I’m a 20 year old girl who has a ‘slight’ obsession with healthy foods and exercising. It’s my personal mission to inspire and motivate everyone who wants to eat well, look good and feel great!

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When I was 13-14 years old I gained weight, and of course, because of my bad diet. I had enough exercise every day (I biked 7k to school and back) In that way you can see, exercise cannot outweigh a bad diet. When boys from my class started calling me fat I had enough. I ate as little as possible. I visited pro-ana websites and I hated my body. I lost weight, but I felt terrible.

When I finally realized that dieting and eating too little made me feel AND look awful, I realized I needed to make a change. And so I did, I started reading books about nutrition, searched through the Internet about food(industry) and watched a lot of documentaries. I could not believe what I’ve been putting in my mouth all those years! I became a vegetarian and started searching for healthy recipes. Let me be honest, if you’ve been eating unhealthy for years you will most likely hate a lot of healthy foods (especially the veggies) But the more you’ll eat them, the more you’ll love them. Just like your body.


In September 2013 I created eatwelllookgoodfeelgreat and to promote my blog I created an Instagram account. I gained so many followers that I even got more inspired to help people that want to live healthy. I registered to the study Nutrition & Dietetics, this way I will gain more knowledge to REALLY help people. And that’s all I want.

What did I learned from all these years? NEVER let somebody tell you what you are, what you should do and that you’re worthless. Your body deserves healthy foods and exercise and you, above all, deserve to be happy. I learned that dieting doesn’t make me happy. Eating healthy does. Exercising does. Just as chocolate. And romantic movies. And shopping. A lot.

I’m truly honored and proud to be a #FITGIRLCODE Ambassador. Once a month I will write a blog, I’m so excited! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook 😉







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