During the final straws for my bachelor I had a rough time. Two weeks before my thesis deadline I was writing 9 to 12 hours non-stop. I did not want to go to the gym because I thought I did not had the time for it. I was so emotionally stressed and tired. I tried going early to bed but the next day everything would start over again. I figured that it had to do with my needs to move and to focus on my breathing. To run and blow of some steam. It made me think about the mental and physical benefits of sports and breathing. 

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IMG_8137How often I hear my friends call off a workout because they have such busy lives. At first I would let them and encourage them to reach their goals and to rest a lot. But that’s the total opposite advice to give. Get up and run! Fire yourself up! You know that mode where you lost your concentration but you still want to move? A slap in the face or a cold shower can get you fired up. Or you could just get up and run. Go for a sprint to get that endorfine fired up. You don’t need an hour long workout to get fresh. The thing is… I was using a lot of mental energy and was not using my physical energy. Be aware that these are two different things!! When you’ve had a really rough day and you want to go work out in the evening, but you are just so tired… Don’t give in! Your mind is fooling you that you’re body is tired too, but it’s not 😉

Breathe. When I study or write I notice that my breathing is not good. When you have that, stop, take a minute and be aware of your breath. Open your mouth and take a gulp of air. Open your nostrils wide and inhale deeply. Breathe from your belly. Try to breathe from your belly to feel the air in your whole body. It’s what actors and singers do when they need to use their voice intensively. It relieves stress and is also good for moments of anxiety. Believe me! I had enough of them!

The last days before the deadline I think I cried three times a day because I was so emotionally tired. And every time I went to run even though I wanted to keep working on my thesis, I ended up feeling beter and pumped up. Especially the song IRON from the french musicmaker and director WOODKID. This song gives my the feeling like I can take over the world!

So do not forget to Get up and breathe!

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