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Don’t you just love working from home? I didn’t at first, because me working at home wasn’t that productive...So when I was watching Netflix on the couch again with my laptop next to me, I decided to search online for some tips to create the perfect circumstances to work from home. I found some things that may be helpful for all of you

Tips for working from home

  • Make a schedule; and stick to it. For example, start every morning at 09.00. It also helps to take some time every night, to think about what you want to accomplish the next day.
  • Plan some short breaks. During the breaks you can do one of our ‘30 day challenges’, the dishes or just chill on the couch and go trough your social media feeds.
  • Create inspiring goals for yourself. That way you really want to get started, and you’ll be motivating yourself.
  • Getting overwhelmed by your workload? Split big projects into smaller pieces, and start with a small item. If you complete one item at a time you keep a good overview of things.
  • Set your phone to silent mode and check it every hour or so. It's a major distraction if it keeps bleeping all the time. You don't have to anwer every Whatsapp or e-mail within a minute. People can wait, you know.
  • Make sure there is enough fresh air, so your brain can do it’s job. If you’re working in an environment without any fresh air, your brain can’t function optimally.
  • Make sure your work space is clutter-free; a clutter-free environment provides serenity and helps you to concentrate better on the job.
  • Go somewhere else, to a nice coffeehouse or a library, depending on how much noise you can handle. It’s good to change your scenery every once in a while.

Advantages of working from home

  • You can plan your activities anyway you want. If you want to start working at 2 pm you can, although I wouldn’t recommend it... Don't get me wrong I love to sleep in, but by the time you're showered and dressed half the day is already over. Plus, most people are not as productive in the evening as during the day. Of course there are exceptions to this rule! :)
  • You won’t be wasting time with travelling to the office. No traffic jams, no delayed trains... So maybe you’ll even finish earlier because you’ve got some extra time.
  • In your own environment it’s easier to concentrate, with no colleagues to distract you. And no noise of people walking around and talking on the phone.
  • You are in your home environment, therefore you can relax more and work as comfortably as possible.

So, I applied the tips when I was writing this article, I had it done in no time :) Do you ever work from home? What do you do to create the best working circumstances?

I’m on a roll now so I’m going to write my next article ;)! Follow me on Instagram if you'd like and read all about my experiences being a Fit Girl in progress.



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