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Yesssss, it's finally here! After working so long on it, we're officially launching the Happy Healthy Guide today! This guide is completely based on the "you asked for it, you got it" mentality. We've received such good feedback from you all, the Fitgirlcode community, over the past few months, and we went straight to work on creating a new guide that would be exactly what you wanted. Our opinion may not be the most objective of course, but as far as we are concerned, we're confident in what we've produced! 

If you've tried out the Fitgirlcode Guide before, then you're already familiar with our way of working and thinking. We want everyone to eat healthy, delicious food, and not be going hungry in the quest to lose weight, or spending hours looking for complex ingredients that they never heard of. We made sure to work that vision into the Happy Healthy Guide as well. No hassle, just regular, delicious food that will help you to become the fittest version of yourself.

Are you curious about reviews and success stories from the Fitgirlcode Guide? Nympha just shared her story with us (and we're so proud of her!) 


The Happy Healthy Guide is split into two parts each of six weeks. In the first part, the caloric intake in the eating schedule is  a bit lighter than the second half. This is not because we think you need to lose weight (you're fine just as you are), but because so many women told us that they want something that will help them get rid of those (last) stubborn pounds. And so, we made a eating schedule that will allow you to do so.


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Part two is all about maintenance of your weight. After a period of a lower caloric intake, it's sometimes a bit difficult and scary to increase your eating again to the point where you're able to stay at that weight without putting it back on. No worries, we calculated everything and created a balanced schedule for you with the Happy Healthy Guide, so that you can go six weeks long learning how to maintain your weight.

This double-sized guide is full of delicious recipes, since we know you don't always want to eat the same thing. We've made sure to include a big variety of meals. We also created handy weekly grocery lists, and give you an overview of all the calories and macros you get from each meal that you eat. The only thing you need to do is do your groceries, cook, and most of all, enjoy!

De dubbeldikke guide staat bomvol lekkere recepten, want je wilt natuurlijk niet de hele tijd hetzelfde eten. We hebben dus gezorgd voor een grote variatie in gerechten. Ook hebben we handige boodschappenlijstjes opgesteld per week en krijg je handige voedingsschema’s waarbij alle calorieën en macro’s al helemaal voor je zijn uitgerekend. Het enige wat jij nog hoeft te doen is het boodschappen doen, koken en vooral heel erg genieten!

Would you like to get the Happy Healthy Guide? Head over to our webshop and order it right now, and get it directly in your inbox. This guide is only available as an ebook and costs only €29,95.

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