This is Model Workout

Fit & Training door thijs

We are Model Workout! Our team consists of trainers Jeroen & Paultje, nutrionist Merel and a team of model, fashion and foodie bloggers! Model Workout started as a passionate idea to find the right combination of nutrition and exercise for a maximum result. We’ve developed a training program that gives you the opportunity to get to know your body like no other. We offer you our workouts in different sequences that match your own personal goals. You get proper guidance through meal plans, posture and lifestyle vlogs from models, trainers and our nutritionist. Create your own Model Workout lifestyle online.


Model Workout is more than a platform. It’s a community for strong, independent and powerful women. Together we stand stronger and together we are going to reach your goals. Take matters into hands. Be an example for others and be part of the community!

Together we will keep on working on the best, finest, fittest and most loveable lifestyles you can imagine. We will create our new workout video’s, share our stories and we want you to create your own lifestyle with us on Model Workout. Join us & create your model lifestyle.

In the future we will be blogging weekly for #FITGIRLCODE to inspire you with the Model Lifestyle. We will give you tips and tricks on how to be fit like a model and together with all our members and the model workout team we will make you live your lifestyle to the fullest.

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