5 Instagram yogis you must follow

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One of the best ways I like to inspire myself to get on the mat is to have a little look on Instagram! I have to admit, my Instagram feed is mostly yogis! So here are 5 Instagram yogis you must follow!

1. Rachel brathen (@yoga_girl)

This is the happiest yogi on instagram! Not only does Rachel really inspire people with her incredible yoga poses against beautiful backgrounds, she's always posts really deep and understanding texts. You can tell she's really a human being and that's why I like her so much!

2.Kino Macgregor (@kinoyoga)

Kino is the bendiest yogi on Instagram. What this woman can do is just absolutely incredible! What I really love about Kino is how she always smiles in her photos and videos. She is truly one smiley yogi!

3.Yoga by Candace (@yogabycandace)

Whenever I look at Candace's Instagram feed, I always get a smile on my face. Not only is it filled with cool poses, but she really shares parts of her life with us online. Like pictures of her beautiful husky. Instagram + dogs = the best! Also definitely check out one of her free online yoga videos!

4. Aubry Marie (@aubrymarie)

This lady is so down to earth and that is definitely the reason why I love to look at her Instagram feed. She's amazingly bendy and always seems so at peace (must be all the yoga!). It's always a treat to look at her photos!

5. Talia Sutra (@talia_sutra)

This girl just really makes me smile. I especially love watching her videos because she always seems to have so much fun doing yoga! She definitely inspires me to practice my back bends!


ME! (@ashleykalila)

Of course, I had to put myself in this article! My instagram feed is basically all about yoga! Let's connect on Instagram girls! I would love to talk to you and find out what your yoga practice looks like.

So there you have it! 5 Instagram yogis you must follow, plus a bonus! I hope these ladies inspire you to try out yoga whether that be on your own, with a teacher or online! Please do remember that these girls are extremely advanced in yoga and you should never ever try out any advanced poses if you haven't done yoga before!





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