What mindfulness can do for your fit journey

Fit & Training door stephanie-grootveld

A fit journey is always accompanied by a good workout and healthy eating. But you may not have thought about applying mindfulness to your daily life. But you can pay more attention to it, and it can bring you alot! This way you can improve your sports performance and you can learn to eat mindful. Curious about what mindfulness can bring you? Read on!


To find out what mindfulness can mean for you, you must know what it means. In short, mindfulness means that you consciously pay attention to your experiences. You do this with an open and involved attitude. You live in the moment. In today's world everything has to go faster and faster and we less often think about what we are doing at that moment. During our lunch we already think what we should eat tonight and during dinner we are busy with 10 other things. If you live mindful you can get much more satisfaction from your daily activities. You can enjoy the little things more and be more positive. Your body is removed from the automatic pilot, which can provide many new insights.



Then there is such a thing as mindful food. As I explained above, during dinner we are often busy with 10 other things at the same time. We check social media, watch TV or make a to-do list in our head. This all sounds super useful, but it ensures that you get much less satisfaction from your food. Mindful eating means that you only focus on what you are eating; you try to taste the flavors that come with every bite. You are therefore much more consciously eating your meal and you will soon notice that you feel satisfied.

3 tips for eating mindful:

1. Eat like a scientist:

Try to analyze every bite carefully as if you were writing a report about it. How does it smell, what happens when you put it in your mouth. Which flavors do you taste? And so on. Really try to describe it.

2. Put down your cutlery after every bite

Teach yourself to put down your cutlery after one or two bites, this way your attention will remain with the bite that you have in your mouth at that moment. Many people are already busy with the next while taking a bite. But because of this you hardly taste what you are eating now. Your brain will only give you a signal after 20 minutes that you are saturated. So the slower you eat, the better you know if you have really eaten enough.

3. Be a snob when you eat 

Be extremely picky when choosing what to eat. Only put something in your mouth if you really like it and don't eat to eat. Leave mediocre snacks and spend your hunger on food that you really like.


Since mindfulness teaches you to focus on 1 thing, you can also use this very well during exercise. Your ability to concentrate has improved, which means that you can complete your exercises in the gym or your daily run with much more concentration. You focus purely on what you are doing at the time and therefore have more endurance. After all, your body doesn't have to worry about other things. In short, mindfulness can help you to increase your motivation and concentration during exercise, to tolerate pain and fatigue better and to reduce tension.

We are very curious whether you will apply mindfulness or perhaps that you will do this after this article. We believe that it can take you a lot further. Leave your opinion in the comments!