The last couple of months her name and pictures have been buzzing all over the interwebs. Her 12 week transformation pictures are jaw-dropping and with Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel as one of her 1.3 million Instagram followers there is no escaping the hype of this 23 year old personal trainer from Adelaide Australia. With her 12-week Bikini Body Guide she has inspired girls all over the world to get in shape and make the first step to a more healthy body and lifestyle. 

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The Bikini Body Guide is a 12-week exercise and training plan to deliver girls and women the body they have always desired. After years of experience as a personal trainer in the fitness industry Kayla noticed many girls are aspiring for a specific yet common look. Not the “bulky and muscular” look, but a lean, healthy looking body. Most girls just want to be comfortable with their body’s and look good in bikini. After lots of research she developed her own set of exercises aimed at helping women achieve a bikini body in the most efficient and effective way possible. By sharing client transformations, eating suggestions and training tips on Facebook and Instagram she has now touched the life of thousands of women. All who can follow her fitness and nutrition guidelines online, just like I am currently doing.

The exercises

The exercise part of the Bikini Body Guide consists of three separate styles of training:

  • resistance training
  • cardio training
  • rehabilitation (stretching)

Resistance training is a circuit training session of 28 minutes. If you buy the Bikini Body Guide you will receive a 12 week manual that lists all these circuit trainings. The exercises vary per session and will get harder as the program advances. The circuit trainings will target arms, abs, legs or the full body and are very high in intensity.

Cardio training consists of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio. LISS is a low intensity exercise at which you stay at the same pace the whole session, the duration is longer than with HIIT. HIIT consists of 2 intervals, one high interval of 30 seconds and one low interval of 30 seconds where you can catch your breath for the next round. The rehabilitation sessions are a very important part of the program. Stretching plays a huge part in recovery, injury prevention and flexibility.

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