4x yoga exercises that help against back pain

Fit & Training door stephanie-grootveld

Back pain is a common irritation, with the lucky bastards among us, who have an office job or simply have to sit all day at work or school. Going home with pain every time is pretty annoying. And although we would like to take a massage every day to solve this problem, it does not really fit into our budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to remedy the pain at home. With these yoga exercises against back pain, you will certainly succeed!


This well-known yoga pose is ideal for pain in your lower back. You can do it both in bed and on a yoga mat and it is the ideal way to unwind. I like to do this exercise myself before I go to bed; then I fall asleep wonderfully!

How it works:

Sit on your knees on a mat and stretch your arms in the air. Breathe in and move your hands as you exhale to the floor. Hold this for about 10 seconds and come up again.


Don't worry, you don't have to be super flexible for this exercise. However, it makes your back a lot more flexible. With this exercise you stretch your lower and upper back and your hamstrings. So you can say that this pose is ideal for stretching your body after a day of sitting still.

How it works:

Stand with your legs wide in a position that feels nice to you, your knees may be slightly bent. Then bend forward and place your forearms on the floor. Is this not possible? Then put your hands on the floor. Hold this for 10 seconds and go up.


This exercise can also easily be done in bed and is therefore the ideal stretch for bedtime. By moving your back up and down, you stretch your spine and your back becomes a little less stiff. Do this exercise a few times after a long working day and you will immediately feel less stressed.

How it works:

Sit down on hands and knees and fuly extend your arms. Let your head hang down and make your back convex. Then lift your head and move to a hollow back. Swap these postures a number of times for a nice stretch.


This is one of my favorite yoga exercises for a sore back. When I come home after a day at the office and notice that my back hurts, I often lie down in this position. After changing a few times, it soon feels better again.

How it works:

Lie on your right side with your legs to the same side and your feet together. Lay your right arm flat on the floor and turn your head towards your left shoulder. Move your left arm and part of your back to the left until you feel a good stretch. Hold this for a few seconds and move back. Repeat several times and then do the same on your other side.

Make a routine of these exercises and your back pain will be less in no time! Do you have permanent back pain and nothing helps anymore? Then it might be smart to talk to a physio. Hopefully these exercises will help you get into your bed without pain!