Healthy Spelt Waffles

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And thus the perfect excuse to take the waffle iron out and make some delicious waffles! And thanks to Elze-Mieke we don’t have to feel guilty about it either, because these healthy spelt waffles are super healthy and finger-licking good!  Who’s gonna try them out?

Ingredients (3 waffles):

Are you vegan? Replace the eggs for a large banana.



  1. Turn the waffle iron on.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and it mix together to form a batter.
  3. Once your waffle iron has heated up to the right temperature, grease it with some coconut oil or margarine.
  4. Pour some of your batter into the mould. Watch out not to overfill it, because it will ooze out when you close it.
  5. I ate the waffles with some fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt, agave syrup and roasted almonds. Do you also fancy eating them with roasted almonds? Toast your almonds in a pan on low heat while the waffles are cooking.


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