Pretty Pink Pancakes

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We are always searching the world wide web to find the prettiest and yummiest recipes. This time we stumbled upon these stunning Pink Pancakes, made by @lilylaines. We asked her if she wanted to share her secret recipe with us and she agreed! So here it is!

A lot of us Fit Girls work out at least 3 or 4 times a week which means your body is in need of good nutrition. You probably already know that you need protein, fibres and good fats for your body to remain healthy and recover after a massive workout. However other important nutrition’s that are often forgotten are magnesium, calcium and natrium. These help us to stay strong and become even stronger (yay!).

Fit Girl or not, we all need good and healthy foods to fuel our bodies. So what is better than a healthy, simple and delicious meal? I know! A PINK, healthy, simple and delicious meal. It might not be your favourite colour but even for the not-so-girly-girls it's a quite pleasant to look at. Girls, let me introduce you to my Pretty Pink Pancakes.

Just in case there are any boys reading this: This makes a perfect breakfast-in-bed for a Sunday-kinda-morning! Believe me she’ll love it (girls digg this stuff).. There you go, free dating advise as well :) you're welcome.

How to make these cuties? Easy, they only contain 3 ingredients!

For 1 serving you’ll need:

♥ 2 eggs (for a skinnier version you can use the egg whites only)

♥ 1 banana

♥ 1⁄2 beetroot

Just mix these ingredients and bake them in a little bit of coconut oil!

XO Wisleny