30 days to destress

Fit & Training door thijs

Inspired by Fit Girl Laura's 30 day yoga challenge, I decided to go on a personal quest. A mindfulness quest. These last months, I've been really busy and now it's time for more structure and a little more zen in my life.

Why am I so busy?

People always ask me; why are you so busy? You're just a student. Well, besides writing for #FITGIRLCODE, I also study communication, have another job in the weekends, try to workout as much as I can and I'm busy spending time with my friends and family. Besides working out, I don't really make time for myself. I'm the kind of girl that always says yes to everyone and always wants to help other people even if it's at the expense of my own well being.

My classmate suggested to do some minfulness or meditation exercises. So I decided to do a mindfulness challenge for 30 days. This will help me to destress and get a little more zen. For this challenge I'm going to do some exercises like meditation every day.

So what is mindfulness exactly?

Mindfulness literally means: being fully aware of your current experiences. Mindfulness is all about the art of being present in the here and now. With mindfulness, you live more intensity and consciously. You can focus better and are more relaxed. Your mind is at ease.

With mindfulness, you learn to make conscious decisions instead of responding automatically. Therefore you will react better to stressful situations and learn to think different.

My goals for this month

My goal is, of course, to become mindful. I want to learn how to cope with stress more easily and find a way to release the stress. Also keeping it up for 30 days in a row is a challenge for me.

My challenge starts April 1th, anybody wants to join me? Take a look at my Instagram account (@lisanne_fgc) to stay updated.