This is how you check if you are well hydrated

Hot, sunny days can unfortunately be accompanied by sun burning, a fairly dry skin and lack of moisture. Best would be to make sure you always have with you a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. But when are you actually hydrated enough? With this tips you’ll find out in no time!


I know this might not sound very fresh, but the color of your urine is the perfect indicator to check whether you’ve drank enough liquids or not. Urine becomes over-concentrated with waste and it turns yellow or golden when you haven’t drank enough. On the contrary when you drank enough water, your urine becomes less concentrated and the color of it becomes very light. Sometimes it can get close to a transparent color. So remember, light urine color = good job in keeping yourself hydrated!


When you are properly hydrated, your body creates a constant sweat while you’re physically active. Your body uses sweat to control your body temperature. When your body temperature increases it produces sweat from the bloodstream. If you continue to sweat without drinking water in between, you could experience dizziness, muscle pain, extreme amount of sweat and eventually dehydration. In addition your body temperature may rise making your body feel warmer and warmer. But when you drink enough water before a workout and you make sure to keep yourself good hydrated, your sweat production remains fairly constant. This will help you continue exercising without overheating your body.


To test whether you are sufficiently hydrated , you can perform the “capillary refill trick”. This is how you do the test:

  • Press for 5 seconds on the sternum so that the skin turns white
  • Let it go and watch how long it takes until your skin gets back to  its normal color
  • You should regain your normal color within 2-3 seconds

–> If you are significantly dehydrated it could take up to 4 seconds to regain your normal color

Now you know, use these 3 tips to know if you’ve drank enough water today. Good luck!  

Let’s stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is difficult sometimes!  I personally can’t always reach my goal of 2L of water a day. Thats why I wanted to share with you girls some ideas on how to keep hydrated during those longs days at work or endless hours in front of the computer working for your final essays and exams.

Let’s stay hydrated

Firstly, I want to share with you that I am a tea lover, I could drink tea all day but we need to be careful with that! Several types of tea do contain theine, which is the same thing as caffeine, but this one comes from the tea pant ;). A large intake of theine can have negative effects on us. Additionally, I recently read about teabags, did you know that the pyramid-shaped sachets filled with tea leafs are mostly made from plastic… apparently they are made of either polyethylene or polyactic acid!

According to Sonia Lunder, a senior analyst at the environmental working group stated that, teabags safety as packaging materials have been tested but when you subject plastic to stressors such as heat (hot water) the molecules begin to break down and can leach to your beverage :/

So I thought, why don’t I just use what I have in my kitchen cupboard to make myself some fresh and clean home made tea! Ready? Here are two of my favorite recipes!

I call this one, passion for cinnamon (I love cinnamon!)

Simple as it is, you boil water and pour it into a thermo container and add a cinnamon stick. Close it and leave it for 2-3 minutes, if you wait longer your tea will get sweeter. This one is my favorite when studying or just before going to sleep.

The second is really good for when your throat is hurting or are getting a cold:

For this tea, you add fresh slices ginger into the hot water, a bit of lemon juice and honey. This will really help your through pain and give you a good vitamin C boost!

You can basically do any type of tea with any fresh herbs. I started three months ago growing my own little indoor garden in my student room. I have now tried making tea with fresh oregano and also with my own fresh mint leaves. I really like the idea of being hydrated and of knowing what I drink is fresh, clean and made at home 🙂

Good luck and now time for some tea!!