Meet the girls of the Dutch Female Volleyball team

Fit & Training door thijs

We'd like you to meet our new #FITGIRLCODE Ambassadors: 4 amazing girls from the Dutch female volleyball team (FLTR): Celeste Plak (age 18, field position wing spiker), Myrthe Schoot (age 25, field position libero) Femke Stoltenborg (age 23, field position setter) and Judith Pietersen (age 25, field position opposite).

At the moment, the girls are in the middle of the World Grand Prix (the female version of the World League). This tournament takes place in different countries. So far, the team has won all six games: Cuba, Puerto Rico (two times), Argentina, Canada and Belgium. That’s pretty awesome right? This weekend the team plays in Holland (Doetinchem) against Belgium, Puerto Rico and Poland.

A typical day in the life of...
Preparing for a tournament like this requires structure and planning. That’s why the girls train 5 months a year, 6 days week at sport centre Papendal. More than 120 athletes live, work and study at this training centre. The girls either stay at Hotel Papendal or live together in a house closeby the training centre.

What a typical day at Papendal looks like? Well, the team trains together in the morning, goes home to rest, and than in the afternoon they train a few hours more. And on the fly, they sometimes go the physiotherapist or doctor, do interviews, photoshoots and meet with their coach. Fortunately the training center has their own cook. He makes sure the girls eat right, so at least they don’t have to worry about what to make for dinner. When the girls are not at Papendal they’re either studying or playing at foreign clubs. Celeste and Femke play at two different Italian clubs, Myrthe plays in Germany and Judith in Turkey.



We all agree these female athletes are the embodiment of a Fit Girl. That’s why we are so excited that they will be sharing their personal fit tips and adventures .They’ll give you a peek into their daily lives; where top class sport meets holidays, boyfriends, parties, cheat days and relaxing. How do all the pieces fit together? What are the challenges they face? What did they have to sacrifice to be where they are now? The girls are gonna tell us all!











Celeste (upper left): Turquoise by Daan & Versteegh Bijoux
Femke (upper right): River Island
Judith (bottom left): Pretty Tall, Costes & Versteegh Bijoux
Myrthe (bottom right): Costes
Fotografie: Ester Gebuis
Styling: Xandra Brood & Hannah Sophia Bakels
Visagie: Mettina Jager, Margaret Gosler & Debbie Sprang