We at #FITGIRLCODE are addicted to Instagram. It’s the perfect medium to share everything that  you do or feel. And as well as this, it can be quite nice to peek into someone else’s life once in a while. Do you recognize any of these ‘types’ from the people that you follow on Instagram?

1. The Foodie

We’re sure you must be familiar with this kind of Instagrammer. Foodies are known for their urge to share absolutely everything they eat. And when I say everything I mean absolutely everything. These meals mostly consist of pizza, sushi, donuts and salads.


2. The Fit Girl

Just like the Foodies, Fit Girls love to share everything  that they eat. But as well as this, they also need to share each and every workout they do. Uh, your workout didn’t count if it isn’t on Instagram!


3. The Clingy Couple

This girl just can’t post a picture without her hubby. They love to be as clingy as possible. They’ve posted so many pictures together that it seems as if they’re glued together. Plus, they love to tag each other in the most romantic quotes. #YUCK


4. The Traveller

This kind never stops posting pictures of beautiful oceans and landscapes. It seems like she never has to work. The one thing you’re always asking yourself is: “How does she even pay for this?”


5. The Fashionista

The ultimate fashion girl who will not stop posting amazing and, especially, expensive outfits. She always takes place front row and knows everything about the latest trends. But hey, she could stop posting her awesome clothes like a maniac because it’s making us quite jealous…


6. The Selfie Addict

A selfie a day keeps the doctor away. While this seems to be her mantra, we can’t seem to notice a single thing that makes yesterday’s selfie any different from today’s selfie.


7. The Party Girl

We’re all familiar with the girl who parties, pretty much every day. Her feed mainly consists of pictures of girls in sexy outfits accompanied by their gin & tonics. And to make it even more mysterious she chooses a seductive incidence of light. Dress-code: As little as possible.


8. #Forever #Hashtagging

Using a couple of hashtags to go with your picture is no strange thing. But some people tend to go a little over the top when it comes to hashtags. #Crazy #love # life #girl. Right, you know what I mean. The Selfie Girl in particular loves to use as many hashtags as possible.


9. The Poet

I’m not the type of Instagrammer who likes to read a post with more than 10 lines of text. The Poet is a kind of Instagrammer who loves to accompany her pictures with as much text as possible. When you’re finished reading the entire report, you’re still not quite sure how this matches the picture of the glazed donut. Oh well.

10. The Overachiever

This person manages to make you feel like a little pile of shit each and every day. This is the kind of person who starts every day with a workout and eats the best food there is. And next to that, his/her job is one of the coolest you could imagine. And even though this kind can be really inspirational at times, they really know how to get on your nerves. It’s a love-hate relationship.


Can you recognize any of these kinds from the people you follow on Instagramm ac you scroll through your own feed? If not: Let us know which type we forgot! 🙂 

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