Fit Girls know how important food prep is to be able to keep up leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced nutrition! Pasta salads are a great, refreshing spring meal choice that don’t take up a lot of time, just a little inspiration. Because we all have a moment when we just don’t know ” What the hell am I gonna cook today?” here’s a top 7 of pasta salads galore to brighten up your day!

Tip: Go for the whole wheat pasta as a healthier choice!

Pasta Salad Galore: 7 Spring Picks

Because I’m a big fan of the Greek cuisine, first on the list is a fluffy pasta pick involved in a lovely affair with feta cheese! Yum!

1. Greek pasta salad with crab & feta cheese 

Greek Pasta Salad with Crab and Feta

You’ll basically need some pasta, canned crab flakes, broccoli, red and orange bell peppers, zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, a spring onion as well as some spices like oregano and basil to flavour up the dressing.  Delicious!

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