Hi Fit Girls! I thought it was time to give you an update about my New Year’s resolution. In my first article, which you might have read, I told you about my goals for 2015. In that article I set myself a New Year’s resolution to run the 7.5 km Ladiesrun Rotterdam on June 14th.

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In this article I will give an update on how I came to setting myself this goal and how it’s progessing. Many people ditch their New Year’s resolutions just a couple of days into the new year. But not me, not this time. 2015 is going to be my year!

My hate of running
I love to challenge myself, but I never thought I would take on this challenge. I really hated running! My dad always said that running was an easy and cheap way to stay fit, but I never listened to him. But the thought of running a 5 or 10k still was something I would like to accomplish some day. So when a friend of mine started training for the Rotterdam Marathon I felt so inspired I decided that this year I am going to run the Ladiesrun.

So how did I get myself running?
One of the other Fit Girls recommend the ‘hardlopen met evy’ app (In English ‘Running with Evy’ it’s a Belgian/Dutch app that helps you train for a distance you want to run). So I downloaded it and on Boxing Day I ran ‘with Evy’ for the first time. It was only 2,27 kilometers but it was a start. I take it very slow and alternate between running and walking. I push myself but I make sure I don’t push myself too far. Also my boyfriend cycles besides me sometimes to motivate me and carry my water =D.

2015-02-05 17.16.23Progress so far
So far I ran 5 times. I started with 2.27K and on my last run I ran just over 3K. I still have a long way to go but I made some progress and that’s what really counts. My plan is to run at least 2 times a week and maybe even run another run of 5K soon.






I hope some of you Fit Girls can relate to my story. Do you like running? And was it hard to start running? Follow me on Instagram (@lisanne_fgc) if you like to follow my Fit Journey and my experiences with running.



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