I’m a food lover, I could literally eat all day long. Sweet and savoury, food is my friend. Nowadays of course the healthy, homemade dishes are my favorite. BUT: I’m a bit of a lazy cook. Recipes have to be simple and must not contain more than 6 ingredients, or I lose my focus. And I’m always indecisive of what to eat.. So last week I tried a HelloFresh box for the first time.

IMG_5644In one box, you find the ingredients for 3 healthy meals for 2 people and it gets delivered right at your doorstep. If you are on your own, the box is enough for one whole week. If you want to make dinner for 3 or 4 people you can add extra vegetables or make a simple salad on the side.
Since I am a vegetarian I chose the Veggiebox. When it arrived I immediately started smiling: opening a box full of fresh, delicious, colorful goodies is a joy in itself! There were different kinds of vegetables, cheeses, a bag filled with herbs and a great how-to-do-this-recipe booklet in the box.
I read the recipes and got excited to try these yummie things. The three meals I got were very different, which I liked. The booklet had beautiful pictures and simple steps so nothing could go wrong in the making of these dinners.
I decided to still have my Sunday cheat-meal and start working with this box on Monday. Literally a ‘fresh’ start of the busy week I had.

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