Is food from the microwave really bad?

With great pleasure I occasionally use my microwave. I prepare mugcakes and warm healthy meals with it. Yet when I do this I hear a voice inside my head telling me “There go your vitamins” and “Are this radiations good for you?” Therefore I want to know for once and for all what really goes on when you use a microwave. Because, is it “really that bad”?


A microwave oven emits electromagnetic radiation. These rays search for water molecules and ensure that your food vibrates by the means of micro-waves. Through these vibrations friction is created, and in this way your food gets warmer faster. Doesn’t really sound that dangerous after all, right?


But what about the disappearance of all healthy nutrients? It is indeed true that some healthy nutrients degrade when heated. Think about, for example, vitamin c. Surprisingly, it is actually healthier to use your microwave instead of frying or cooking your vegetables in the pan. Here’s why: the shorter you heat your vegetables, the more healthy nutrients there will remain. The cooking time in a pan or an oven takes much longer than in a microwave, so there is automatically a greater loss of nutrients. When cooking vegetables, you’ll lose a lot of vitamins in the water that you’re draining them in, and this doesn’t happen when you microwave your food. What a handy thing!

After writing this article I will continue to warm my food in the microwave with a relaxed manner, knowing now that sometimes it’s even healthier to warm your food in this way. Tell the voices inside of your head that you are team microwave! What do you think about this news? Did you already know this, or is it a completely new insight?