Food cravings and always hungry? What they mean and what you can do.

Food cravings and always hungry? What they mean and what you can do. BUT FIRST. Before we go any further, I must tell you I am not a certified food specialist, dietician or health coach of any sort. Nor am I a psychologist. I am a busy full-time working mom with a interest in healthy food, a healthy mind in a healthy body and I browse the internet for information and read books to relax – the ones with paper ;). Please know when to seek advice for yourself from a counsellor or health professional – DEAL?!

Let’s talk about SNACKS baby

OK, so you know what I’m talking about when we talk snacking in work, a sweet craving straight after dinner or that moment in the evening when chilling on the couch…right? What I’m curious about is if  you’ve ever wondered about why this is?

What’s actually causing the food cravings?

Your body requires nutrients such as magnesium or zinc which you haven’t been providing. The thing is, we tend to translate our needs to ‘we need something sweet’ so we end up with an almond cake with our cup of coffee, a chocolate candy bar in the car or a bowl of crisps on the couch.
The consequence of this is that our body will still ask for the right nutrients. On top of this we put something in our body, which requires a lot of energy to process. The result is continuously feeling hungry and tired simply because we need to process the bad fats and sugars.

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5 benefits of living a healthy lifestyle Part 2

Last week I posted an article about the 5 benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. I think there are so much more reasons, so I made another article, just for you Fit Girls! <3

1. Sleeping beauty

Caffeine and sugar are not good when you consume too much.  When you ‘start’ your day with coffee and chocolate spread on your sandwich, you will definitely have a kick ass morning. But a couple of hours later, the body says; ‘Hey you! I need some more coffee and I’d like to have some cookies too!’. Instead of fueling your body with caffeine and sugar, get a proper night’s sleep. This is a much more sustainable and healthier way of  getting your energy and is definitely part of living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Inner Beauty

Being beautiful doesn’t mean you need to be slim or fit in a size zero. It’s all about the sparkle in your eyes, the smile on your face and the positive vibe around you. Honestly, you are unique and beautiful in your own way. It’s priceless. When you take care of yourself other people will follow and respect you with your one hour of me time.

3. Enjoying the little things in life 

So, now a few steps in your healthy progress. Now it’s time to find moments to spend and really enjoy it with a different point of view. Missed the bus? No worries, you will walk for the 10 minutes. Even in the rain! No time left for grocery shopping today? No problem, you will fix a healthy dinner with all leftovers. It’s really easy like that!

4. Small steps, big actions

Today, we want results! Even better if we already have all results right? Okay, WHY? Because there is nothing more terrifying then reaching results and finish your goal. To understand these lines you have to be honest with me. How many results did you realize? It’s about small steps everyday that amount to big action

5. Work it baby!

Don’t be afraid! Do the things you like to do and everything else will fall in to place! Evaluate all these steps one by one and try to work with this. The last step of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle is confidence. You control your own life. How awesome is that? You can create a better you, everyday. Does it make sense to make mistakes and being a real human instead of robot? Exactly. Enjoy life and live it your own healthy way.

There you have it! 10 easy steps  to remember during the day to keep your healthy lifestyle. Please share your tips with me!