We all know exactly when it’s that time of the month again. You get more emotional, you feel less comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and working out sucks. Yes, we’re talking about being on your period. But what about those weeks in between your period? Hopefully you don’t feel like crap the entire month, but you DO wanna feel fresh and clean during those weeks too! I don’t want be dependent on tampons or sanitary towels the entire month, so I figured, let’s try Libresse Multistyle panty liners. I tried this type of panty liners for two occasions: extra protection while working out and while I was experiencing some very light bleeding because of my coil. 

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Feeling comfortable while working out
Usually when I am on my period, I use tampons, but when I work out I always feel a bit insecure. Like I could use some extra protection. And when I have a light bleeding because of my coil, tampons are actually not very comfortable. I never was a big fan of panty liners though. I found them sticky and they’d always wrinkle up like a wad of paper in my underwear.

Up until I received a trial pack of Libresse’s new Multistyle panty liners. These DO fit in every type of underwear! Thanks to the flexible sides you can fold, the thing stays exactly where it’s supposed to be. Thongs, hipsters, boxer shorts; it all fits perfectly. The panty liner absorbs as much as a normal panty liner and provides good protection and a fresh feeling. In addition, the liners are individually packaged and thus so easy and discrete to carry in your handbag.

I know we don’t feel like our usual confident and sexy self when being our your period, but there’s no excuse to wear huge granny panties underneath your sport tight anymore! You can save them for an intense ‘eating-Ben&Jerry’s-while-watching-Grey’s-Anatomy‘-session on the couch. And that’s about it 😉

Try it to believe it and get your own Libresse Multistyle trial package.

Design and win your own underwear
On you period or not, wearing beautiful underwear makes you feel like a goddess, right? Libresse gives you the opportunity to design YOUR ideal sexy panties. You can decide exactly what it looks like by choosing the fabric, yarn and accessories. Pretty awesome right? Every week, Libresse places a different type of underwear in the spotlights. The joint end result of all designs will be made by lingerie designer Cassandra Saeijs, owner of Lijfgoed.

Go and design your perfect panties!

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