Fitgirlcode Plog #3

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And we're back again with a fun #Fitgirlcode plog! It has been a busy week at #Fitgirlcode HQ and this week you get a sneak peek in the Instagram lives of Fit Girls Annegeke, Lisa, Anna and Chris.Check it out, and don't forget to follow them! 

Fitgirlcode plog #3

Last Wednesday part of the #Fitgirlcode crew killed it at Elevator Sports. No matter how sweaty, red or tired we were. There's always time for a Wefie! If there's one thing Annegeke loves, it's smoothies. And what's better than a delicious smoothie in the sun? 


Our newest member of the Fitgirlcode team is lovely Lisa. BodyCombat and Power Pilates instructor and a bit of a health freak (as she says so herself) This week she treated herself to a seaweed burger…YES A SEA WEED BURGER, and she loved it. Unfortunately, the blister on her feet, not so much ;) BUT she did ran her first 5k without stopping in less then 30 minutes! YAY!


Fit Girl Anna is working so hard, she thought she'd treat herself to new work out gear at H&M. Looking good, girl! And today she ran the Color Run. She did it without breaking a sweat….well maybe a little.


So Chris celebrated her 30th birthday this week! And what better way to show it than with a dirty thirty picture ;)  Looking good, girl!  When you work hard, you play hard, so Chris didn't say no to a double tiramisu when we went to dinner last week. #HEAVEN! 


We love receiving all your awesome pictures, so keep sending them and tag them with #fitgirlcode! We'll be back next week with another plog, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram! See ya!