Fit Girl Fails: When you try your best, but you don’t succeed

We’ve all got those days. You try so hard to ensure you’re going to get that workout in, eat super healthy meals and get enough rest. And repeat. But then, life happens.  Throughout the day, it seems that everything is working against you being healthy. Trust me, you don’t know true sadness until you’ve planned your wrap for work, only for lunch time to hit and you find you bought a spoiled avocado. Oh well, you win some and lose some. Every Fit Girl has experienced one fail or the other. Here’s my top 10.  

You go to work with your full gym bag, only to realize when you arrive at the gym that you forgot your running shoes

True story: my housemate wanted to go to the gym together after she finished work. I watched her pack her gym bag all motivated and leave for her job.  After I biked to the gym and met up with her, we entered the changing room, and she just got really quiet. She was wearing ankle boots that day and somehow managed to forget her gym shoes at home.  I still cannot get her disappointed face out of my head. There went our gym idea!

You decide to buy a pack of healthy breakfast bars, only to find it’s completely disgusting

It’s always a gamble when you’re trying out a healthy new snack. I tend to wake up late for everything, so I wanted a healthy breakfast bar since it was so quick and easy. I’d have a good breakfast to start off my day right, and I wouldn’t end up buying something unhealthy instead. It was a great plan! In reality,  the first box I bought was absolutely horrible and it did nothing to motivate me to have a good healthy day. But being cheap, I pushed forward and ate the disgusting thing till the box was done..

You declined a snack and went home to make a shake instead,  and then realize you’re out of protein powder

After exercising all that willpower, you, of course, feel extra committed to your health. Saying no to things like chocolate and a nice piece of cake can be so hard, but you did it because you have a protein shake with your name on it. Bravo! You ride that high of accomplishment, only to check your pantry and see you have absolutely no scoops of your favorite protein powder left. Life is unfair sometimes.

You’ve discovered the  recipe for you, and head to the market or store to find they don’t have the ingredients you need

How many times have you really planned out what you’re going to cook, gotten the grocery list written down and left the house all determined to make the healthiest dinner ever? It happens quite a bit of times, but sadly sometimes ends in disappointment. When the grocery store doesn’t have all the ingredients you need, so you’re stuck with getting the stuff for a not-so healthy dinner that you’re used to.  Can’t they see you’re trying to get fit?!

You grab your healthy lunch you prepared the night before. Except, it’s the wrong tupperware container

Tupperware. Tupperware, everywhere. Most of the time when you’re changing over to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll end up packing a lot of your meals in these guys. You never have enough, you never find the right lid for them, and sometimes you can’t help but pick up the wrong one in your haste to get to work on time. There goes your healthy lunch idea..

After spending so long on your healthy smoothie, you somehow manage to drop it

The feeling of pure despair.  That’s all there is to explain with this one.

When you’re in the locker room putting your hair in a ponytail, and your only hair band decides to burst

I have thick hair which means brushes, combs and most often, hair ties have very short life spans with me. Some days, I put it in a ponytail from the morning just to ensure I avoid this problem later on at the gym. But, other days, I want to have my hair out at work or school, and opt to stuff it into a ponytail only at the gym. It’s usually a mistake, because 60% of the time I try this, my hair tie decides to break. And who is going to try to go work out with your hair flying all over the place?

You’re really going deep with those squats of yours, only to have your leggings rip straight down the middle

You’re going in on today’s leg day, ass to grass and everything. But 3 sets in, you hear a ripping sound.. If this ever happened to you, you know how embarrassing it can be. It won’t be long before you try to slip out of the gym so you can go and change back into your jeans and head home.

You had the best run ever, but you forgot to track it

Trackers are there for a reason. It helps you to feel pretty good about yourself when you can look back and see exactly what you did, or how far you ran. So when you know you’re having an amazing run and can’t wait to see exactly how many kilometers you ran or how much calories were burned, only to realize that you didn’t track it… Words cannot come close to explaining the feeling.

You’ve followed one of the many yummy and healthy dinner recipes you found online, and then you burned it

This one just hurts if you have absolutely no idea what you did wrong, but you ruined it. It’s safe to say you won’t be up for trying anything new in the kitchen for a while after that.

It seriously happens to everyone, but don’t let it stop you from what you want to achieve! Tomorrow is a new day. 😉 What Fit Girl fails have you experienced? Let yourself be heard in the comments section!