Pasta Salad Galore: 7 Spring Picks

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Fit Girls know how important food prep is to be able to keep up leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced nutrition! Pasta salads are a great, refreshing spring meal choice that don't take up a lot of time, just a little inspiration. Because we all have a moment when we just don't know " What the hell am I gonna cook today?" here's a top 7 of pasta salads galore to brighten up your day!

Tip: Go for the whole wheat pasta as a healthier choice!

Pasta Salad Galore: 7 Spring Picks

Because I'm a big fan of the Greek cuisine, first on the list is a fluffy pasta pick involved in a lovely affair with feta cheese! Yum!

1. Greek pasta salad with crab & feta cheese 

Greek Pasta Salad with Crab and Feta

You'll basically need some pasta, canned crab flakes, broccoli, red and orange bell peppers, zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, a spring onion as well as some spices like oregano and basil to flavour up the dressing.  Delicious!

2. Lemon, artichoke and asparagus pasta 



This is a real simple and downright tasty spring salad! Boil your bow tie pasta and mix it up with artichokes, asparagus, garlic, low fat cottage cheese (instead of a butter-flour sauce), spices, grated parmesan and some refreshing lemon juice!

3. Thai Tofu and noodle salad 


Okay, this is technically not pasta, but it's so damn good it just couldn't be eliminated from the top picks! You'll need thin rice noodles, tofu, sesame oil, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, basil leaves,  green onion, mint leaves and chopped peanuts. The secret of this amazing dish is in the spicy Asian dressing!

4. Melon, pancetta and ricotta pasta salad 


You'll be needing some pasta of your favourite shape and colour ( I'd recommend integral pasta because it's rich in fibre)  some delicious ripe melon, pancetta, mint, some thin sliced scallion, some ricotta cheese, champagne (or white) vinegar, red pepper flakes and salt & pepper to taste! Trust me, you'll love it!

5.  Lemony orzo pasta with feta and cucumber 

Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad with Feta and Cucumber

Really, really easy to make, this orzo pasta salad involves just a tiny bit of olive oil, crumbled feta cheese, a fresh juicy cucumber,  the zest and juice of one lemon some mint and parsley and last but not least some basic spices to taste! It's just perfect for a sunny spring day lunch!

6.  Strawberry caprese pasta salad 



It might seem unusual to throw a bunch of chopped strawberries into your pasta salad and top it off with balsamic vinegar, but the way all the flavours involved embrace each other will just leave you wanting for more! You'll also be needing some mozzarella,  fresh basil and you can also add some walnuts! Try it, really!

7. Chicken pesto pasta salad 


Number 7 is a protein packed rocket! Mix it up with some lean chicken breast, roasted red peppers <3, fresh rucola (arugula or rocket), basil pesto and finally sprinkle it with light parmesan flakes! This recipe will send you to the stars and back on a delightful tasty ride, but don't take my word for it, make your own and indulge :D

What's your favourite spring pasta salad?