10 fun couple workout exercises

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I don't know what it is lately, but I lost my motivation. Completely. I don't know if it is the injury I've had for the last four months or because I had a little bit too much fun this summer and cannot get back on track. I dunno, but it's really annoying. Luckily my buddy Anna motivates me and makes my workouts more enjoyable. Because let's be honest, being with your BFFF makes everything a lot more fun!

I've had a membership for the gym over a year now and I used to go there 5 times a week and I never disliked working out by myself. But since I'm recovering from my injury (yes we know, the freaking injury) I can't find joy anymore in working out alone. I'm already happy if I go once a week. I think de gym is stupid, running is stupid and basically anything I used to do on my own is stupid. Anna joined my gym a couple months ago so now we can go together and joke around. So have you lost your motivation as well? Check out these 10 couple workout exercises to get the most out of your workout together!



Let's get those legs and arms working! Start this exercise by just placing your feet hip-width apart and stand with your back against each other. One of you holds a dumbbell with both hands overhead while the other person extends the arms, but doesn't hold a dumbbell.

Make a squat at the same time. Make sure that your butts remain at the same height and your knees do not get beyond your toes.

Now both bend forward. Person 1, the one with the dumbbell, passes it through the legs onto her BFFF. Then both stand straight again and the second person passes the dumbbell overhead to person to 1. This is one repetition. Do this 15 times, then change direction.

And yes, we know that this looks ridiculous but it's really effective ;)


I think planking is awesome, Anna disagrees but nevertheless this exercise is really worth it. I can instantly feel a muscle ache, oh yes bring it on! Lay both on your side with your face to the same direction. Bring your hips up and lean on your right forearm so that you perforn a side plank. Both stretch your left arm and open up your palm. The one planking in the front holds a dumbell in their left hand.

The person holding the dumbbell bring the hips slightly back so that the dumbbell can be passed under the body to the other. Grab the dumbbell and bring your arm back straight up while you remain in the side plank (quite a challenge).

side plank pass

Repeat this 20 times and then change side, so that the person behind now begins in the front.

side plank pass

3. Squat hold & dips

You can do this exercise at the office, at home or outside! All you need is a bench or chair. One person puts her hands on the bench and the second person grabs the legs and goes into a squat hold position.

The person who has placed her hands on the bench (person 1) making dips (15 reps) and the second person remains in a squat hold position. Then change position. And believe me, it looks easier than it is. Especially for the one making the dips: good luck, you will need it!

squat hold & dips

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Do you guys also love it when your abs burn? We do! With this exercise you both grab your abdominal muscles at the same time. Go sit right across from each other and clamp your legs together for more grip. Stretch both your arms forward while one is holding a dumbell into her hand.

double trouble

Simultaneously do a sit-up. Stretch all the way back and bring your arms next to your head to the floor. Slowly come upwards. Even though you're not holding the dumbbell, you do a sit-up.

One passes the dumbell to the other when she comes up. Both repeat this exercise 20 times. In total you get to do 40 sit ups, 20 with the dumbell and 20 without. Can you feel them muscles burning already?


Anna and I do this exercise occasionally at the gym so we had to include it! One person stands straight up and the second person lies on her back on the floor. The person on the ground holds the ankles of the person standing. Slowly bring your legs up.

The person standing straight gives a gentle push against the feet of the person on the ground so that the legs move towards to the ground. Just before the feet hit the ground, you bring them up again. Repeat twenty times and then change position.

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Train your butt and legs together with the body weight squat, yes yes squat away! Stand facing each other with your arms straight up and your feet hip-width apart.

Hold each other tight and simultaneously squat down. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat this 15 times or until you feel a good burn.

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We are going to address the obliques and abs again ladies! Both go down on your knees with your backs to each other and both look straight forward. One is holding a kettlebell in her hands while the other lets the arms hanging alongside the body.

Both turn slowly to the same direction and pass the kettlebell to the other. Then turn to the other side and pass the kettlebell again. Keep doing this for about a minute in the same direction and then change direction. And you may laugh while doing this exercise! ?


Lets go planking again! Take a plank position opposite each other and keep your elbows right under your shoulders.

Use your abs to keep in plank position and reach forward with your right hand and give each other a high-five! Repeat with your left hand and then slowly bring the body back down. Repeat 15 times and then just let go (it's pretty tough)!


So lets take a moment for the legs again! We're almost there... Stand facing each other and hold each other's arm. Bend your legs slowly in a lunge position with the right thigh remains parallel to the floor.

split lunge

Hold this for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this movement 15 times and then change leg.

split lunge


This one is really heavy, mi gado. Stand in a wheelbarrow position and you place your hands directly under your shoulder. The other person stands straight and holds the person in the wheelbarrow position by her ankles.

wheelbarrow squat

The person in the wheelbarrow position makes a push up (good luck coming up again) and the other one makes a squat at the same time. Repeat 5-7 times and then change position.


Okay, we're both exhausted and will continue working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ stinking as F, but it was worth it! So are you and your BFFF gonna give it a try? You will not regret it! BTW, like the outfits? You can find them and many more on www.jogha.com ♥