5 reasons why you should say “Yes”

Are you the type that can think of a billion reasons why you should not do anything new, exciting, nerve wrecking or even pamper yourself? Read on. Following up on the article 5 steps to practice saying ‘No’ here are 5 reasons why you should say “Yes”.

5 reasons why you should say "Yes" 1. Say “Yes” to treating yourself right!
Take good care of yourself by good foods, drinks, snacks and go pamper yourself now and again. Have a facial, a massage and go shop a new wardrobe every now and again including shoes! If it’s budget that’s¬† holding you back in treating yourself, save money on a monthly base and go on a shopping spree once in a quarter. I’m sure you can think of something, and why shouldn’t you, you’re worth it! Like the Jogha collection ūüėČ




2. Say “Yes” to meeting new people!
Whether you’re in school or work, I’m sure you get invited to going to events, celebrations, dinners or drinks once in a while. Start practising saying yes to these invitations, even if you don’t know anyone, heck, especially when you don’t know anyone! Meeting new people or even one person at a gathering who you click with is so much fun! Just see how it goes, and if it didn’t meet up to your expectations…just go home. Don’t beat yourself over it and never let it hold you back into taking up another invitation. Keep going to new places en keep meeting new people.

3. Say “Yes” to opportunities in work!
When opportunities are practically thrown at you in work, have a little think about it and take it! Surely you know your worth to the company and the chance to having new experiences will enrich you as a person and do a lot of good to your self-worth. And never be afraid to speak out. A good boss or manager will listen to what you have to say and will do what’s best for you role in his/her team or the company.

4. Say “Yes” to learn something new!
Seriously, you are never too old to learn something new! Even the smartest people learn new things as we can’t experience everything in life in one go. It takes steps, sometimes even baby steps to learn something new and that’s the fun bit! Learning how to ride the bike – whoohoo, how cool was that!?

5. Say “yes” and enjoy the adventure!
If you’re used to saying “No”, practice saying “Yes”. It will bring you into situations you haven’t experienced before and what’s the harm in that? Stop over analysing things and stop worrying about stuff. Life is too short to deprive yourself living it!

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Celebrate World Nutella Day!

Today might be a casual Thursday for a majority of people in the world, however not the hardcore fans of the chocolaty Nutella. Today is the annual Nutella celebration, a day entirely dedicated to this genius invention that, every now and then, we all indulge in.

“We had a dream. And a Spoon.¬†Nutella Lovers Unite for Just one Day – Nutella Day!”

It is the 9th time in a row that an annual World Nutella Day celebration is going to¬†take place. In 2007 Nutella was given its own holiday and up till this day the Nutella-fingered followers are engaging in the community activities like, creating recipes, being active on celebration’s social media websites, sharing pictures and, of course, consuming Nutella like crazy.

How to participate?

If you happen to be a die hard Nutella fan/chocaholic, there are a couple of ways for you to participate:

  1. Make a recipe with Nutella, take a picture of yourself eating it with a BIG spoon, make art, wax poetic, re-live your first experience eating Nutella. Have a Nutella-eating contest or even a Nutella party!
  2. Take pictures and/or upload a video then blog about it on¬†February 5th, 2015. In your blog post, you must include links to¬†Ms Adventures in Italy,¬†Bleeding Espresso, and¬†World Nutella Day¬†as well as the¬†World Nutella Day badge/button¬†(below ‚Äď right mouse click & save the image)
  3. Email¬†nutelladay@nutelladay.com¬†with the subject ‚ÄúNutella Day Entry‚ÄĚand include:
    • Your &¬†Your Blog‚Äôs Name
    • A Link to Your Post

Show your appreciation on social media as well:

  • On¬†Twitter, tweet your love for Nutella and include the¬†hashtag #nutelladay¬†in your tweet!¬†@NutellaDay¬†will retweet some of the great ones!
  • On¬†Facebook, update your status about World Nutella Day and link it to¬†nutelladay.com! Also, make sure you‚Äôre a fan of the¬†World Nutella Day Facebook Page¬†on Facebook.
  • On¬†Instagram, tag your photos with #nutelladay. On¬†Pinterest, tag your pins with #nutelladay.
  • On Flickr, indulge into the Nutella Day Group Pool, made of mouth-watering Nutella related pictures, as well as contribute to them yourself!

More craziness..

Check out the Facebook event for the World Nutella Day and join over 160,000 people for the Nutella craze.

If you are into cooking and baking, don’t forget about the list of¬†Over 700 Nutella Recipes¬†waiting for you to choose one of fifteen! To add one more to the list, you can try out¬†the Healthy Homemade Nutella¬†recipe by Lisa from In Love With Health.

And last but not least, for the victims out there who have that crazy Nutella friend following you around like a little devil on our shoulders, suggesting to quit gym and go for a full-time 24/7 Nutella ambassadorship, then read here about 18 Signs Your Friend Needs a Nutella Intervention.

“Nutella¬†is more than just a ‚Äúchocolaty hazelnut spread,‚ÄĚ it is a¬†way of life.” So start living today.