5 Types of people you meet at the gym

At the gym, you’re sure to meet all kinds of people; from beginners just trying things out to experts who seem like they own the place. One of the funniest things about going to the gym is noticing some typical gym personalities that are impossible to miss. If you’re a regular gym goer, check out if you’re able to recognize some of these types of  people you meet at the gym.

1. The free-weight’s hoarder

The free-weight’s hoarder does exactly what the name suggests, and they’re present in every gym. He/she claims one spot and slowly brings every free-weight in the gym over to their area. Once they’re done, they then leave it all behind because cleaning up after yourself is a pretty difficult concept for some. They really do need these 6 sets of dumbbells laying at their feet, can’t you see?

2. The gym-bro

This is one of the easiest to spot; the experts that are anything but. Their superior knowledge on everything related to fitness really sets them above everyone else. It only makes sense that they wear tight fitting tank tops, headbands and make loud grunting noises. Curling in the squat rack is hard work, alright.

3. The talker

This group of people work out their mouth over anything. If they happen to be your workout partner, you may find yourself in for a ride as they go on and on about their entire life story from beginning to end. They hang around your treadmill, your bench and somehow even find the energy to hold full blown monologues while they’re doing their sets.

4. The selfie king/queen

They don’t always go to the gym, but when they do, they need some proof to upload to their social media accounts with #SoFit #NoPainNoGain. I get it, when you’re working out, you’re all pumped and looking pretty good which makes it the perfect selfie opportunity. But these gym goers take it to a whole other level. They are more focused on the perfect lighting and angle than on the actual workout they came to the gym to do!

5. The ones absolutely killing it

These are my absolute favorites to see. These are the people who focus on themselves and give 100% in the gym. Whether it be lifting or cardio, you can just see the focus and dedication on their faces. I find myself looking at them every once in a while and being inspired, knowing one day, I’ll be on that level! Till then, I’ll keep on letting them inspire me to give my all.

There you have it, 5 of the most common types of people you’ll find in the gym. Any of these remind you of yourself or someone you know? Did I miss any typical gym types? Let me know in the comments below!