“It is beyond my wildest dreams to be able to collaborate on a global level with Adidas, the leading sports performance brand, and Stella McCartney, a pioneer to women’s fashion and style. I am honored to be a part of their family. Fitness is art, and together, our marriage of movement, performance, and fashion will create a new standard. The sky is the limit!” – Nicole Winhoffer

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Being able to turn off the thinking mind
Fashion, fitness, dance, expression, and movement have been in my life since I was a little girl. Anything that ignited my imagination and curiosity lead me closer and closer to my art fitness fantasy. As a child, I was enrolled in art and painting classes aside from dance classes.  Art, music, dance, and theater quickly became my passion.  Engaging in these activities, I felt the most free: there were no rules, no right or wrong, just what I believed, what I felt, and what I wanted to express.  As I studied my favorite artists: Degas, Dali, Balanchine, Joseph Pilates, Des Cartes, Valentino, Helmut Newton – I learnt that these artists were driven by their imaginations.  They were able to turn off the thinking mind and connect to a higher level of consciousness through their art.  I found this same connection through movement, dance, fitness, and music.

In my teens, I began designing my own leotards and costumes for dance class.  I grew a passion for fashion and was always reading fashion mags to see the latest trends and what was fashionably fun.  I wanted the same feeling when I danced ! I wanted to stand out and also be able to wear something that represented my personality- not just something I was forced to buy in a store.

Adidas 4-1

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