit shop wish list!Pure quinoa

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I use quinoa mostly for my prepped meals. It stays fresh in the container and it doesn’t smell. Delicious and easy to prepare. Do you need some inspiration for delicious quinoa recipes? Check out this article from Fit Girl Anna.


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I really like the structure and taste of chiaseeds. You can use it with savory food like salads, but also with sweet food like fruit quark. The possibilities are endless! Chiaseeds contain a high percentage of omega 3 fatty acids. The seeds are full of fibers and contain a lot of antioxidants and protein. With chiaseeds you can make this lovely mugcake with the recipe of Fit Girl Tizi.

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Ultra fine oats

If you read our blogs reguarly, you’ve probably noticed we love oatmeal! This oatmeal is a great source of protein. It’s perfect for baking cookies, pancakes and this lovely apple, cinnamon, bananabread! You can also add the oatmeal to your proteinshake, quark or smoothie =).


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20150204_090326Perfect Protein Pancakes

I love these delicious protein pancakes! These are great if you want to make a nice and easy breakfast, snack or whenever you want to eat it. A tip: recplace 50ml of water for one egg and add some cinnamon, the pancakes will be even more delicious! This protein pancake powder contain a lot of protein, 61,2%. They’re also low carb and fatfree. I eat these pancakes almost every sunday morning.

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Cacao nibs

I love cacao nibs, I’ve been eating them since my boyfriend bought them once for me to try. I use them all the time, I love to eat them with quark, protein pancakes and smoothies. The cacao nibs are raw, unproccesed and full of antioxidants.


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