Working out during hot summer days could be quite challenging. The “I don’t sweat I sparkle” quote is very popular amongst us Fit Girls during these days! Luckily we Fit Girls are creative enough to find ways to cool down after another heavy badass work-out. That’s way I love to share this smoothie recipe, which is a must try if you like to sparkle your cute butt all summer long!

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The inspiration for this smoothie came to me when I survived yet again a work-out at Sixforty – Dare to challenge. Especially during the summer, working out in this gym could heat you up and let you ‘sparkle’ all day long. Even when you have had a nice shower. So a cold healthy fruit smoothie could be the solution. And not wanting to use ice cream or ice cubs, frozen fruits seemed like a great outcome.


  • 1,5 frozen banana
  • 12 small frozen strawberries or 6 large frozen strawberries
  • 4 tablespoons of quark
  • 3 tablespoons of oats
  • 1,5 glass of almond or soya milk – unsweetened or semi-skimmed milk (what ever your preference is)

Frozen smoothie 2

Read how you prepare this frozen smoothie on the next page.

*To do before you work-out* 
Chop up the banana after you’ve peeled it and save the pieces, together with the strawberries, in a bowl in your freezer. Cover the bowl up with foil and you are ready to #workyourbutt in the gym 😉

If you are not going to workout but still like to make this smoothie, make sure the fruits are in the freezer for at least two hours. They need to be at least light frozen to make sure the smoothie will be cold and refreshing.

*To do after you’ve worked your superpower and need to cool down*
Take the frozen fruits out of your freezer and let them chill for five minutes so you can scope them out of the bowl. In the meantime you can set up your blender and gather the others ingredients.

Blend all the ingredients into a smooth frozen smoothie. Make sure the frozen fruits are completely blended, this could take five minutes or longer, depending on the power of your blender. If you like you can also add whey protein to the mix if for example you really had a heavy work-out and want to make this smoothie your recovery work-out drink. But this could also be your vitamine fruit drink in the morning. When ever you feel like having this frozen fruit smoothie, you can make one of course 😉

Frozen smoothie 1
Hopefully you will enjoy this smoothie as much as I do after a “hot”  work-out 😉 Don’t forget to smear yourself with sunblock if you like outdoors sports during the summer and drink enough water! If you have trouble drinking enough water, I recommend you to read Fit Girl Yola’s article  “Tips and tricks to drink more water”. If you tried out the “Frozen strawberry banana smoothie”, I would love for you to tag me on InstagramSo that you can share and show your sparkle with me! YEAH! 


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