There are so many different kinds of workouts these days that we want to share them all with you! Today Maud from Fit & Fruity wants to tell you about Supping!

Let’s talk about the fastest growing board sports out there and a big trend in the fitness scene: SUP. WhatsSUP?! No…. SUP is no slang for Hey, What’s SUP 😉 SUP is an abbreviation of ‘Stand Up Paddling’. With a supboard and a paddle, you propel yourself across the water. SUPing can be done on surface water, such as lakes, rivers, streams and on moving (sea) water.

SUPing has its roots in Hawai and first became popular among surf instructors and photographers trying to get a higher vantage point than the surface of the water. SUPing is great for both body and mind. It can be done to relax, but can also be a killer workout. The SUP sport has different disciplines: recreational-, touring-, yoga- and waveSUPing.

When you are paddling long distances without slowing down, it’s called tour- or race SUPing. Most calories are burned during race SUPing because your heart rate and cardiovascular are at full throttle. With one hour of touring you can easily burn 800 calories (of course depending on your weight, age and heart rate).

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Yoga SUPing
Besides SUPing being a great work out, it’s also perfect to find your inner chakra. Yoga SUPing is calming and meditative on one side and an intense workout for the mind, body and spirit on the other side. With a yoga SUP workout you burn approximately 350 calories in one hour.

Wave SUPing
This is the best cross training to do when you want to improve your surfing. Wave SUPing is best suited to slower moving waves. With wave SUPing you can burn 600 calories in one hour depending on the size of the waves. The bigger and rougher the waves, the harder you have to work.

Recreational SUPing
This is the most common type of SUPing. People paddle on calm water, light winds at a slow walking type pace. Did you know you’ll burn about twice the calories (300to400) you’d burn on a moderate paced walk?! Isn’t it awesome!

SUPing at the Crossfit Games
Last Wednesday the crossfit games got broadcasted on tv. In the first event of the games, paddle boarding was included. The athletes first had a 500 yards swim , than paddle for 5 miles,than again a 500 yards swim. Kara Web won this women’s individual event and Jonne Koski the men’s individual event..


As above proves paddle boarding is one of the best workouts out there!
On a SUP you have to balance yourself, so your quads, hams and glutes are engaged throughout the whole SUP routine. With SUPing also your strength and endurance is challenged. Full body workout …CHECK!

So leave your fitness device for what it is, and go work out on a SUP and discover the roads mother natures has created for you. 


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