Fashionchick x #FITGIRLCODE Double Giveaway Contest

door thijs
ATTENTION to all Fit Girls, it seems like another wave of craziness has hit the #FITGIRLCODE HQ! Another giveaway is in sight! No, don't worry, we are not losing it :P we're just full of love for our community! This time, we have continued our collaboration with Fashionchick and together we have created a kickass giveaway. Get the opportunity to win one of the three prizes below! Not once but TWICE! This means one for you, and one for your BFFF!

Fashionchick x #FITGIRLCODE Double Giveaway Contest

All you have to do to enter this contest is log on to Fashionchick and follow these two easy steps:

Step 1: "Love" your top 5 favourite items

Step 2: "Love" #FITGIRLCODE as your favourite webshop

This Fashionchick x #FITGIRLCODE giveaway is valid until March 31st, 2015.

This promotion might be a result of how flattered we are from getting called an online bible of health and fitness by the Fashionchicks ;) but we are super excited about it! And please remember to tag your pictures throughout the Ab Challenge and your workouts with the hashtag #FCFITGIRL. This allows us to track your progress and trainings. In exchange for your efforts, we will feature the most creative ones on our instagram account!

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