How can I actually see results?

In the last couple of weeks, I did an extra workout: moving into another place! Lifting boxes, climbing thousands of stairs, putting stuff into place… It was heavy but awesome! Another project that shows its results: the journey to getting there isn’t always as nice, but in the end you’re one happy girl!

Now back to my coolest project since ages: personal training! I’m still loving it. Getting stronger and fitter, although I don’t actually SEE a lot of difference… I learnt that nutrition is key to see results, since the skin (or body fat) is still covering up those abs. (By the way, did you know that products that contain a lot of milk can create a thicker skin?) On the other hand, my body has always been quite muscular and ‘dry’ and when I would start a diet to get leaner, I’d look like a female bodybuilder within days.


At this point I usually eat a bowl of Greek yoghurt with nuts, some banana and honey in the morning, a big salad during lunch and a normal meal (veggies,   some chicken, fish or whatever, that kind of stuff) in the evening. Yes, I love chocolate and cakes, but I try not to eat them at work. Only in the weekends to regulate my sugar addiction. For me this is ‘normal’ eating. I know its not super duper healthy and of course I can eat a full bag of chips after a night of heavy drinking, but its okay since I’m NOT on a diet!

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